Mount Olive Baptist Church

192 Graves Road, Fayetteville, Ga. 30214


Organized 1869

Located in the 4th District on Land Lot #246.

Was in service until the 1930's.

Organizers - Reverend Berry Alston, Deacon Graves, Deacon Solomon Glass

Pastors - Rev. Reed, Rev. Bell, Rev. Ware, Rev. Goer, Rev. R. N. Martin, Rev. McCluskey,

Rev. Manuel, Rev. Covington, Rev. Dartz, Rev. Smith, Rev. H. Milan, Rev. H. Strickland, 

Rev. Ed Brown

Deacons - Mitchell Hightower, Oscar Dorsey, J. H. Hood, Pearl Dorsey, J. T. Dorsey,

Clerks - Mrs. Della Dorsey, Deacon Oscar Dorsey, Mrs. Gertrude Ponder, Deacon J. A. Hood

Deacon J. T. Dorsey, Jr. and Sister Annie Bell Barlow

GNIS GPS Coordinates - 332904N - 0842921W - Fayetteville

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