This "poem" was found in the front cover of the old Tax Digests from Fayette County and was transcribed and sent to me by Michelle Ganus Taggart.  I thought it was appropriate to include with the "political" pages.  Enjoy!

Our taxes increase every year

We surely cannot pay

For we are getting in debt tis clear

And have to move away

Unless we get our Martin Van

To rule our nation right

He will do justice to every man

And keep his cause in sight.

That good old will in Henry H.

Who fought at Tippacanoe

Will beat our Van in spite of fate

In spite of all we can do.

But God will not suffer man to fall

Who lives by his hard labour

But at the judgement day he'll call

For our Whig friends to be neighbors

A ___ay deposit yet ____ I know you not


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Compilation Copyright 2003 - Present

 By Linda Blum-Barton

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