The Fayetteville News

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1905.

(Abstracts transcribed by Linda Blum-Barton, 4/2004)

News of the serious illness of Dr. A. C. Harrison was received here the other
day.  We hope he may recover.  He lives in Paynes, Miss.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Redwine of Campbell County spent last Sunday in this
county, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Will Askew of Oak Grove.

Misses Claud and Em Graham went to Atlanta Monday to remain about three weeks,
during which time they will examine and purchase their fall millinery and will
be ready for Oct 1st at Fayetteville.

Mr. M. B. North came home from Mississippi last week and is the guest of his
mother Mrs. Ed North.  Brook is farming in the rich Mississippi bottoms and is
doing well.

John T. Adams has engaged at Mr. Fife's store for the present season.  John is
a welcome citizen of our town and his many friends will do him a favor to share
their patronage with him at his new place.
We wish him a pleasant and lucrative season.

Smith & Higgins New Building.

This popular and well known firm have begun work on a new store on Peters
Street Atlanta and they expect to occupy it by Feb. 15 next.  The building will
be three stories high and will contain ?000 square feet of space.  This will
give the firm greatly increased room and will permit of the enlargement of its
stock and other improvements necessary to its growth and progress.  The new
store will have a marble front and will be thoroughly modern in every respect.

Messrs Smith & Higgins are very clever and courteous gentlemen besides being
up to date business men.  They also have a very efficient force of courteous
and affable employees.  Mr. Miles the bookkeeper is a most elegant gentleman;
Mr. Henry Brogdon, of this county and other gentlemen and ladies whom it is a
pleasure to know and deal with.  Together, the firm and employees can not be
excelled for fair and honest dealing accommodation, etc.

John McKibben spent a few days this week at Ball Ground and Tate in Pickens

The lands and ginnery of Mr. W. N. T. Harp, deceased, were sold Tuesday by Mr.
Will Harp, Administrator, and bought in by him, for about $3500.00.

Prof. W. M. Speer, Principal of Line Creek Academy

Last Tuesday night at Line Creek Academy Prof. W. M. Speer el???ed hi school
with a nice exhibition which was a creditable exercise for both teachers and
pupils.  M?? Georgia Arnall has been teaching with Mr. Speer and she has done
some excellent work for the pupils and was a prominent factor in the exercises
Tuesday night.
The board of trustees have ??? elected Prof. Speer as principal for another
county School Commissioner Dixon was present Tuesday night and delivered an
address, he advocated longer term schools and talked interestingly about twenty
minutes.  Prof. Speer also addressed the audience for a short while.
The evening was altogether very pleasant entertaining ???sion.  About 700
hundred people were present.

Georgia, Fayette County.

To All Whom It May Concern:

W. N. D. Dixon having in pro?? from applied to me for Permanent Letters of
Administration on the estate of Elizabeth Fletcher late of said County this is
to cite all and singular the creditors next of kin of Elizabeth Fletcher to be
and appear at my office within time allowed by law and show cause if any they
can why permanent administration should be granted to W. N. D. Dixon.  On
Elizabeth Fletcher estate
Witness my hand and official signature this 4th day of Sept 1905.
S. B. Lewis, Ordinary

Mr. Jim Wilkins came from South Georgia this week and visited his many friends
here.  He is the guest of G. Wilkins and relatives.  Jim is holding a good
position with a saw mill firm in the piny woods.

Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Estes, Miss Bird McConnell and Miss May Banks, of East
Point, were visitors at the home of Mr. W. L. Smith and family this week.

Mr. T. J. Culpepper of Greenville is the guest of Col. J. W. Culpepper in our town.

Misses Lizzie Brown and Lillian Whatley are visiting friends at Concord.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dixon's baby was quite sick a few days this week.

One good 25-H.P. Engine for sale. Cheap right now. Bennett Milling Co.

Mrs. R. H. Bennett is spending the week in Atlanta with Mr. and Mrs. Hale.

