Name Court Date
Alford, James Inferior  
Allen, Patrick   1846
Braswell, J. M. Inferior  
Braswell, M. Superior 1848
Brown, Alfred Inferior  
Conners, Edward Superior 1849
Dodd, T. A. Inferior  
Glass, Elijah Inferior  
Graham, J. W. Superior 1908
Griggs, L. B.   1870's (Ordinary & Ex Afficio CCO)
Johnson, James F. Superior 1847
Kelley, N. W. Superior 1920
King, G. C. Inferior  
Lamberth, Joseph Superior 1835
Lester, T. V. Superior  
McBride, William Inferior 1892
McBride, William Superior 1825-1828, 1831
Minor, Samuel W. Superior 1854
Post, Allen Inferior  
Post, Allin Superior 1823
Russell, William J. Inferior 1850,
Stell, J. D. Inferior  
Stell, John D. Superior 1830
Stell, James J. Superior 1848
Stell, W. J. Superior 1910
Stokes, A. E. Inferior  
Stokes, A. E. Superior 1871
Strawn, Hiram Inferior  
Strawn, Hiram Superior 1827
Thornton, F. B. Inferior  
Tidwell, M. M. Superior 1849
Wafer, James T. Inferior  
Woodruff, S. M. Inferior  

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