Fayette County, GA Wills & Probate Records -

Francis M. Patterson

Source: Fayette County, GA Probate Court
Written: August 8 1862
Recorded: January 12 1863

Fayette County}

In the name of God Amen I Francis M. Patterson of said State & County About? entering into Army Service of the Confederate States and not knowing that I should return again deem it right that I should make a will of all my property to the benefit of my family to (wit) Palestine, my beloved wife, Merisa my beloved daughter, Millard Exa and Drury my four beloved children and should I not return again, I desire and direct that my just debts be paid by my Executors herein after named, as I am willing my creditors should have these rights, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife and four children above named my home & Lands which is situated and lying in the 538 Dist G. M. and county and state above mentioned originally Henry which contains one hundred one & one fourth acres of land more or less of the South half of lot of Land No 122 with all rights and appurtenances belong thereto, and all the rest of my property & effects that is left, after my just debts is paid & said land property and affects is to remain my beloved wife and my four beloved children until inter marriage by my wife, or until the youngest child of the four ?bi?ng is twenty one years of age, and at the expiration of that time said land & property and affects to be sold and divided equally among the above names mentioned. I constitute and appoint my beloved wife Palestine Executrix and my worthy Father Francis Patterson Executor to this my last will and testament this
August 8th 1862.
F. M. Patterson (L.S.)

Signed Sealed delivered and published by F. M. Patterson as his last will and testament in the presence of us the Subscribers who subscribed our names hereto in the presents of said testator and of each other this August
Mary M. Kelley
Lucinda A. Kelley
Elizabeth R. Kelley
John W. Kelley J.P.
Mary E. M. Kelley

State of Georgia}
Fayette County}

Court of Ordinary January term 1863
Personally came before me Geo. C. King Ordinary of said county in open court Mary M. Kelley, Lucinda A. Kelley, Elizabeth R. Kelley, and J. W. Kelley witnesses to the last will and testament of Francis M. Patterson late of said County deceased. Said will being now produced to me in open court by Palestine Patterson and Francis Patterson the Executrix & Executor to said will, which said witnesses being duly sworn deposeth and say that they saw F. M. Patterson the testator sign said will declare and publish the instrument??? presented as his last will and testament freely ????ta?ally and of his own accord and without any conpultion or influence whatever that at the time of the execution of said will said testator was of sound and disposing mind and memory that deponants signed said will as witnesses in the presence of the testator and at his special instance and in the presence of each other.
Sworn to & subscribed before me in
open court this 12 day of January 1863.
Mary M. Kelley
Lucinda A. Kelley
Elizabeth R. Kelley
John W. Kelley

Fayette Court of Ordinary January Term 1863
It appearing to the court that the last will and testament of Francis M. Patterson late of said county deceased having been prop?????ed by Palestine Patterson Executrix and Francis Patterson Executor of said will and the same having been proven to the satisfaction of the court by the testimony of Mary M. Kelley, Lucinda A. Kelley, Elizabeth R. Kelley, & John W. Kelley subscribing witnesses. It is therefore ordered by the court that said will be admitted to record.

Geo C. King Ordinary
Recorded this the 15th day of January 1863.
Geo C. King, Ordy & Ex Officio Clerk

Transcribed & Submitted by Linda Blum-Barton

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