I haven't been able to find any mention of Oak Grove as a community other than these columns from The Fayetteville News - If anyone knows what area of the county this was, please let me know.

The Fayetteville News

February 22, 1907.


Sabbath school was well attended at Oak Grove last Sunday; We are glad to know that more of our older people are attending -- parents should go with their children.

Bro. Martin, of Senoia, preached a most able sermon at Glen Grove last Saturday from 2 Tim., 1:8: "Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord."

A sabbath school was organized here this week with R. L. Arnold superintendent, Caspar Arnold secretary, Isaac Whatley chorister, Miss Sudie Arnold, organist. The prospects are good for a most interesting Sunday school. Teachers will be appointed next Sunday.

The public school is again well attended this pleasant weather. The assistant teacher, Miss Louvale Brown, was not able to be in school last Friday on account of an attack of lagrippe.

The "Union Meeting" at Ebenezer last week was well attended. The people were disappointed in not hearing the state lecturers but were entertained by Oscar Gray, of Coweta, and Messrs. Graham and Dixon, from Fayetteville. Our able commissioner sounded the keynote when he said "educate our boys and girls and have them apply their learning when they farm."

Ebenezer school has taken another step forward in the educational line -- their building is being furnished with patent desks. Every school should have them. This speaks well for the teacher, Miss Mamie Burks.

The Fayetteville News

APRIL 1, 1910.


Mr. T. W. Nations and wife of Atlanta, were the recent guests of the former's father.

Miss Mamie Farr visited relatives in Atlanta and Fairburn last week.

Miss Tessie Loyd of Union Grove spent the week-end with Mrs. Luther Loyd. 

Messrs Reid and Lee of Kenwood were the guests of Misses Edmondson and McEachern at Ellis Loyds last Sunday.

Miss Grace Spratlin and Tom Harris of near Brooks were married Sunday P.M.  Miss Grace is one of our most industrious young ladies and we wish them a prosperous and happy life.

Misses Nevada Lewis and Tessie Loyd attended the burial of Mr. Slaton at Hopewell Sunday.

We had many visitors and old friends with us at Sabbath school last week, we were especially glad to welcome three of our former officers --Messrs R. L. Arnall of Senoia, E. S. Ward of Nyson and J. W. Askew of Line Creek.  We miss our Supt Bro. Brown of Line Creek and trust he will soon be with us.

Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Nations, Miss Ellie Mae Farr and brother spent Saturday with relatives near Palmetto.

J. W. Speer found his seven months old colt in the pasture with a broken hip last Wednesday.  It is not known how the misfortune occurred.  The colt was considerably above the average and the accident is the more to be regretted.

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