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Baptist Church - Rev. L. P. Glass, Pastor.

Preaching second and fourth Sundays at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Prayer service, Thursday evening at 7:30.

Sunday-school, 9:45 a.m.; J. W. Graham, Supt.

Conference 11 a.m., Saturday before fourth Sunday.

Sunbeam Society, 3 p.m., Sunday.

Womans' Missionary, meet according to announcement on Tuesday after service days; Miss Mary Lou Graham, Pres.


Methodist Church - Rev. W. J. DeBardeleben, Pastor.

Preaching first and third Sundays, 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Sunday-school, 9:45 a.m.; W. B. Hollingsworth, Supt.

Prayer Service Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.

Epworth League, Monday, 7:30 p.m., M. F. Landrum, Pres.

Ladies' Missionary Society Monday, as per announcement; Mrs. A. O. ????k, Pres.



????? Blaleck, made a business trip to Newnan Wednesday.


Mr. Hurp Na?h of Flippin, Ga., was in our city Tuesday.


Mr. M. L. Seagraves is in South Georgia this week.


Mrs. Dr. N. W. Goble, of Brooks, was the guest of her mother, Mrs. Dora Malone.


Mr. J. G. Travis and family spent last week with relatives at Rest.


Mr. Lawrence Camp spent the week end in Fairburn with his father, Dr. R. W. Camp.


Tax Collector C. C. Long is here in the interest of the taxes of the county.


The many friends of Rev. W. H. Robinson were glad to see him on our streets Wednesday.


Mr. Leonard Gables and Mr. B. Scott, of Brooks, were here Sunday.


Messrs. R. E. McElmurrey and ? W. Davis, of Tyrone, were here a short while Monday.


The County Fire Insurance Co. voted down a motion to have all property inspected.


FOR SALE. - Five and one half acres of land, with seven room house and out buildings. 

E. B. Holt, Fayetteville, Ga.


Messrs. R. L. Davis, J. B. ???? and G. W. West were ??? in the interest of their ?????? Monday.


??? News was 15 new subscriptions to the Daily Constitution for five months at one dollar each.


Mr. J. O. Gilbert, wife and daughter, from Cincinnati, Ohio, visited W. J. Steele and family Monday and Tuesday.


Messrs. E. S. Harris, L. A. Harris and J. F. Boyd were attending to business for the School District at Bethany.


Notice to the Public.


The flour and corn mills at Griffin and High Falls are ready to grind for those who wish to patronize them.    adv. 4t.


Miss Edna Jones, of Atlanta, and her sister, Miss Mabel, of Jacksonville, Fla. will be week end guests of Mesdames Starr and Stipe.


Miss Vadie Padgett died at the home of her parents near Mount Springs, of fever yesterday and the funeral exercises conducted at White Water Church today by Rev. W. J. DeBardeleben.




I am now with George Jordan in the Hollingsworth building where I would be glad to have all my customers come for their barber work.



Money to Loan on Farm Land

Interest 6 to 7 1/2 per cent.

Time, three to five years.

R. O. Cochran,

College Park, Ga.  R. No. 1


The Fayetteville Oil Co. has remodeled the ginnery at Harps and installed new machinery where necessary, and Mr. Russ Harp expects to give to the public some of the best samples of the season.


Miss Johnnie Teel of near new Hope, and Mr. Joseph Thurmond of Ellenwood were married here last Monday, and left immediately for their future home at Ellenwood.  Miss Teel has many friends who join the News in congratulations.


P. L. Bryant will close the colored school at this place to night.  The total enrollment for the year will be near two hundred, and the teacher has rendered the colored people good service, and will leave the school in good condition.


Dental Notice.


Visit Dr. W. W. Allen's new dental offices in the Hollingsworth Building for examination and prices on dental work.  Fillings, plates, crowns and bridge work, gas and local applications for painless operations.

Fifteen years experience, reasonable charges, satisfaction guaranteed.


