New Hope Baptist Church

551 New Hope Road, Fayetteville, GA 30214


Southern Baptist Church

Organized September 1880.

Organizers - Rev. J. G. Speights, Rev. D. A. Brown, and Rev. B. L. Johnson.

Early Deacons - B. F. Warr, W. H. Norton, N. J. Speights, N. G. Wallis, T. J. Brogdon, J. B. Tidwell, P. L. Phillips, P. S. Thornton, T. A. Knowles, J. T. Wallis, T. R . Barnett, M. L. McEachern, Lawrence Bray, R. D. Jackson, J. C. Banks, M. L. Tidwell.

Church Clerks - B. F. Warr, N. J. Speights, D. A. Todd, J. W. Warr, J. T. Wallis, Lawrence Bray, A. C. Jackson, L. G. Stanley, W. C. Knowles, R. B. Butler, J. R. Banks, John Renfroe, Frank Harris.

Sunday School Superintendents - T. A. Knowles, T. R. Burnett, Lawrence Bray, J. C. Banks. 

GNIS GPS Coordinates - 332317N - 0842431W - Fayetteville

Another New Hope Church listed by GNIS - 332932N - 0842818W - Fayetteville - could this be the one below? in church list or is one of them the New Hope Methodist Church?

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