Land for Sale.
202 1/2 Acres.  4 horse farm open 6-room house. Good orchard and vineyard. 
Good barns and out houses.  Well improved place, three miles east of
Fayetteville.  Terms Easy.  G. R. Lewis

Misses Turner of Hampton visited the Misses Lewis here last week.

Hon. W. A. Leach of Shakerag was here Tuesday on business.

Mr. J. T. Williams of Senoia came over to the Celebration Friday.

Mrs. Ella Chapman of Atlanta is the guests of relatives here.

Home For Sale.
My house and lot containing large barn, choice fruits and flowers, is for
sale.  One of the very best places in Fayetteville.  Dr. N. J. Grizzard
272 Lee St., West End Atlanta, Ga.

Misses Bagely of Columbus are the guests Dr. Walls and family.

Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Allen of Atlanta were here last week the guest of relatives.

Misses Bagley of Columbus are visiting Dr. Walls and family.

Charlie Rogers of Atlanta spent a few days last week with relatives in this county.

Mrs. Joe and John Price of Flippen spent a few days this week in our town.

Misses Reba and Eloise Stewart of Jonesboro were the guest of the Misses Graham a few day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Pony Travis of Atlanta visited Mr. C. S. Coppege and family last week.

Rembert and Willie Kate Travis of East Point are visiting relatives here.
Master John A. Hale of Atlanta was here last week the guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Bennett.

Mr. and Mrs. George Barnett of Henry county were here last week the guests of Mrs. A. E. Stokes.

Mr. Tom Brogdon is convalescent from a recent severe spell of vertigo.  His friends hope to see him rapidly recovered.

Dr. W. R. Camp.
Physician and Surgeon
Phone 4.  Fayetteville, Ga.

Dr. G. W. Wallis.
Chronic Cases a Specialty.
Phone 12.  Fayetteville, Ga.

Hopeful Items.

Mr. W. B. Burdett was on the sick list last week, but we are glad to state he is better.

Loy, the little two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thornton died at their home in Blackrock district last Thursday afternoon.  We extend our tenderest sympathy to the bereaved father and mother.

Prof. Bottoms of Corinth passed here Sunday enroute to Bethany.

Misses Mary Coleman and Lois Jones visited Mrs. Stanley last Saturday.

Rev. G. B. Walker visited at Lisbon Saturday.

Jas Young and family were in this community Sunday.

Little Mary Thornton is visiting Mrs. Jessie Thornton this week.

Georgia, Fayette County
To The Superior Court of Said County:
The petition of S. T. Blalock, A. O. Blalock, W. B. Hollingsworth, J. T. Lewis,
Paul Faver, J. M. Austin, W. T. Glover, J. M. Jackson, John Brogdon, J. T.
McCollum, J. G. Minter, W. A. Woodall, Sam'l Loyd, F. B. Brown, C. H. Eastin,
and others of Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia.
1st.  They desire for themselves and such other persons as they may associate
with them to be incorporated under the corporate name of "FAYETTE FERTILIZER
CO" for the term of twenty years with the privilege of renewal.

2nd.  The place of business and principal office to be in Fayetteville,
Georgia, said County, with the privilege of establishing branch offices or

3rd.  The object and purpose for which said corporation is formed is pecuniary
gain and profit to its shareholders, and its special business shall be to own,
maintain, operate and conduct a Fertilizer Company in Fayetteville, Georgia,
said County, and its particular business to manufacture Fertilizer, and deal in
all Fertilizer material, and cotton seed meal, to mix fertilizer materials and
make commercial fertilizers; to sell, barter and otherwise dispose of cotton
seed meal, fertilizer and products; and make all contracts necessary to carry
on said business.

4th.  The Capital Stock of said corporation to be Ten Thousand Dollars. fifty
percent of said stock to be paid before said corporation begins business. 
Petitioners ask that said stock company or corporation have the power of
receiving subscriptions to its capital stock.  Petitioners pray a right to
increase said stock by a vote of its share-holders to Fifty Thousand Dollars.