The Ladies Church Aid and Missionary Societies of the Methodist church met with Mrs. Bennett Monday p.m.  A number of members were present, and a very interesting meeting held.  On Monday, the first day of court, the ladies will serve dinner sometime, and ??? hopes that every one who?? ???bly can, will come out ???????????. Later on, ????????????? a bazaar.


A severe windstorm passed just South of here last Saturday afternoon, and did much damage to the crops.  It appeared first on the ground near the home of Mr. Fitzgerald and went in a northwesterly direction to Bennett's Pond.  Cotton, corn and timber were almost totally destroyed in places.  The house occupied by Caesar White, colored, was blown to atoms, and his wife received several bruises.  The top was blown from the house of Harvy Glass, colored.  Several barns and porches were damaged.


One of the largest congregations assembling in the country during the year was that at the closing of Prof. J. D. Smith's school last Friday night.  The Junior order presented the school with a flag and bible at the opening of the exercises.  One hundred and twenty-four pupils were enrolled during the term, and every pupil was given some part in the program.  Each did credit not only to teachers, but the community.  Prof. Smith always succeeds in getting the support of the entire people, and more than one thousand people were present, and we never saw better order.


Fayette County School Convention


At Flat Creek Church Saturday and Sunday, Sept 18-19, 1915.



Saturday Morning, Sept. 18

10:00   Praise Service.  Led by Mr. S. E. Speer

10:15   The Importance of the Sunday School.  By W. J. DeBardeleben.

10:45   Fayette County Sunday School work, reported by: President, Mr. S. A. Burks.

Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. H. M. Stell

Elementary Superintendent, Miss Dora Snead.

President, Division No. 1, Mr. W. B. Hollingsworth

President, Division No. 2, Mr. C. A. Adams

President, Division No. 3, L. A. Adams

President, Division No. 4, G. C. Kelly

11:15   Song.

11:20   The Graded Sunday School by Miss Daisy Magee, Elementary Superintendent fo the Georgia Sunday School Association.

11:50   Enrollment of Delegates.

12:00   Adjourn

Dinner on the Ground Both Days.  Come and bring a basket.


Saturday Afternoon.

1:45   Praise Service.  Led by Mr. W. W. Walker

2:00   Increasing interest thro' an attractive program, by W. N. D. Dixon

2:25   The Organized Class.  What, Why and How by Prof. W. J. Blackwell.

2:55   Song.

3:00   The Main Factor in the Sunday School.  by Miss Daisy Magee

3:30   Open Discussion and Questions Answered.

4:00   Adjourn.


Sunday Morning Sept. 19th.

10:00   Praise Service, led by Mr. M. L. Landrum

10:15   The Sunday School and Missions, by Mr. G. H. Guy

10:45   How the Home Department Helps the Sunday School.  By Rev. L. P. Glass.

11:15   Song.

11:20   The Organized Sunday School Work, by Miss Daisy Magee.

11:50   Free Will Offering for the Support of the Work.

11:55   Appointment of Committee

12:00   Adjourn.


Sunday Afternoon.

????     Service Led by J. W. Adams

?:45   Suggestions to Teachers, by R. E. L. Fife.

2:00   Ways for Building up the Sunday School, by Mr. J. W. A. Spier

2:25   The qualifications of the Sunday School Teacher, by Mr. W. B. Hollingsworth

2:55   Song.

3:00   The Call for Trained Workmen, by Miss Daisy Magee.

3:30   Open Discussion and Questions Answered

3:45   Reports of Committees and Election of Officers.

4:00   Adjourn.

NOTICE.  The meeting indicated by this program is an inter-denominational meeting, and every worker in every white Sunday School in Fayette county is urgently requested to attend.  The Fayette County Sunday School Association is auxilliary to the Georgia Sunday School Association, and is a co-operative effort on the part of all denominations to improve Sunday School workers.  It advocates the latest and best methods of Sunday School work, and stands for only those interests that are common to Sunday Schools, as they do not touch on Church doctrines.  The work is by way of suggestion, not by authority, therefore it helps many, it hinders none.  The object is helpful and brotherly co-operation, and co-operation, not organic union.  The officers of the Association the leading Christian business men of all evangelcal denominations.

