Fayette 1823-35 Minutes pg 29

March 1 1827

The following Jurors were drawn to serve at the next term of this court to wit:

Edward Harris

Henry Hutchens

Boran Hamster

John T Tucker

James Kirby

James Ballard

Jarrot Banister

Raby Rountree

Wm H Howell

Wm Jones

Whoyre?  Ogletree?

Wm Pilkinton

John Mattox

William Jackson

Piper B Pippin

James Stewart Jr

James Right

John Dent

Jesse Hood

John West

Joshua Yarborough

Isaac smith

Matthew Turner

John Turner

John Torrence

Saml Traunhan?

David Vann

Bishop Wilkinson

Miscellaneous Abstracts from Juror Lists -

Joseph Spear, Juror, 1835

John Harris, Juror, 1838

Jas. Harris, Juror, 1838

John? Harris, Juror, 1841

Jury List Jul 30 1866  - Joseph Roberts, W M Speer

Jury List 1870  - T C Speer

Submitted by Ms. Gerry Hill, Albany, GA

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