Sandy Creek Baptist Church

1082 Sandy Creek Road, Fayetteville, Ga 30214


Southern Baptist Church

Established 1882.

First Pastor - Reverend Berry L. Johnson

Other names it has had are Church of Christ at Sandy Creek and Sandy Creek Baptist Church of Christ.

Early Pastors - Reverends Berry L. Johnson, J. A. Bonner, R. B. Seales, C. J. Short, J. E. Turner, W. A. Johnson, Wyatt Chandler, C. A. Adams, W. W. Walker, C. J. Short, M. D. Collins, J. W. Gill, J. H. Walton, T. C. Burrell, R. L. Parker, B. D. Porter, Fabon Brown, Price McClung, Carl Mowell, R. L. Parker, R. D. White.

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GNIS GPS Coordinates - 332944N 0843316W Tyrone

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