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Renfroe's Plantation

The John Renfroe home, which stood near this crossroads, marked the right flank of Federal troops moving eastward toward the Macon R. R. (Central of Georgia) in August 1864.  It was the converging point of the 15th, 16th & 17th corps of the Army of the Tennessee, commanded by Maj. Gen. O. O. Howard.  These troops, marching from Shadnor Church & Fairburn, arrived here mid-afternoon the 30th but finding no water, moved on E to the Flint River via the direct Jonesboro rd. where together with Kilpatrick's cavalry, they forced the river crossings under Confederate fire & secured positions just west of the town. 

This Historical Marker is located on the left side of Hwy 85 just north of downtown Fayetteville beside a McDonald's.  I had never noticed it before as it is a high traffic area and Historical Markers aren't what you're concentrating on when driving through that area most of the time!


This home belongs to my mother's cousin now and has been added on to and remodeled but she told me a few years ago that the chimney, which is stone -  visible on the side porch was originally the home of William Thomas McLean (1856 - 1936) and that the current house was built around his original house.  It is highly possible that the original structure could have belonged to the Roberts family as this property is part of the land lot where Sansom Roberts gravesite was found.  He died in 1849. It is on Old Greenville Road between Starrs Mill and Woolsey.  Sansom Roberts was William Thomas McLean's grandfather. 

Photo courtesy of Jackie Presley


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