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Compiled & donated by S. J. Overstreet, 1997--based on many works done prior to this time by others, as well as research from many documents on early Methodist history .  There may be corrections over time.

South Carolina Conference

1823--Andrew Hammill (Yellow River Mission)

1824--Daniel B. McDaniel and Morgan C. Turrentine (Yellow River Mission)
1825-26--John Hunter (Fayette Mission)
1827--Benjamin Bell (Fayette)
1828--William Steagall and Tillman Jones Douglass

Georgia Conference separated in 1830

1832--Isaac Boring and Willis D. Matthews (Fayette)

1833--John R. Hearne (Fayette)

1835-36--Morgan Bellah (Fayetteville)
1838--James Dunwoody and John James Taylor (Zebulon & Fayette Circuit)
1842--John M. Vestal and Abraham Pennington (Fayetteville & Zebulon Circuit)
1843--James Scaife (Fayetteville & Zebulon)
1847--Samuel J. Bellah and Noah Smith (Fayetteville & Zebulon)
1848-49--Alfred Dorman (Fayetteville)
1850--John Simmons (Fayetteville)
1851--Alfred Dorman (Fayetteville)
1852--Joseph T. Smith and John Edward Sentell (Zebulon & Fayetteville)
1853-54--Morgan Bellah (Fayetteville)
1855--Isaac N. Craven (Fayetteville)
1856--William P. Clontz (Fayetteville Circuit)
1857--William M. Watts (Fayetteville Circuit)
1858--Noah Smith and Harvey H. McHan (Fayetteville Circuit)
1859--Alred Dorman (Fayetteville)
1860--John W. McGehee (Fayetteville)
1861-62--Richard H. Waters (Fayetteville)
1863-64--James J. Harris (Fayetteville & Colored Mission)
1865--Richard H. Waters (Fayetteville)
1866--Alfred Dorman (Fayetteville)

Georgia Conference divided into North Georgia and South Georgia. Liberty Chapel in North Georgia

1867-68--Robert Stripling (Fayetteville Circuit)
1869--John W. Turner (Fayetteville Circuit)
1870 Robert Stripling (Fayetteville Circuit)
1871--J. David Nolan (Fayetteville Circuit) and Alfred Dorman (Jonesborough [sic. & Fayette)
1872-73--David Nolan (Fayetteville)
1874-75--George E. Gardner (Fayetteville Circuit)

1876-79--Britton Sanders (Fayetteville)

1880--Wylie T. Laine (Fayetteville)
1881--James Varnell Mahafey Morris (Fayetteville)
1882--Isaac Glenn Parks (Fayetteville)
1883--James G. Worley (Fayetteville)
1884--Gibson Callaway Andrews (Fayetteville)
1885--Theophilus S. L. Harwell (Fayetteville)
1886-87--James Rembert Smith (Fayetteville)
1888--Henry L. Embry (Fayetteville Circuit)
1889-90--George Washington Thomas (Fayetteville)
1891-92--Clarence M. Virdel/Verdel
1893-94--Casper Smith Wright (Inman)
1895--John A. Reynolds, Jr. (Inman)
1896--George Washington Thomas (Inman)
1897--James Lane Ware (Inman)
1898-99--William C. Davis (Inman)
1900-02--Nonymous E. McBrayer (Inman)
1903-05--Benson Ellison Lane Timmons (Inman)
1906-09--John W. Bailey (Inman)
1910-13--John Sears Askew (Inman)
1914-15--A. E. Scott (Inman)
1916--R. P. Tatum (Inman)
1917--J. S. Hill
1918--C. D. Read
1919-1920--John Richardson Jones (Inman)
1921--A. W. Conway
1922--W. E. Brown
1923--Zedekiah Speer (Inman-Brooks)
1924--J. R. Terrell
1925-27--John Sears Askew (Inman)
1927--W. R. Williams
1928-1932--J. Clyde Callaway
1932-34--V. O. Gentry
1934-35--L. P. Huckaby
1935-37--George H. Stone
1937-38--Zebulon Vance Hawks
1938-40--Tim Woodrow Holbrook
1940-42--H. G. Garrett
1942-44--Francis Lamar Cherry
1944--Newton B. Dickens
1944-45--W. J. Graham
1945--Jacob Lackey
1945-47--Ray E. Whatley
1947-48--Fred Stinson
1948-51--Jesse Ray Thompson
1951-53--Clarence E. Spier, Jr.
1953-55--Roy Fiske
1955-57--Gerald T. McCray
1958-59--Estell R. Casebier
1960-1963--Darrold Storm
1963-1966--Robert Partridge
1966-67--Paul Bone
1967--Terry Markins
1967-69--Edward Cook
1969-72--Harry Tindell
1972-77--John M. Rhodes
1977-80--Gerald Meridith
1980-82--John Cowan
1982-85--B. J. Lamb
1985-90--Davis Chappell
1990-93--J. Mitchell Henderson
1993-99--J. David Campbell
1999--R. Douglas Burrell


Primary Sources include:

The History of Fayette County: 1821-1971, Fayette County Historical Society, 1977. Article by Carolyn Cary listing pastors of Fayette Circuit.

Methodist Preachers in Georgia 1783-1900, by Harold Lawrence, Boyd Publishing, 1984.

Methodist Preachers in Georgia 1783-1900: A Supplement, by Harold Lawrence, Boyd Publishing, 1995.

