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Joshua T. Cannon

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Joshua T. Cannon

Dec 1869 - Dec 1870

Terrell County, GA


Joshua T. Cannon

Nov 1869

Fayette County, GA

Property Sold in Fayette Co. 20 Nov 1869 $493.50

Joshua T. Cannon

Dec 1869

Fayette County, GA

Property Sold in Fayette Co. 11 Dec. 1869 $48.00

Joshua T. Cannon


Fayette County, GA

Proceeds of Sale 1864 $433.73

Joshua T. Cannon


Fayette County, GA

Received for Leased Fayette 1870 $180.00
      On note of J R Glenn $50.00
      On account Joseph Bynum $112.00
      Estate Settlement $1237.25

Joshua T. Cannon


Terrell Co Ga

 J.H. Cannon charged for expenses toward Fayette Co Ga on buseness for estate (Jeptha H) Expenses to and From Troup Co. on busines for estate.

J. H. Cannon, Admr Estate of Joshua Cannon

1871 Aug 10 Thursday

Terrell Co., Ga

 Pg. 306- J.H. Cannon administrator of Joshua Cannon deceased applies for leave to sell the land in Fayette Co. Ga. belonging to said estate. These are therefore to ate. & admon. all persons concerned to be and appear at my office within the time prescribed by law and file if they object, if any they have, otherwise and order will be granted in terms of the law T.M. Jones. Ordinary
       Joshua Cannon-1795 SC-1869 Terrell Co Ga w/son Jeptha Harris Cannon.

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