5th.  The Capital Stock to be paid in cash or its equivalent in property
suitable to the purposes of said Company, or the same may be discharged by good
and sufficient notes to be passed on by the officers or directors.  The shares
of said Company are to be divided into One Hundred Dollars each, and no
individual liability, except as to unpaid subscription.

6th.  Said Corporation shall have the right to buy, lease, and own real and
personal property and other effects necessary to carry on its business or
protect its interest, and dispose of its effects so acquired or manufactured by
deed, bill of sale, lease, mortgage, exchange or otherwise.

7th.  Petitioners desire to have and to use a common Seal; to contract nad to
be contracted with; to sue, and be sued; to make and establish bylaws, rules
and regulations for the conducting and government of affairs and business of
said corporation, its officers and employees; to appoint, elect or employ
suitable officers, agents and employees; to prescribe their duties and fix
their compensation.

8th.  In addition to the rights, powers and privileges herein specified,
petitioners ask for all other rights, powers and privileges granted and
conferred by the laws of said State on private corporations of a similar
character not inconsistent therewith or violative of private rights.

Therefore, petitioners pray to be made a body corporate under the name and
style aforesaid, entitled to all the rights, privileges and immunities and
subject to the liabilities fixed by law,
This Aug. 15, 1905.
W. B. Hollingsworth
Atty. for Petitioners.
Georgia, Fayette County. -- I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a
true and correct copy of the original petition for charter on file in this
office This Aug. 18, 1905.  J. W. Graham, Clerk Sup'r. Court.


Mrs. S. M. Ellis.

Mrs. S. M. Ellis died at the residence of her son, Mr. George Ellis at East Point Wednesday night.

Her body was brought here for burial yesterday afternoon and laid to rest by the side of her late husband, Mr. Shade Ellis.

The many friends of the surviving children sympathize with them in this sad hour.  Mrs. Ellis was a good and devoted mother, and a conservative member of the Baptist Church.  After a life of about eighty years, she leaves this world with the good will and love of all who knew her.

The sad news reached here Tuesday that Mr. Ziba Fletcher died at Columbus.  Mrs. Fletcher was 52 years old and was a citizen of Fayetteville twenty years where he has hundreds of friends.  Every one loves Ziba Fletcher; an honest and upright man and lifelong christian.  We deeply mourn his death

This estimable lady died at her home five miles south of Fayetteville last
Monday night.  She leaves a husband, Mr. Mitch Gay, and six sons and one
daughter to mourn her loss.
Mrs. Gay was a Barnes before marriage.  She was a good mother and loving wife,
and possessed the many christian graces that make a lovable woman.
The burial occured at Woolsey last Tuesday where the funeral service was
conducted by Rev. W. A. Johnson.  Mrs. Gay was a member of Harmony Grove church
at Woolsey.
Mr. Gay and family have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends.

Additional Comments:

This is Kiturah Pope "Kitty" Barnes who married William Henry Mitchell Gay.

I was sent an email by Tom Brittain stating he had posted memoirs of Kingman P. Moore on the Pike County GAGenWeb site about his service with the Griffin Light Artillery during the Civil War.  He said a Mitchell Gay from Fayette County is mentioned in the memoirs and wonders if it isn't W. H. M. Gay.  I think it probably is - to read this most interesting account of Civil War experiences follow this link.

