Macon Telegraph.

Citizens desire early organization of Georgia June 11, 1865

Macon Weekly Telegraph June 11, 1865
Meeting in Griffin
Pursuant to previous call, a portion of the people of Spalding and adjoining counties, who desire an early organization of civil government in Georgia under
the constitution and laws of the United States, assembled in Griffin on Saturday, June 19, 1865, when, on motion, George W. Grant, Esq., was called to
the chair and A. G. Murray requested to act as secretary. The chairman, on entering the stand, in a few appropriate remarks, explained the object of the
    On motion, the chairman appointed the following named gentlemen a committee to prepare and report matter for the action of the meeting to wit: A. D.
Nunnally, A. G. Murray, John H. Akins, W. N. Coopedge, L. T. Doyal, R. J. Manley, Dr. J. T. Ellis, Hendley Varner, Thomas B. Johnson, Thos. J. Threlkeld, John D. Stewart, of the county of Spalding ; Charles L. Dupree, Wm. T. Griffin, of the county of Henry; Martin Cooper, Wm. D. Alexander, of the county of Pike; Henry B. Fletcher, of the county of Butts; and Wm. L. Robinson and  Quintus C. Grier, of the county of Fayette. 

   The committee retired, and on returning reported the following:
Whereas, By the late civil war, our state is left in an unsettled condition-civil government suspended-the people without a proper circulating medium-trade
and commerce paralyzed-postal communications cut off, and the whole people in a state of anxious solitude as to their future status; and Whereas, We deem it just and proper for the people to meet in their primary capacity and express their views and wishes in relation to all matters of public interest; therefore,
     Resolved. That we acknowledge and submit to the authority and laws of the United States, and recognize the constitution thereof as the supreme law of the land.
     2. That feeling the absolute necessity of an organized civil government, we do most respectfully call upon the president of the United States to organize us into a State government, or indicate to us such action on our part as will restore us to our former status as one of the States of the Union, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereunto under the laws and constitution of the United States.
     3. That the constitution and laws of the State of Georgia having been changed, within the last four years, we believe that said constitution and laws
should be so altered as to conform to the constitution and laws of the United States and that said alteration can be effected by a convention of the people
called for that purpose.
     4. That since the overthrow of law and order in our community, we are greatly indebted to Major General Wilson for his gentlemanly bearing in the
administration of military law, and to his subordinate officer, Capt. S. M. Pray, the commandant of the post in this city, for his politeness, courtesy,
and efficiency in protecting us against the lawless men.
     5. That a copy of these resolutions be furnished Major Gen. Wilson and Capt. Pray, and that a committee be appointed to confer with General Wilson in reference to the propriety of forwarding these resolutions to his Excellency, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, for his consideration, and that Gen. Wilson be requested to forward them to him.
     6. That in the event that no appointment of provisional governor of Georgia has as yet been made on account of the well known conservative views of
Hon. Joshua Hill, we respectfully recommend him to the favorable consideration of the president in making such and appointment.
     7.  That the editors of the public gazettes in Griffin, Macon, and Atlanta, and all other papers in the State, be requested to publish these proceedings.
     The report was handed to the secretary and having been read aloud by him, on motion, it was unanimously adopted.
     The chairman then appointed as a committee to confer with Gen. Wilson, Henry Moor, Rev. C. W. Thomas, Wm. M. Blanton, and Samuel Bailey and on motion the chairman was added to this committee.
      The meeting then adjourned.
             Geo. W. Grant, Chm'n
              A. G. Murray, Sec'y.

Additional Comments:
Locations mentioned:
Spalding County
Pike County
Henry County
Butts County
Fayette County

Persons mentioned:
John H. Akins
Wm. D. Alexander
Samuel Bailey
Wm. M. Blanton
W. N. Coopedge
Martin Cooper
L. T. Doyal
Charles L. Dupree
Dr. J. T. Ellis
Henry B. Fletcher
George W. Grant
Quintus C. Grier
Wm. T. Griffin
Hon. Joshua Hill
President Andrew Johnson
Thomas B. Johnson
R. J. Manley
Henry Moor
A. G. Murray
A. D. Nunnally
(Union) Capt. S. M. Pray
Wm. L. Robinson
John D. Stewart
Rev. C. W. Thomas
Thos. J. Threlkeld
(Union) Major Gen.[James H. Wilson
Hendley Varner

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