According to "The History of Fayette County", the community of Glen Grove was located along the Fayetteville-Senoia road on the south side of Whitewater Creek.

There were several stores, houses, a church, school, grist mill, woolen mill, saw mill, blacksmith shop, tavern and a cotton gin located there. When "The History of Fayette County" was published in 1971, there were only a few of these buildings still standing.  The church (Glen Grove Baptist Church) was still standing.  A store that had been operated by various people was still standing at this time.  The store had been operated by George Banks, Isaac Whatley, Wilson Whatley, Charley Jones and J. P. Massengale.

Some of the teachers at the school in Glen Grove were Sally Turnipseed, Myrt Drewery, Dosia Snead, Otis Johnson, Paul Ellison and Jessie Hightower.

In 1896 an application was made by Allen H. Jones for establishment of a new post office at Glen Grove.  The application stated that it was not on a mail route and the location was three miles from Senoia and four miles from Brooks being on Whitewater Creek.  He stated 150 people would be served by the post office.  On May 2, 1896 the post office was established and was named Nyson.  This post office was discontinued on January 14, 1902.

The first minutes of the Glen Grove Baptist Church state - The Baptist Church of Christ met in conference at Parkers Mill (Glen Grove).

The following column is taken from "The Fayetteville News, September 10, 1915"

Misses Fannie Edmonson and Jessie Coleman, two of Fife's most popular young ladies, spent last week here with their cousin, Miss Mattie Lizzie Ward.
Mrs. Ena Whatley spent last week with her parents near Concord.
W. O. Coleman and wife and Mrs. Emma Lester, of Fife, spent last Wednesday with E. S. Ward and family.
Mr. Joe Johnson, of Flat Shoals, spent the week-end here with his sister, Mrs. Malvin Whatley.
E. S. Ward attended court in Newnan Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Massengale are at Meansville at the bedside of their daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Minter, who is very sick.
S. F. Matthews and family visited W. M. Kieth and family at Senoia Sunday.
Rev. W. J. DeBardeleben will preach here next Sunday night. It is hoped that every one who can will come out and hear him.
We wonder what "Uncle Primus" and the gentleman from Brooks are doing for tobacco. If they will come down here we will show them where to get tobacco that is not only good to chew but good for the complexion.

The following column is taken from "The Fayetteville News, April 1, 1910"

Nyson Notes

Mr. Will Farrer and wife, of Little Flock, were guests of W. S. Whatley and family Sunday.

Miss Birdie Edmondson spent Saturday night and Sunday at Winona, the guest of Miss Lizzie McEachern.

Mrs. Anna Smith, of Atlanta, spent a couple of days last week with Uncle William Whatley and wife.

Miss Nina Matthews spent last week in Senoia with her sister, Mrs. Wm. Keith.

Little Dollie Jones is quite sick with pneumonia at this writing.

Rufus Pate, who has been sick for some time with dropsy, is no better at this time.  We wish for him a speedy recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jones are entertaining a new boarder at their home now -- a little girl to cheer them through life.

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cox and family, of Fayetteville, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Whatley Saturday night and Sunday.

We are looking for "Uncle Primus" down this way ere long. it is said that the grasp of his hand at court last week was something like a vice or steel trap.  "Uncle Primus" is a good fellow and we would like to see him succeed.

Also from 1910 issue of The Fayetteville News

We had many visitors and old friends with us at Sabbath school last week, we were especially glad to welcome three of our former officers --Messrs R. L. Arnall of Senoia, E. S. Ward of Nyson and J. W. Askew of Line Creek.  We miss our Supt Bro. Brown of Line Creek and trust he will soon be with us.

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