 Civil War Memoirs of Kingman Porter Moore, M.D. of Pike County, Georgia


Again it is our painful duty to record the death of two of our loved ones.  On
Wednesday, Aug. 16, at 2 P. M., our beloved sister, Mary A. McLean's spirit
took its flight from earth to heaven to join that innumerable throng that is
safely housed in that beautiful mansion prepared for those who love the Savior.
Sister Mclean was 68 years old.  She joined Antioch church Aug 9, 1871 and was
baptized by Rev. J. S. Dodd.  At the constitution of Harmony Grove, now Woolsey
church she was a constituent member, and was a faithful and devoted one until
her death.
Our sister was noted for her bright and lovely disposition bringing cheer and
animation to all who came in contact with her dispelling gloom and sorrow much
as possible in homes that she visited.  But it was in her own home circle that
the beautiful traits of character shone with such brilliancy. In her own quiet
and cheerful way would she teach her children and they will never forget.  And
none received more counsel and encouragement than her husband in his work for
the Master.  When discouragement and despondency would over take him she would
encourage him to press forward in the work assigned him.
She lived such a life that we may all strive to emulate with much profit to
ourselves.  Her funeral was preached by her beloved pastor R. E. Smith assisted
by Brother W. A. Johnson from Acts, 9:36, and her body laid away in the
cemetery to rest until the resurrection morn.
August 13 her grand-daughter, Lutie Mclean, aged 16 daughter of L. C. and
Mollie McLean, fell asleep in Jesus.  How sad indeed to part with one so young
and bright. But God knows what is best.  Almost from her infancy she was a
constant attendant in the Sabbath school, where she acquired a knowledge of
God's word that surprised her parents and associates.  Early in life she
professed a hope in Christ, and at 12 years of age she was received as a member
of Woolsey church, and was baptized by Rev. Lemuel Hooten Aug. 7, 1902.  She
was a constant and devoted member of her church.  The progress she was making
in christian life gave promise of much usefulness in the vine yard of the
Lord.  But her beautiful life is ended and she has gone to receive her
inheritance in that bright world above.
Yes, grandmother and grandaughter, whose characteristics were so much alike,
were not long separated; but are together around the throne of God singing the
song of Moses and the Lord.
Bro. Smith and Bro. Johnson preached her funeral also from Rev. 21:25.  She
too, was laid away to rest till Jesus comes to awaken all who are asleep in
him.  We tender our sympathies to the bereaved families praying God to sustain.
Done by order of the church Sept. 2, 1905.
R. F. Smith, Moderator.
H. C. Fortson Clerk pro tem.

Last Sunday at 8:41? o'clock the Grim Monster, death, entered the home of Mr.
and Mrs. L. C. McLean of Mt. Springs, and transfered the spirit of their
beautiful and lovely daughter, Lutie, from this earth to a brighter realm
beyond the skies.
She had been confined to her bed with typhoid fever since July but bore her
affliction with a patient and heroic spirit, which none, save those that are
submissive to the will of God is possessed.
Lutie was a consistent member of Harmony Grove Baptist Church and a model
christian character, and at all times was ready and willing to share the burden
of sorrow or tribulations as well as the joys of all her friends.
Her many good deeds and loving favors will make her live in the memory of her
many friends, although her form is mouldering in the dust whence it came.
In the Sunday School she was ever at her post of duty trying to learn something
about God.
She was friendly to all and kind gentle to the humblest.  In the home the most
lovable traits of her character were displayed.
She was a kind and devoted daughter, a loving and affectionate sister. Love,
gentleness and forgiveness were noble attributes which adorned her life.
Death loses its sting when we know that all God has made is eternal and
immortal.  She has only passed over the river and sees her Saviors face and
joins with the might hosts singing around the throne of God.
A Friend.

The Fayetteville News, August 1905
Mount Travis.

Prof Will Askew will lead the singing here next Sunday.

There will be an all day singing here the first Sunday, Oct.

Mrs. J. W. Ballard who fell some time ago and hurt her hip is able to visit
relatives now.

We visited Uncle Sid McClean last Sunday and am sorry to say he is very low.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Banks visit ??? relatives in Atlanta last week.

Mr. China Tinsley of Ebenezer attended our School last Sunday and did some
excellent singing with ?? Gladys Stephens of Woolsey on organ.


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