Flint Ridge Baptist Church 

Flint Ridge Baptist Church Celebrated it's 140th Anniversary on March 19, 2006

Hwy 85 North of Fayetteville - Address - 104 Old Road, Fayetteville, Ga. 30214


GNIS GPS Coordinates - 333025N 0842546W Riverdale

Organized 1866, Rebuilt 1955

Addl Information provided by Rev. Jerome K. Drakeford on 2/16/2006 -

The Founders/Organizers: Rev. Berry Austin & Deacon Zachary

Pastors: Rev. Grisson, Rev. W. B. Bell, Rev. W.W. Thomas, Rev. Gare, Rev. A. S. Austin, Rev. E. A. Hargrove, Rev. K. J. Johnson, Rev. H. M. Alexander, Rev. A.G. Henley, Rev. W. M. Covington, Rev. H. Strickland, Rev. Robert Redding, Rev. Jerome Dukes, Rev. B. J. Clark, Rev. D. L. Dennis, and our current Pastor, Rev. Jerome K. Drakeford.

The original site of the church is located just across the street from the present church building and is now the cemetery.  Flint Ridge Baptist Church  is one of the oldest African American Churches in Fayette County. It was originally established by African Americans. Rev. Drakeford says there are some old church records on file at the church, including photos.  There is a photo of one of the original founders - Rev. Berry Austin. Rev. Drakeford provided the following information on the church history -

According to our records the following information is hereby provided:

The Church was organized in 1866 as Flint Ridge Baptist Church by Rev. Berry Austin & Deacon Zachary. Services started under an old Bush Arbor until a building was erected with a stronger foundation. In 1941 the Highway Department decided to build a new highway (GA Highway 85), this road would run through the property of Flint Ridge. This meant the church had to relocate. The church purchased land across the street from the Late Deacon C. B. Butler and built another sanctuary. In 1955 the present sanctuary was erected.
We have graves in our Cemetery dating back to the 1800's. There's much more history involved in the 140 years of this ministry as well as families whose backgrounds are rooted in it's history. What I provided is a brief overview. Thanks, Rev. Jerome K. Drakeford, Pastor.    

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