Petition of Fayette Fertilizer Company
The Fayetteville News
Georgia, Fayette County
To The Superior Court of Said County:
The petition of S. T. Blalock, A. O. Blalock, W. B. Hollingsworth, J. T. Lewis, 
Paul Faver, J. M. Austin, W. T. Glover, J. M. Jackson, John Brogdon, J. T. 
McCollum, J. G. Minter, W. A. Woodall, Sam'l Loyd, F. B. Brown, C. H. Eastin, 
and others of Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia.
1st.  They desire for themselves and such other persons as they may associate 
with them to be incorporated under the corporate name of "FAYETTE FERTILIZER 
CO" for the term of twenty years with the privilege of renewal.

2nd.  The place of business and principal office to be in Fayetteville, 
Georgia, said County, with the privilege of establishing branch offices or 

3rd.  The object and purpose for which said corporation is formed is pecuniary 
gain and profit to its shareholders, and its special business shall be to own, 
maintain, operate and conduct a Fertilizer Company in Fayetteville, Georgia, 
said County, and its particular business to manufacture Fertilizer, and deal in 
all Fertilizer material, and cotton seed meal, to mix fertilizer materials and 
make commercial fertilizers; to sell, barter and otherwise dispose of cotton 
seed meal, fertilizer and products; and make all contracts necessary to carry 
on said business.

4th.  The Capital Stock of said corporation to be Ten Thousand Dollars. fifty 
percent of said stock to be paid before said corporation begins business.  
Petitioners ask that said stock company or corporation have the power of 
receiving subscriptions to its capital stock.  Petitioners pray a right to 
increase said stock by a vote of its share-holders to Fifty Thousand Dollars.

5th.  The Capital Stock to be paid in cash or its equivalent in property 
suitable to the purposes of said Company, or the same may be discharged by good 
and sufficient notes to be passed on by the officers or directors.  The shares 
of said Company are to be divided into One Hundred Dollars each, and no 
individual liability, except as to unpaid subscription.

6th.  Said Corporation shall have the right to buy, lease, and own real and 
personal property and other effects necessary to carry on its business or 
protect its interest, and dispose of its effects so acquired or manufactured by 
deed, bill of sale, lease, mortgage, exchange or otherwise.

7th.  Petitioners desire to have and to use a common Seal; to contract and to 
be contracted with; to sue, and be sued; to make and establish bylaws, rules 
and regulations for the conducting and government of affairs and business of 
said corporation, its officers and employees; to appoint, elect or employ 
suitable officers, agents and employees; to prescribe their duties and fix 
their compensation.

8th.  In addition to the rights, powers and privileges herein specified, 
petitioners ask for all other rights, powers and privileges granted and 
conferred by the laws of said State on private corporations of a similar 
character not inconsistent therewith or violative of private rights.

Therefore, petitioners pray to be made a body corporate under the name and 
style aforesaid, entitled to all the rights, privileges and immunities and 
subject to the liabilities fixed by law,
This Aug. 15, 1905.
W. B. Hollingsworth
Atty. for Petitioners.
Georgia, Fayette County. -- I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a 
true and correct copy of the original petition for charter on file in this 
office This Aug. 18, 1905.  J. W. Graham, Clerk Sup'r. Court.
Transcribed by Linda Blum-Barton April 29, 2004

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