The Fayetteville Chronicle

November 5, 1886

Local News

School Begins Monday.

Fayetteville is on a boom.

The railroad is being surveyed.

Hon. J. W. Graham visited Atlanta yesterday.

Now is the time to subscribe to your county paper.

S. A. Burks visited the Gate City yesterday on business.

Mr. J. Q. Landrum, of Shakerag, was in town this week.

Miss Nannie McCullom went to Atlanta this week shopping.

Mrs. L. B. Griggs is visiting her son, Mr. Bosworth, in Atlanta.

A number of our citizens will attend the inaugural next Tuesday.

Mr. J. M. Camp, accompanied by his wife, paid Jonesboro a visit this week.

Senator Paul Fa?er went to Atlanta Monday to assume his duties in the Senate.

Only one prisoner in the county jail, who is a negro preacher charged with larceny.

Col. J. L. Blalock, of Jonesboro, was in town Tuesday looking after the sales.

The Superior Court will hold an adjourned term on the third Monday in December.

Rev. J. R. Smith will preach next Sunday in the Methodist church at Brooks Station.

Representative J. F. McLean went to Atlanta Wednesday to take his seat in the Legislature.

Capt. R. H. Woods, of Senoia, was in town Monday, settling some matters with the Ordinary.

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Eason are rejoicing over a nine-pound boy to welcome The Chronicle.

Mr. A. C. Blalock and Mr. Robert Muraly?, of Jonesboro, called on The Chronicle Tuesday.

Hulsey Redwine says he would like to know Watts the matter with the boys every Sunday night.

Col. C. P. Daniel of Brooks Station, attended the meeting of the Executive Committee last Wednesday.

Fayetteville can boast of some fine sportsmen, and shooting quail on the wing is the order of the day.

Mr. R. H. Bennett has decided to move to Fayetteville, and will occupy the residence of J. J. Putman.

Col. Hulbert and Capt. W. P. Redwine held a meeting last night in Shakerag District for the benefit of the Atlanta and Hawkinsville Railroad.

The vote for Congressman in this county last Tuesday was very light. Hon. John D. Stewart, the nominee received 158 votes. No opposition.

Mr. Bartow Rogers, who has been so ill for several weeks, and at the point of death, is convalescing and Dr. Edwards thinks him out of danger.

Marshall Parker and Fred Stokes are thinking of having a race between their spirited little animals. Go it, boys. The race will be quite a novel affair.

We call attention to the notices of Burks & Orr and Orr & Palmer. They are gentlemen that do good work, and their appeal to creditors should be heeded.

J. J. Putman is preparing to build a handsome residence on the east side of the Burks hotel, where he will remove his family as soon as the building is completed.

The subscribers to the Atlanta and Hawkinsville Railroad Company will please call at the law office of Col. L. P. Barnes, in the court house, and sign their notes at once.

There will be Sunday school exercises at both the churches every Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. Both parents and children should attend these essential and refining services.

Capt. W. P. Redwine, in company with Col. E. Hulbert, of the Atlanta and Hawkinsville Railroad, went up to East Point Monday. He proposes to pilot the surveying party to the line of Fayette.

Mr. George Ware, formerly postmaster at Washington, Wilkes county, is visiting the family of Dr. Paul Faver. While in the city yesterday he called at The Chronicle office and subscribed.

We call attention in this issue to the card of Mr. Joseph N. Banks, a candidate for the office of Treasurer. He is an enterprising citizen, well qualified for the position, and will fill it honorably and acceptably.

Prof. C. P. Davis was unanimously elected teacher of the school for the year, 1887 by the trustees, and will soon begin his scholastic term. Prof. Davis is not only a good and efficient teacher, but a gentleman of high moral and religious character.

B. L. McGough, candidate for Sheriff, is shaking hands with his friends in the Sixth district. We can recommend him to the people of Fayette as .....

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