Part III.--Local Laws. 

1893 Vol. 1 -- Page: 353

Sequential Number: 185 

Law Number: No. 262. 

Full Title: An Act to incorporate the town of Woolsey, in the county of Fayette, and for other purposes.

SECTION I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Georgia, That from and after the passage of this 
Act, the town of Woolsey, in the county of Fayette, be, and is, hereby incorporated, and that corporate 
limits of said town shall be as follows: All the lands belonging to Mrs. A. F. Woolsey on east side of 
Atlanta and Florida Railroad, all the lands belonging to Dr. I. G. Woolsey west of the Atlanta and Florida 
Railroad, and east of the creek running south through the lands of I. G. Woolsey, including all the 
dwellings, tenant houses on said lands, also including depot and right of way of Atlanta and Florida 
Railroad, and all other lands within said boundaries in the town of Woolsey. 

SEC. II. Be it further enacted, That on each and every third Saturday in December, after the passage of this 
Act, all the citizens residing in the corporate limits of said town, who shall be entitled to vote for members 
of the General Assembly of Georgia, shall be entitled to vote for a Mayor and three Councilmen, which 
election, held annually on said day, shall be held in said town, and in the same manner, and under the same 
rules and regulations as are elections for members of the General Assembly, so far as they are applicable, 
the polls to be opened and closed as at precincts. 

SEC. III. Be it further enacted, That the certificate of the managers of the election shall be proof of the 
election, and that before entering upon the duties of their office the Mayor and Councilmen shall each make 
and subscribe an oath to faithfully discharge his duties as officer of said town. 

SEC. IV. Be it further enacted, That all vacancies in the Board of Mayor and Councilmen occurring 
between elections by the people shall be filled by the remaining members of the board. The term of the 
Mayor and Councilmen, except when elected to fill an unexpired term, shall be for one year, and until their 
successors are elected and qualified. 

Page: 354

SEC. V. Be it further enacted, That said Board of Mayor and Councilmen shall have full power and 
authority to pass all ordinances and by-laws for the government of said town, not in conflict with the laws 
of this State or of the United States, and to enforce the same by execution, fine or imprisonment. Said board 
may provide for the trial of cases and offenders before the Mayor, and for an appeal from his decision to 
the full board, or a majority of them. 

SEC. VI. Be it further enacted, That said Mayor and Councilmen shall have power and authority to appoint 
all officers they may deem necessary for the good of said town, and to carry this Act into effect; to compel 
all persons in said town liable to road duty to work on the streets or pay a commutation fee in lieu thereof; 
to open streets where deemed necessary; to levy and collect an ad valorem tax on all property in said town, 
and such special taxes upon drays, livery stables, peddlers, shows and all like enterprises as they may deem 
best for said town. They shall have power to license, regulate or prohibit the sale of spirituous liquors and 
other intoxicating drinks in said town; provided, the tax for the sale of spirituous or intoxicating drinks in 
said town shall not be less than ten thousand dollars; provided, however, the above provisions of this 
section relating to the sale of spirituous liquors and intoxicating drinks shall not be operated as long as the 
sale of spirituous liquors is prohibited in Fayette county. 

SEC. VII. Be it further enacted, That said Board of Mayor and Councilmen, by their corporate name, 
Woolsey, shall have power to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded with, and have and use all the 
powers granted by and embraced in sections 774 to 797, inclusive, of the Code of 1882 of Georgia. 

SEC. VIII. Be it further enacted, That all laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act be, and the same 
are, hereby repealed.

Approval Date: Approved December 15th, 1893.

Source: [Title, See Above], [Georgia Legislative Documents], [Georgia Department of Archives and History],
presented in the Digital Library of Georgia

The Fayetteville News - Feb. 22, 1907


Miss Leila Roberts, who has been quite sick, is much improved at this writing.
C. R. Woolsey who is teaching at Hopeful was at home this week sick.
Ed Woolsey, of Newnan, spent Sunday with home folks at Woolsey.
Judge Derrick, of Hampton, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. R. P. Minter.
Mrs. R. M. Griffith, of Hapeville, is visiting her son, J. D. Griffith, of Woolsey.
Miss Lotchie Martin, of Brooks, enrolled this week as a pupil of Woolsey High School.

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