S. A. BURKS, Co. Sup't.

H. M. STELL'Co. Sec'y.

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General Hardware,

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Finest Burial Supplies.





Millen.-- John M. Edenfield, who filled the place of Rev. R. L. Bolton, in the pulpit of the local Baptist church, dropped dead while conducting the service. He was one of the most prominent men of this section of the state.

Columbus.--As the result of an energetic collecting campaign the city of Columbus took in $63,000 in tax money in the month just closed.

Atlanta.--All Georgia congratulates Miss Marguerite Durrett of Cordele on being awarded the Alice Bristol scholarship of the Bristol school in Washington, D.C.  This scholarship, which is from one of the foremost schools in our nation's capital, is given each year through the national D. A. R. and is a splendid prize, being valued at $1,000.

Lyerly.--Lem Harris, indicted by the Walker county grand jury on a charge of arson, was found guilty, and sentenced to eight years in the chain gang.

Fitzgerald.--Judge Curtis M. Wise died at his home in this city.  Judge Wise came from Indiana in 1895 as secretary of the Old Soldier colony.  He was later city clerk and since the organization of Ben Hill county its only ordinary.  He was an Odd Fellow, Shriner, a Knight Templar and member of other secret orders.

Atlanta.--The new Hapeville public school was totally destroyed by a fire which is supposed to have been of incendiary origin.  The building, which was brick and cost $12,000, was insured for $5,000.

Atlanta.--After an exciting chase from a speeding passenger train that led for eleven miles through the country, and wound up in the public square of Social Circle, Deputy Marshal E. V. Lasseter of municipal court, recaptured J. C. Thomas, the alleged check passer, who was being brought from Augusta to answer trial in Atlanta.  Handcuffed, Thomas had jumped from the running train.  Lasseter pursued for eleven miles, but lost the fugitive.  Later, returning to Social Circle, he encountered Thomas, minus the handcuffs, and rearrested him and returned to Atlanta.

Atlanta.--A trainload of mules from Atlanta left for New Orleans to be shipped to Europe for use by the allies.  The shipment was valued at approximately $100,000.  It is the second consignment from the Atlanta market within the last thirty days.

Columbus.--Illustrating the return of normal conditions in business circles and the confidence in the new trading season now in the beginning, a Columbus mercantile house has placed an order with a local cotton mill for $60,000 of its products.

Cleveland.--The local school district officials have sold and delivered to R. N. Berrien, Jr. of Atlanta, the $10,000 of school building 5 per cent bonds recently authorized and are formulating plans for the erection of a modern school building to meet the needs of the rapidly growing school district of which Cleveland is the center.

Crawfordville.--At an election held for local taxation for schools of Taliaferro county there were only 301 votes cast.  Of these 185 were in favor of local school tax and 116 against the tax for schools, which, of course, means that local taxation for the county lost, two-thirds of those voting being required to carry the election for the local tax.

Cordele.--Two entire train loads of beef cattle, 48 car loads from Florida points, were handled over the Georgia, Southern and Florida railway, and given to the Seaboard railway in the local yards. The cattle were being shipped to Kansas City, Mo., there to be fattened for beef purposes.  There were about 1,440 head of cattle on both trains, representing approximately $21,600 at a reasonable estimate.

Atlanta.--The declaration has been made here by Carl Lehman of Boston, field secretary of the Christian Endeavor Union, that he has verbal assurance from President Wilson that the president will attend the 1916 convention of the organization to be held in Atlanta and will deliver an address.

Rome.--The city of Lindale, with more than three thousand inhabitants, claims to be the healthiest town in the state of Georgia.  There has not been a death in Lindale for more than five weeks.  The last death at Lindale was on July 26, when A. D. Jenkins, aged 83 years, passed away.


