The Fayetteville News August 18, 1905

Hopeful Items.

Mr. W. B. Burdett was on the sick list last week, but we are glad to state he
is better.

Loy, the little two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thornton died at their
home in Blackrock district last Thursday afternoon.  We extend our tenderest
sympathy to the bereaved father and mother.

Prof. Bottoms of Corinth passed here Sunday enroute to Bethany.

Misses Mary Coleman and Lois Jones visited Mrs. Stanley last Saturday.

Rev. G. B. Walker visited at Lisbon Saturday.

Jas Young and family were in this community Sunday.

Little Mary Thornton is visiting Mrs. Jessie Thornton this week.

The Fayetteville News February 22, 1907

Hopeful Items.

Divine services at our church on last Sunday were well attended, preaching by Rev. Wm. Smith.
The Sunday night singing at the residence of Rev. G. W. Walker, gathered our young people in a good and interesting service.
Mrs. Francina Jackson, of Fayetteville, has returned home, after spending several days visiting relatives here.
Mr. Henry Jackson and lady visited Mr. John Coleman on last Sunday.
Mr. Walt Walker and Miss Mattie Orr spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Jesper Thornton.
Emory Coleman made his regular weekly visit to Mr. Jordan Thornton's on Sunday.
Miss Veria Walker visited Miss Luma Coleman Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Bryant Jackson is very sick at this time with grip.
W. G. Wilkins and his young daughter are very sick with the grip.
The people of our usually healthy community are at this time greatly afflicted with colds.
Sam Thornton's new house is nearing completion.
Your scribe has planted garden seed, but it is not too late for others to plant until after Easter Sunday.

According to The History of Fayette County, published by FCHS, the Hopeful Community is an area of Peters Road which runs from Hwy 92 in Fayette County to Hwy 138 in Fulton County.  The intersection of Peters Road and Hwy 92 is the Hopeful district of Fayette County.  It is my understanding that the Peters family after which this road was named never moved off of their original home place but it was in Fayette, Campbell & Fulton counties as the boundaries changed over the years.

If you have any further information concerning Hopeful, please let me know~!  Thanks.  lblumb@gmail.com

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