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Annette Schroeder Bramblett

Born in DeKalb County, Annette Schroeder was raised in Atlanta, where she attended the public schools. Upon graduation from high school, she attended Oglethorpe University, 1961-1965, and received a B.A. in Elementary Education from that institution. She subsequently received her MED in 1971 and EdS in 1973 from Georgia State University.

Annette's teaching career included three years in the Atlanta Public Schools, where she taught first and second grades at Venetian Hills Elementary, and 27 years as an educator in Forsyth County in third grade at Sawnee Elementary. She retired from Forsyth County in June, 1995.

On February 14, 1978, Annette Schroeder married Dr. Rupert H. Bramblett in the first marriage ceremony to be performed in the new Forsyth County Courthouse.

During her college years, Annette's love for history and writing were apparent, for she took all of her electives at Oglethorpe in history and began writing a monthly article for a national horse magazine, Horse World.

Then in the mid 1970's, Annette discovered the field of genealogy and was certified as a Genealogical Record Searcher, 1976-1991, by the Board for Certification of Genealogists in Washington, D.C. She prepared two extensive genealogical volumes --- A Partial Genealogy and Records of the Strickland Family of Georgia, copyright 1976, and A Genealogy of the James Heard Family, copyright 1975. In addition, she contributed records for a number of years to the Georgia Genealogical Magazine and prepared over 15 local family histories, some of which have been published in histories of Forsyth County. She currently writes a monthly historical article for the North Georgia Star. In 1998, she prepared Foryth Countv: An Album form the Garland Baglev Collection, published by Arcadia Publishing, on behalf of the Historical Society of Forsyth County.

Annette Bramblett has served as President of the Historical Society of Forsyth County --- an organization committed to preserving the historic resources of the county---from June, 1996 to December, 1998. As a part of that group, she is involved in publications, Historical Marker and National Register of Historic Places nominations, oral history project, cemetery restoration and preservation, and working with other organizations and agencies to promote the history of Forsyth County.

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