Will Raise Tobacco in Sumter

Americus.--A largely attended meeting of representative farmers of Sumter was held here in the interest of tobacco culture.  Addresses from successful growers in south Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina and from representatives of the agricultural departments of the Central and Seaboard railways were features of the meetings.  Similar meetings have been held in other communities of Sumter county and pledges secured for the planting of nearly seven hundred acres in tobacco next year.


Sons of Veterans' Camps Formed

Commerce.--The "Allen D. Candler" Camp of Sons of Confederate Veterans were organized here with a good sized enrollment.  The following officers were elected: Prof. H. B. Carreker, commander; Mr. Claud Little, adjutant; Col. R. L. J. Smith, first lieutenant; M. T. Sanders, second lieutenant; Dr. Laetus Sanders, surgeon; B. B. Sharp, quartermaster; E. M. Anderson, chaplain, and A. B. Deadwyler, treasurer.

Schedule Southern Railway.

"Premier Carrier of the South"

Trains arrive and depart



Following schedules are published only as information, and are not guaranteed:


No. 27- Daily..........9:45 a.m.

No. 31- Daily..........7:05 p.m.


No. 32- Daily........8:10 a.m.

No. 28- Daily.........6:12 p.m.


J. C. Beam, A. G. P. A., Atlanta

? L. Baylor, D. P. A., Atlanta

? J. Arnold, Agt., Fayetteville.


Several milk cows on hand, will trade for dry cattle.

D. B. Blalock





Fayetteville, Ga.

Office in Hollingsworth Building


For cash only, $2 to $10 discount on Tailor Made suits.


Club Recipes.

Dear Club Members:

 Some time ago I promised to give you some recipes for canning club products.

  This week I am giving you one for Creole Soup, and also one for Cream of Tomato Soup.

I would like very much for you to try these:

With best wishes for your success, I remain, very truly yours,

Lela M. Dickson,

Canning Club Agent for Fayette County, Ga.


4 teaspoonful's butter, 4 teaspoonfuls green peppers, 1-2 onion, large. 4 teaspoonfuls flour, 5 pints stock, 1 quart of tomatoes, 1 teaspoon of salt, a speck of pepper, 1-4 lb macaroni, 1 teaspoon of vinegar.  Cook chopped peppers and onions in butter five minutes; add flour stock and strained tomatoes, strain; season; add cooked macaroni and the vinegar just before serving.


1 bay leaf, 1-2 onion, 1 quart of tomatoes, 1-8 teaspoon soda, 4 teaspoons of butter, 4 teaspoons of flour, 1 speck of pepper, 1 quart of milk, 1 teaspoon of salt.  Cook tomatoes, and bay leaf; soft, strain, rejecting only seeds, add soda; make sauce of butter, flour, pepper and hot milk; mix sauce and tomato juice just before serving; and salt and strain.


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Fife Mercantile & Hdw. Co.

Fayetteville Drug Co.

A. Rosenbloom



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Misses Fannie Edmonson and Jessie Coleman, two of Fife's most popular young ladies, spent last week here with their cousin, Miss Mattie Lizzie Ward.

Mrs. Ena Whatley spent last week with her parents near Concord.

W. O. Coleman and wife and Mrs. Emma Lester, of Fife, spent last Wednesday with E. S. Ward and family.

Mr. Joe Johnson, of Flat Shoals, spent the week-end here with his sister, Mrs. Malvin Whatley.

E. S. Ward attended court in Newnan Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Massengale are at Meansville at the bedside of their daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Minter, who is very sick.

S. F. Matthews and family visited W. M. Kieth and family at Senoia Sunday.

Rev. W. J. DeBardeleben will preach here next Sunday night. It is hoped that every one who can will come out and hear him.

We wonder what "Uncle Primus" and the gentleman from Brooks are doing for tobacco. If they will come down here we will show them where to get tobacco that is not only good to chew but good for the complexion.


