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William Penn Patterson 

 By Annette Bramblett
on behalf of the Historical Society of Forsyth County

Define pioneer. Readers definitions I will undoubtedly vary from the concept of this writer, who believes that a pioneer—regardless of the time in which he or she lives—will adapt his occupation, indeed his entire lifestyle, to meet the needs brought about by the changes of his day. William Penn Patterson was just such a person; by every right, he could be labeled a true pioneer.

What was William Penn Patterson's family background and during what era did he reside in Forsyth County?

Family Background

When the first Patterson arrived in Forsyth County is undocumented. However, the marriage of William Penn Patterson's great-grandfather Joshua B. Patterson to Darcus Cockburn on 12-25-1845 is recorded in Forsyth County Marriage Record A, p. 231. Joshua Patterson was born 7-29-1828 and died 3-6-1893; his wife, Darcus E. Cockburn, was born 2-16-1831 and died 4-4-1915.

The Bible records of Irene Moench as received from Mrs. Emily Knight indicate that 12 children were born to Joshua and Darcus Patterson:

(1) James L Patterson, born 1-14-1847, died 3-7-1921, married Rhoda Ann Daniels on 12-25-1864;

(2) Mary E. Patterson, born 9-18-1848, married Paramus W. Singleton on 4-14-1867;

(3) Frances C. Patterson, born 9-21-1850, married James A. Boggs on 1 -20-1867;

(4) William W. Patterson, born 5-15-1852, died 2-9-1895, married Martha E. Presnell on 5-25-1872 and
R.A. Jones on 7-26-1884;

(5) Martha Ann Patterson, born 8-6-1854, died 11-25-1897,  married William R. Childers on 9-25-1873;

(6) Darcus J. Patterson, born 12-21-1856, married Franklin M. Lowery on 8-5-1875 and W.L. Kingsberry on 3-25-1908;

(7) Enoch Hamby Patterson, born January 25, 1859, married Nancy C.Jones on 1-16-1879;

(8) Emily Emma Angeline Patterson, born 3-8-1861;

(9) Sarah Elminey Patterson, born 12-21-1862;

(10) Gordon Bomar Patterson, born 3-17-1866, died 10-16-1888, married M.M. Jones on

(11) George H. Patterson, born 3-11-1868;

and (12) Milda Adeline Patterson, born 3-19-1870, died 7-2-1870.

James L. Patterson, eldest offspring of Joshua and Darcus Cockburn Patterson, married Rhoda Ann Daniels on 12-25-1864. Their two known descendants were Clint and Asburry W. Born 1-10-1868 and died 5-29-1958, Asburry W. Patterson married Elmira Virginia Green on 7-7-1892. To this union was born William Penn Patterson, the subject of this article.  

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