A Family Reunion August 17, 1905

An occasion which was as much enjoyed as any which has occured in our town in some time was a family reunion at the home of Mrs. G. W. Perdue last Tuesday. It was an accidental gathering and no special arrangements had been made, but all the children were present except one, Mr. Ed S. Perdue, of Chattanooga, Tenn.

It had been a long time since so near all the children had gathered under one roof to look upon mother and to think of the noble example she had always set before them. She is now growing old and nothing gives her more pleasure than to look out into the world and see the family she has reared and the stations they fill in life. Those present were: Hon. L. A. Perdue, of Newnan, Col. J. H. Perdue, and Mr. Albert Perdue, of Birmingham, Ala., Mrs. C. P. Sanders, of Roscoe, Mrs. W. F. Jones, of Woolsey, Mrs. W. S. Bloodworth, of Thomaston, Mrs. B. P. Daniel and Miss Lou Ella Perdue, of Senoia.

This reunion was indeed a happy one and The Gazette sincerely hopes that mother and children may see many more such pleasant reunions.


Fodder pulling time is now on hand and the rain is still coming therefore the farmers won't have much chance.

J. D. Brown and daughter, Lois, visited relatives at Newnan Sunday.

Miss Ada Lassetter, one of Sharpsburg's charming young ladies, was visiting in this vicinity several days last week and attended the celebration.

E. D. Brown and family, of Alabama, have returned home after a week's visit to relatives here.

Dr. J. E. H. Ware had the misfortune to get his barn and six bales of cotton burned a few days since. The fire was discovered soon after noon and is supposed to have originated from a cigarette one of the hands was smoking.

Jim Lassetter and wife, of Atlanta, after spending several days with the family of E. Williams, returned home Monday.

We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Louiza Still is in a critical condition, but we hope for her a speedy recovery.

Miss Todd, of Carroll county, is visiting her brother, J. W. Todd.

Richard Whitlock, after spending two weeks with his brothers here, has returned to his home in Morgan county.


Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Arnall, of Turin, visited the former's mother, Mrs. N. C. Arnall Saturday night.

Messrs. Tom McGough, of Fayetteville, and Earnest Kirkland, of Atlanta, have been the guests of the family of Mr. J. W. Kirkland this week.

Mrs. J. A. McKnight and J. A., Jr., are on a visit to friends in Atlanta.

Owing to the inclement weather there was no meeting of the Girls Missionary and Benevolent Society last Saturday afternoon but all members are requested to meet at Mrs. E. H. Powers next Saturday afternoon.

The fall term of Brantley Institute will open the first Monday in September. Parents should see that the children are all ready and put in school the first day so they can be assigned to their proper places.

Mrs. Mollie Brown, of Fayette, paid us a pleasant call yesterday. She reports many bridges washed away up that way and it is almost impossible to get to town.

Mrs. A. G. Couch and her three small sons, Jean, Fred and A. G., Jr. arrived from Memphis, Tenn., Tuesday evening and will spend a couple of weeks with old friends here. Upon arrival they were greeted by a number of friends who were glad to see them.

Miss Eddie North, who has been spending the summer with the family of her uncle, Rev. W. A. Davis, has been elected to a teacher's place in the Newnan Public School, and she will leave in a few days to begin her duties there. Miss North has made many warm friends in Senoia who are glad because of the good position she has secured, but who regret to see her leave Senoia.

Mrs. R. M. North and son, Roy, attended the burial of Miss Lutie McLane at Woolsey Monday.

Mrs. R. J. Hunter returned to Turin Monday, after several days stay with her children here.

Miss Isla Mai Cocke has been spending several days with friends at Smyrna.

Mr. Robert Cooper, of Atlanta, has been in town a day or two this week.

Miss Sallie Finley and little Lila Finley have returned from a very pleasant visit to friends at Athens.

Dr. J. E. H. Ware, of Kedron, attended the burial of his nephew here yesterday.

Mr. J. T. Arnall, of Turin, was in town yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Woods and little daughter of St. Augustine, Fla., are spending some time the guests of the family of W. M. Odom.

Mr. Harry Tench, of Gainesville, Fla., has been visiting his brother, Dr. J. D. L. Tench, this week.

Mr. John T. North, of New York, is spending several days with his parents and friends here. He has been in that city a number of years and is making a decided success in his chosen profession. It has been about nine years since he visited home folks and of course it is a pleasant occasion.

Miss Margaret Cooper is at home, after a several weeks visit to LaGrange and Atlanta.

Clever John Adams was in town yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Brakefield, of Atlanta, are spending a few days with relatives in our town.

Miss Bessie Carmichael is attending the camp meeting at Indian Springs this week.

Mrs. W. C. Davis is at home from a visit to Fayette.

Mrs. Ralph McKnight spent Tuesday in Atlanta.

Mr. J. M. Nipper has returned from Valdosta and says he likes that county and will return in about a month.

His many friends here will be sorry to learn that Capt. J. H. Williford, of Fayette, has been sick for several days and unable to serve as doorkeeper of the House of Representatives, but we are glad to know he is improving.