Rev. Frank Dunn, of Griffin, delivered a very interesting temperence lecture to a full house at the Christian church Monday night.

Mr. Bud Kenady, of near Griffin, died very suddenly Sunday afternoon, and was buried at Digby Tuesday morning.  We did not learn any of the particulars.

The farmers through this section are very busy picking cotton and saving hay.  Both crops are seriously cut off on account of the drought.

There is considerable sickness through this section at present. Mr. G. W. Rivers and Emory Cobb have been confined to their beds for several days with fever and Mr. Bob Harwell and wife are having chills and fever.  We hope they may all be up soon.

Rev. Dameron, of Griffin, filled his appointment at the Baptist church Sunday morning and at night and baptised those who joined the church at the protracted meeting at Morgan's Mill Sunday afternoon at 3:30.

Dr. H. F. McManus and family returned home Sunday after a two weeks stay with relatives in Charlotte, N.C.  He says with all the other good things, they killed for him the fatted calf. 

Sheriff Brown was in our midst a short while Saturday.

Mrs. J. G. Posey and grandaughter, Florence Stephens, spent two days last week in Bremen, Ga., visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. F. Matthews.

Mr. B. H. Scott made a business trip to Fayetteville Monday.

What has become of "Primus"?  We haven't heard from him since blackberries and watermelons got ripe.


Sunday school and singing was good here Sunday.

Miss Cleo Gardner of East Point spent a few days with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Pope, of Aberdeen, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McCullars.

Mrs. Ella Smith, of Macon, and Jessie Head spent last week in Palmetto.

Mr. and Mrs. Archie McEachern, of Hopeful, spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McCullars.

A good many from here attended the flag raising exercise at Hopewell school Friday night, and report a nice time.

Miss Cumie Cox is spending some time with her grandmother near Ebenezer.

Mrs. John Canady and children spent Saturday night and Sunday with relatives in Fairburn.

Miss Eva Mae Davis spent one night recently with her aunt Mrs. Annie Campbell, of Fife.

Mrs. Eva Elder spent Sunday with Mrs. Minnie May Elder.

Mr. Archie Smith, of Cross Roads, spent Sunday night with his daughter, Mrs. Nora Walker.

Mr. J. S. Elligton and family visited relatives at Riverdale Sunday.


Rev. L. P. Glass filled his regular appointment at Lisbon Saturday and Sunday, and delivered an able sermon each day.  The baptising was postponed last Sunday until the third Sunday morning.

Mr. J. G. Travis and family, of near Fayetteville, were visiting relatives here recently.

Misses Fannie Edmonson and Jessie Coleman, of Fife, were guests of Miss Effie Jones last week.

Mrs. H. H. Kerlin and children of near Gilberts, were guests of relatives here last week.

Miss Loretta Walker visited Miss Annie Kerlin last Wednesday.

Miss Erma Holcomb of Upson, visited Miss Eva Jones recently.

Miss Clyde Norton visited Miss Stephens Thursday afternoon.

Misses Winnie T. Kerlin and Minnie Belle Alford were guests of Miss Effie Jones Friday.

Mrs. Vineyard and children, of Morrow's Station, have returned home after a week's stay with relatives here.






Ordinary's Citations.



GEORGIA--Fayette County.

J. E. McCollough, guardian of Miss Lucy Bryant, has applied to me for discharge from his guardianship of Miss Lucy Bryant, this is therefore, to notify all persons concerned, to file their objections, if any they have, on or before the first Monday in October, next, else J. E. McCollough will be discharged from his guardianship as applied for this Sept. 9th, 1915.

J. J. Davis, Ordinary.



GEORGIA--Fayette County.

To All Whom it May Concern:

John F. Daniel having applied for guardianship on the persons and property of J. D. White, aged 13 years, Bazzel Tehune, aged 9 years, Ben Hill Murphy, aged 13 years, Clarence Murphy, aged 8 years, Claud Murphy, 7 years and Annie Margaret Murphy, ? years of age, minor great grandchildren of Ransom Henderson, late of said county, deceased, notice is given the application will be heard at my office at 10 o'clock, a.m., on the first Monday in October, next.

