Fayette County, GA Wills & Probate Records -

Oliver M. Pearson

Fayette County, GA
Page 174, 175

Georgia } In the name of God Amen
Fayette Co} I Oliver M. Pearson believing
That I must shortly depart this life deem it right and proper both as respects my family and my self that I should make a disposition of the property with which a kind providence has blessed me do therefore make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others made by me.

Item 1 I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner suitable to my circumstances and condition in life My soul I shall return to meet with God who gave it.

Item 2 I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by my Executrix and Executor hereinafter appointed as I am unwilling my creditors should be delaying in their rights

Item 3 I give bequeath and devise to my beloved wife Elanta during her state of widowhood only and for the purpose of raising and educating our children the east half of lot of land number one hundred and twenty one in the fourth district of formerly Henry now Fayette County containing one hundred one and one fourth acres more or less. Also my stock of cattle and hogs and my horse and buggy household and kitchen furniture and if my beloved wife should marry then I desire and direct that she shall only receive a childs part of my estate. I also desire and direct that my mule shall be sold either privately or publickly by my executors.

Item 4th I hereby constitute and appoint my beloved wife Elanta Executrix and My worthy friend John I. Whitaker Executor of this my last will and testament this January 26th 1858. Oliver M. Pearson (sig)

Signed Sealed declared and published by Oliver M. Pearson as his last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers who subscribed names hereto in the presence of said testator and at his special instance and request and of each other this January 26th 1858.
James M. Spurlin (sig)
Francis P. Jones (sig)
Nathaniel Miller (sig)

Fayette Court of Ordinary April Term 1858
Before said court personally came Elanta Pearson Executrix and John I. Whitaker Executor of the last will and testament of Oliver M. Pearson deceased and produced before the court the last will testament of said Oliver M. Pearson deceased and of the witnesses of said will to wit James M. Spurlin, Francis P. Jones, and Nathaniel Miller which witnesses being duly sworn ???eth and say that they saw said Oliver M. Pearson the testator sign seal declare and publish the instrument now presented as his last will and testament freely voluntarily and of his own accord and without any compulsion or influence whatever that at the time of the Execution of said will said testator was of sound and disposing mind and of memory and that deponents signed said will as witnesses in the presence of the testator and at his special instance and request and in the presence of each other. Sworn to and subscribed in open court April 5th 1858.
J. L. Blalock } James M. Spurlin (sig)
Ordinary } Francis P. Jones (sig)
Nathaniel Miller (sig)
Recorded this the 9th day of April 1858 Geo. C. King C. Co. (sig)

Page 569?

The following is an inventory and appraisement with the necessary certificates annexed to it of the property of O M Pearson

East half of Lot of Land No. 121 in the 4 district of Fayette County $650.00
1 Red cow and calf 25.00
1 white cow and calf 15.00
2 Yearlins 8.00
11 head of sheep $11.25 Sow and 3 pigs $9.00 20.25
1 buggy & harness $100.00 3tables & chest $5.00 105.00
2 Tra??? 1.50 1 Lot B?oils? 2.00 3 Beads & Steads 30.00 33.50
7 Chains 2.00 1 pr Saddle pockets 3.00 15 lbs Hoof ??? 1.25 6.25
1 Note on Thomas L.? Matthews due 25 Dec 1857 for $1517.50
With a credit of $194.89 cents 25 Dec 1857
1 Note on William Glass, Gilbert Gay and Wm. J. Brassell due the
25th Dec 1856 credit with five hundred when due 1077.00
1 Note on John Huie Edwards Couor? Due 20 Dec 1856 for $258.88
With a credit of $20.00 June 2nd 1857 credit of $29.08 25th Feby 1856
Credit of $25.00 the 7 day of July 1858
1 Note on W L Reeves due 25 Dec 1858 for 56.17
1 Note on Allen Reeves, Stephen Rentfrow & L D Padgette due
1st of Nov 1856 for $40.00 Credit of 1.60?
1 Note of J L Moses & T L Duffell and John C Brassell due 1st Nov 1856 for 8.25
2 Notes on Thomas L Duffell, W O Duffell & John C Brassell due
1st Nov 1856 one for $30.00 the other for $22.45 52.45
1 Note on Ann Person, John C Brassell and L W Prestley due 1st Nov 1856 for 16.00
1 Note on T L Duffell due 25 Dec 1857 for 7.45
1 Note on A J Pollard due 25 Dec 1857 for 17.80
1 Note on N M Fitts due 25th Dec 1858 for 16.40
1 Note on Oliver P McLean, J M McLean & Hugh Porter Due 25 Dec 1856 for 26.00
Credit $57.25 Dec 25th 1856 and $35.00 Dec 1856
1 Note on P H Brassell due 07 Jan 1859 for 75.00
2 Notes on Hillard? T Horn and Thomas T Horn due 25th January 1858
One for $30.00 the other $31.90 61.90
1 Note on Wm Tobs? Due 25 Dec 1858 for 125.00
1 Note on Miles Ward, Levy? Ward & John O Brown due
25th Dec 1857 for $106.65 credit $100.00 25th Dec 1857

We do certify upon oath that as far as was produced to us by the Executors the above & foregoing contains a true appraisment of the Estate of O M Pearson deceased to the best of our Judgement and understanding this 15th April 1858 James M. Spurlin (sig)}
Francis P Jones (sig) } appraisers
Nathaniel Miller (sig) }
Norton M. Fitts (sig) }
I do hereby certify that the above appraisers were sworn to perform the above appraisal according to Law this 15th April 1858
F. M. Patterson, Jr.
Recorded this 4 May 1858
Geo C. King Dept C Co

Transcribed & Submitted by Linda Blum-Barton

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