History of Methodism in Georgia and Florida, From 1785-1865, by Geo. G. Smith, Jr., Jno. W. Burke & Co., Macon, GA, 1877.

1995 Inman United Methodist Homecoming booklet compiled by church members.

Liberty Chapel/Inman United Methodist registers and church conference minutes.

Various conference journals.

Private Journal of Rev. Isaac Boring

(unpublished journal in possession of Dr. Harold Lawrence--1997)

(At this time Annual Conference was held in January, and pastors met their new assignment with the new year)

Saturday, Jan. 7th 1832 The business of Conference still went on rapidly. My name was called. My character passed....

Wednesday, Jan. 11th 1832 The Conference met as usual. When the hour of adjournment arrived, the Conference determined to meet in the afternoon for the purpose of closing the session. At about half past eight the appointments were read out, and the Conference closed. I am appointed to travel the Fayette Circuit. Bro. Willis D. Matthews is my colleague. I hope my appointment is of the Lord. May I be enable to serve the people of my charge this year with Faithfulness. And may we have a prosperous year.

 Thursday, Feb. 23rd 1832 Preached at Liberty Chapel from Romans 12:2, read the rules of Society, went home with Bro. Robinson....

Thursday, Mar. 22nd 1832 Preached at Liberty Chapel from Luke 17:11-19. I was much aided by the Lord, and we had an excellent meeting. I examined the male members of Society. I spent the night at Bro. Hillís....

Saturday, Mar. 31st 1832 Today I gave in for a draw in to contemplated gold lottery. If it is best, in the sight of God, for me to draw a rich gold mine. I hope I shall do so, and if I do I am resolved to Give one tenth of the profits arising from it to the Lord. If I do not live to dispose of it myself as I now intend, I hope my friends will do it for me....

 Friday, July 13th 1832 Preached at Liberty Chapel, my text was Isaiah 53:6. Spent the night with Bro. Hill...

. Friday, Aug. 10th 1832 Preached at Liberty Chapel from Rom. 11:21. I examined the female members of Society. Spent the afternoon and night with Bro. Story....

 Friday, Sept. 7th 1832 Fasted, preached at Liberty Chapel from Matthew 6:9-15. In consequence of some efforts having been made by the people called Reformers [Methodist Protestant Church movement strong in this area--SJO , to distract the minds of the members of our church at this place, I at the close of meeting attempted to answer the objections brought against our church by them. Dined at Bro. Batemanís. Spent the night at Bro. Joseph Chambersí....

Friday, Oct. 5th 1832 Preached at Liberty Chapel from Galations 6:10. Went to Bro. Wm. Chambersí....

 Friday, Nov. 2nd 1832 Preached at Liberty Chapel from Psalms 130:7. Spent the night at Bro. Hillís....

Friday, Nov. 30th 1832 Fasted. Preached at Liberty Chapel from 2nd Corinthians 5:19. Dined at Bro. B. Starrís, then rode to Parkerís. Heard Bro. T. Coleman try to preach. After meeting rode to Bro. Bonnerís and there slept....

Saturday, Dec. 1st 1832 Rode to our Quarterly Meeting. Bro. Hamill preached. We licensed five brethren to preach and recommended one to the itineracy. At night Bro. Jno. Starr preached. We had a gracious time. I spent the night at Mr. Bethumeís....

Sunday, Dec. 2nd 1832 The morning being rainy, we had a prayer meeting instead of Lovefeast. Bro. Hamill preached. We had a good time. We then administered the Lordís Supper. Spent the night at Mr. B.ís...

. Monday, Dec. 3rd 1832 Rode to Bro. Jno. Simmonsí. May the Lord direct me in all things to dispose of me as best. Amen...

. Thursday, Dec. 20th 1832 Rode to Bro. Simmons, and dined. In the afternoon, set out for Mr. Fordís, arrived about sunset, and at fifteen minutes after five oíclock was united in the bonds of sacred wedlock to Miss Letitice Harriet Seemes. This solemn service was performed by Bro. John Simmons, a local Preacher. My colleague Rev. Willis D. Matthews, and five other persons beside the family were present. The marriage was conducted in a solemn religious manner. I felt while we were at prayers that the good spirit was amongst us. I had been acquainted with the person of my choice for several months, and had thought on marrying her for near three months before our union. I consulted my Presiding Elder with a few other judicial friends, and sought after the council of God. I hope the Lord has been my guide, and that he appropriates what I have done...

. Tuesday, Dec. 25th 1832 Today I write I feel that as I have become a married man. I want to be more faithful to God than I have been before. I wish to be more useful to the Church. May God enable me to discharge faithfully all the duties that fall upon me. Amen.

Reminiscences of Rev. James Dunwoody

1st printing J. W. Burke & Co., Macon, GA: 1872

Reprint & expansion, Boyd Publishing Co., Milledgeville, GA: 1995

The Conference for 1838 was held in Athens--Bishop Morris in the chair....I was appointed to travel on Zebulon and Fayetteville Circuit; Rev. John Taylor my colleague; Rev. William Arnold, Presiding Elder. The circuit included Pike and Fayette Counties, a pleasant and healthy country. Our labors were blessed in a good degree. Brother Taylor was a studious young man and agreeable traveling companion. We had two camp-meetings this year, at both of which the gracious displays of the divine power was manifested, and a good many souls were converted. (p. 41)

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