This Sept. 8th, 1915.

J. J. Davis, Ordinary.



GEORGIA--Fayette County.

S. E. Speer, administrator of J. J. Speer, deceased, has made application for leave to sell the real estate of said deceased to wit: One hundred acres of land, more or less, in the 624th Militia District of Fayette County, Georgia, being part of land lot No. 66. Bounded on the north by J. A. Lester, on the west by J. E. H. Ware and John Brown, on the south W. H. Thomas estate, on the east by Jesse Grooms. I will pass on said application the first Monday in October, next.

This 7th day of September, 1915.

J. J. Davis, Ordinary.




J. T. Wallis

M. L. McEachern G. W. Davis
W. T. McLane

H. J. Barge

A. L. Matthews

J. S. Mask

A. A. Turner

I. W. Kerlin

H. M. Stell

W. M. Cook

T. M. Murphy

J. F. Rivers

G. A. Jones

J. C. Smith

W. V. Holt

C. W. Martin

J. A. Nash

T. D. Nations

C. C. Norton

M. F. Jones

J. H. Head

L. R. Banks

W. L. McCullough

M. L. Brown, Sr. J. R. Adams W. N. Bearden
W. O. Whitlock C. C. Baker J. W. Speer
C. A. Adams W. T. Busbin E. J. Snead
R. P. Steinheimer J. M. Austin, Sr. J. H. Neeley
W. O. Coleman M. F. Landrum C. J. Adams
Ed E. Jackson    


Matthew Yates O. L. Dickson T. E. Rivers
C. C. Chapman J. S. Lee T. R. Gay
W. F. Hardy P. H. Hewell P. D. McElroy
W. O. Graves W. L. Graves S. W. Nipper
J. O. Prothro C. E. Whitlock T. O. McKown
J. H. Jones Henry Jackson A. T. Harrell
J. D. Farrer J. B. Travis W. L. Smith
R. H. Huddleston W. O. Smith C. D. Redwine
M. H. Tidwell P. C. Jackson L. C. McLane
W. H. Milam A. W. Haisten F. M. White
J. T. Landrum Elam Williams J. M. Couch
W. M. Davis M. L. Seagraves E. W. Duke
W. S. Whatley ? C. Gilbert R. E. L. Fife
Yancy Swanson    



GEORGIA, Fayette County.

September 7th, 1915.

It is ordered by the Board of Commissioners of Roads and Revenues in and for said County, at their regular September meeting, 1915, that, upon $1,618,923.00, the amount of taxable property returned by the Tax Receiver of said County, for year 1915, and upon all other property, both real and personal, of said county that is subject to taxation, there be levied and collected as follows:

1.  To build and repair court houses, bridges, ferries and other public improvements, according to contract 27 cents per $100. - $4,371.09

2.  To pay Sheriff's, jailors, or other officers fees that they may be legally entitled to out of the county, .09 cents per $100. - $1,457.08

3.  To pay the expenses of the county for bailiffs at court, non-residence witnesses, and criminal cases, fuel, servant hire, stationery and the like .05 cents for $100. - $809.46

4.  To pay jurors per diem compensation 10 cents per $100. - $1,618.92

5.  To pay expenses incurred in supporting the poor of the county and it is otherwise provided by this code, 12 cents per $100. - $1,942.71

6.  To pay expenses of public roads, Alternative Road Law, 40 cents per $100. - $6,475.69

7.  For County Board of Health, .02 cents per $100. - $323.78

    To total tax levy $1.05 per $100. - $16,998.69

It is also ordered further by the Commissioners of Roads and Revenue of Fayette County, Georgia, in regular session September 7th, 1915, session assembled, that all male inhabitants between the ages of 21 and 50 years, (except those who are now exempt by law,) be and they are hereby required when notified, or summonsed to work on the public roads of the county of his residence eight days by November 1st, 1915.