His friends here will be pleased to know that Mr. Elbert Liles is acting as relief in a very important railroad office at Union Springs, Ala. This is
proof enough that Elbert stands well with his company.

Mr. Albert Perdue, of Birmingham, Ala., has been with his mother's family here for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hammett and Miss Bessie Reeves, of Jonesboro, were guests of the family of Mr. Ed Kirkland the latter part of last week, the latter giving a barbecue in their honor Saturday. The large table was nicely arranged in the front yard and was well filled with that which satisfieth the appetite. Several families were present and greatly enjoyed the occasion.

Miss Susia Nolan left Tuesday evening for a visit to relatives and friends at Hampton and Jonesboro.

Mr. E. L. North, of Atlanta, was the guest of his father's family here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Marchman, of Atlanta, were guests of the latter's mother here Sunday.

Miss Dora Powers is spending a few days with Miss Booksie Stillwell at Montezuma.

Messrs. L. S. Shepherd, of Tifton, and Arthur Matthews, of Woolsey, were guests of J. S. Shepherd Sunday.

Mrs. J. W. Arnall and little daughter, Virginia, have returned from a pleasant visit to relatives at Tifton.

Little Miss Clara Blount is on quite an extended visit to relatives at Molena.

A series of services will begin at Harmony church three miles from town, Friday morning at eleven o'clock and continue through Sunday, conducted by Rev. F. W. Wey. There will be services both morning and evening.

Mrs. C. M. Blount spent last week very pleasantly at Lithia Springs.

Mrs. A. B. Harris, of Molena, is the guest of her son, C. M. Blount.

Mr. W. F. Stewart and family and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Brakefield went over near Moreland this morning to visit relatives.

Miss Lou Ella Perdue has returned from a visit to relatives at Newnan and Roscoe.

Mount Springs.

We are having plenty of rain these days. Some few have begun pulling fodder; must like to pull fodder as it will certainly not cure in the rain.

Death has again visited our community and taken for its victim one of our brightest young girls, Miss Lutie McLane. She had been sick for about six weeks, and on last Sunday night death come to her relief. She was only sixteen years old. She joined the Baptist church at Woolsey about three years ago and was a true Christian. She was most always at her place in the Sunday school and once recited the 119th Psalm, which has 176 verses, and at Sunday school she always had a good lesson and a verse to recite. She will be greatly missed by the entire community as well as by her relatives. She leaves a father and mother, two brothers and two sisters to mourn her departure. She was buried at Woolsey Tuesday morning, the funeral service being conducted by Rev. Smith, of Locust Grove, and Rev. Johnson, of Fayetteville. The bereaved ones have our sympathy.

The little babe of Samuel Dunn died last Saturday morning and was buried at White Water Sunday morning, Rev. H. S. Reese conducting the funeral service. They have our sympathy.

Mrs. J. F. McLane, who has been sick for some time, is still very low and is not expected to live.

The annual singing at Antioch will be held next Saturday, August 19th.

J. H. Massingale has purchased a new buggy.

Tom Mitchell tried to pull a stump the other night, but failed; try again Tom you will finally succeed.

Protracted meeting is in progress at Lisbon this week.


Standing Rock.

I will take it as a favor if those of this community who may be in possession of news items will kindly give them to me. It often occurs that the happenings of the surrounding country which would be of interest to many readers do not come to my knowledge in time for publication. If a baby is born tell me about it. If you have visitors from a distance, let me know it. If anything happens which would interest and entertain you, should you read it as having eminated from some other community then send it along, I will be glad to get it.

Mrs. N. N. Henslee is quite sick at this writing.

Rev. R. F. Hodnett filled the appointment of Rev. Walraven here Sunday afternoon, the latter being engaged in a series of meetings at Mt. Gilead.

The third quarterly conference for this work will be held here the latter part of this month.

Quite a large number of the citizens of this section attended the Hall murder trial last week. Some have attended court at least ten days. The loss of time, board bills, etc., amount to a considerable item. How often it is the case that the conduct of one person involves the welfare of many others.

W. M. Shipp said family, of Powder Springs, have returned home, after visiting relatives here several days.

Miss Willie Drake has returned to her position in Atlanta, after spending her vacation at home.

J. B. Henslee spent several days recently in Douglas county, the home of his boyhood days. He reports many manifestations of the spirit of progress in every section visited. He also attended the Chattahoochee Singing Convention while gone and had a pleasant time.

Preparations are under way to have an entertainment at the close of school. The fact that it will be given is assurance that it will be a success.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pennington a fine baby girl.

The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Putman has been quite sick for several days.

Mr. Isaac Henslee and his sister, Miss Rosa, of Villa Rica, have been the guests of the family of J. B. Henslee this week.

Some of our people attended the Sunday School Association at Fayetteville and heard Georgia's next governor, Hoke Smith, speak.

J. T. Morgan and wife have returned from Camp Hill, Ala., where they have been visiting.

Miss Mittie Bell Morgan, of Newnan, is visiting among relatives here.


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