World War II


Adams, Jesse L. PFC KIA
Benoit, Arthur J. CPL DOW
Bishop, Loy C. PFC KIA
Chandler, Marion PVT KIA
Hand, Tom TEC5 KIA
Harrison, Franklin J. SGT DNB
Hill, George H. PVT DNB
Kelley, James L. S SC KIA
Mask, Merrell C. PVT KIA
Mathis, James T. PFC FOD
McEachern, John H. S SC DOW
Morgan, John C. PVT KIA
Putman, Eugene N. PVT KIA
Tidwell, James L. PVT KIA

Veterans born or were living in Fayette County, GA

McLean, George Willis
McLean, Lewis
McLean, Thomas Edwin
Thompson, Claude Madison

Please let me know if you have anyone to add to either list

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