Provided that such person may be exempt from working said road by paying to the overseer the sum of four ($4) dollars by November 1st, 1915, which is hereby fixed as equivalent to eight days work to be paid at the time notice is given to work on said road by overseer.

It is ordered further, that the overseer shall receipt such persons for the commutation tax of four dollars as provided by law, and shall turn the money over tot he County Commissioners, who shall expend the same as provided by law.  The Commutation Tax being fixed at four dollars by November 1st, 1915.  The whole amount to be paid as provided above on notice by overseer.

It is further ordered by the Commissioners of Roads and Revenues of said Fayette County, Georgia, there be levied and collected upon the following amounts opposite the names of the respective School District, and upon all property, both real and personal, in the hereinafter mentioned School District, for school purposes to pay teachers salaries, repair buildings, and other necessary improvements, the amount of percent in with the aggregate total opposite District named hereinafter, the said taxes to be used for the support of the public schools in each School District as aforesaid.

1.  Upon $52,171.00, the amount of taxable property of Kenwood School District, and upon all property, both real and personal, 25 cents per $100.

2.  Upon $36,220.00, the amount of taxable property of Mitchell Hill School District and upon all property, both real and personal, 20 cents per $100.

3.  Upon $????????, the amount of taxable property of Sandy Creek School District and upon all property, both real and personal, 15 cents per $100.

4.  Upon $40,000.00 the amount of taxable property of The Rock School District, and upon all property, both real and personal, 40 cents per $100.

5.  Upon $29,436.00, the amount of taxable property of Bethany School District, and upon all property, both real and personal, 50 cents per $100.

6.  Upon $46,660.00, the amount of taxable property of Glen Grove School District, and upon all property, both real and personal, 40 cents per $100.

7.  Upon the $45,687.00, the amount of taxable property of Busbin School District, and upon all taxable property, both real and personal, 40 cents per $100.

8.  Upon the $102,507.00, the amount of taxable property of Brooks School District, and upon all taxable property, both real and personal, 50 cents per $100.

9.  Upon $90,000.00, the amount of taxable property of Woolsey School District, and upon all taxable property, both real and personal, 35 cents per $100.

10.  Upon $45,000.00 the amount of taxable property of Little Flock School District, and upon all taxable property, both real and personal, 40 cents per $100.

Done by order of the board in regular session.  This 7th day of September, 1915.

                                                 J. J. Davis, Chm'.

                                                 T. M. Kerlin,

                                                 R. N. Farrer,

Commissioners of Roads and Revenues of Fayette County, Georgia.

Grand Jurors Drawn for September Term, 1915, Fayette Superior Court

F. P. Russell J. M. Putnam E. M. Travis
G. B. Walker J. E. Travis P. M. McEachern
W. W. Redwine A. B. Tinsley John McLucas
C. A. Dixon R. P. Minter J. W. Spratlin
E. G. Luncford R. H. Rivers M. R. Glass
W. A. Wesley W. H. Chappell W. L. Burch
B. A. Mask J. N. Carson J. W. Padgett
C. R. Woolsey J. W. Ballard C. E. Adams
S. E. Drewry J. G. Minter J. S. Thornton
T. J. Whitlock W. E. M. Harp Jordan Thornton


Sheriff's Sale.

GEORGIA---Fayette County.

Will be sold before the Court House door in said county between the legal hours of sale on the first Tuesday in October, 1915, to the highest and best bidder for cash the following property to-wit:

One 20-horse power Frick engine and boiler.

Levied on and sold as the property of R. S. Steel to satisfy a mortgage fi fa issued from the Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia, in favor of Mrs. Susan Medlock and against said R. S. Steel.

Said property will be sold before the Court House door in said county, but same will be delivered to the purchaser where same is now located on Richard Steinheimer's premises one mile north of Brooks.  Parties in possession notified in terms of the law.

This August 15, 1915.

F. B. Brown, Sheriff.

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