This column is from The Fayetteville News, Feb 22, 1907

Several of our young people attended the singing at Baptist Rest last Sunday afternoon, and report a nice time.
Mr. Cook and family, of The Rock, spent Sunday with Mr. R. V. Adams and family, of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Smith are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby boy born to them last Tuesday night.
We are sorry to know that Claude Adams was seriously hurt by a falling log last Thursday afternoon. However we are glad to know that he is improving at present.
Paul Chapman and wife, of Oak Grove, spent Sunday with Mr. Jim Walker and family, of this place.
Misses Mattie and Clio Gardner, of Fairburn, visited Misses Claude and Lillie Ward last Sunday.
J. W. Graham, of Fayetteville, passed through our burg one day last week.
Miss Clyde Adams visited Misses Berta and Cleitus Walker last Monday.

This column is from The Fayetteville News, Sept 10, 1915

Sunday school and singing was good here Sunday.
Miss Cleo Gardner of East Point spent a few days with relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Pope, of Aberdeen, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McCullars.
Mrs. Ella Smith, of Macon, and Jessie Head spent last week in Palmetto.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie McEachern, of Hopeful, spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McCullars.
A good many from here attended the flag raising exercise at Hopewell school Friday night, and report a nice time.
Miss Cumie Cox is spending some time with her grandmother near Ebenezer.
Mrs. John Canady and children spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives in Fairburn.
Miss Eva Mae Davis spent one night recently with her aunt Mrs. Annie Campbell, of Fife.
Mrs. Eva Elder spent Sunday with Mrs. Minnie May Elder.
Mr. Archie Smith, of Cross Roads, spent Sunday night with his daughter, Mrs. Nora Walker.
Mr. J. S. Elligton and family visited relatives at Riverdale Sunday.

According to "The History of Fayette County" Sandy Creek is located in the northwestern corner of Fayette County halfway between the town of Tyrone and the Fife/Bethany community.

 Churches in the area were -

Concord Methodist Church

Sandy Creek Baptist Church

There was a school begun in this community that was first held at Sandy Creek Baptist Church and moved into it's own building around 1905.  When this building burned, students from the area attended The Rock School that was two miles away.  Later the Sandy Creek School was run from Tom Walker's property and Andrew Johnson's property. In the 1940's the school was consolidated with Fayetteville schools.

The Ellington Cemetery is in this community.

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