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 Forsyth County, Georgia

Jessie Childers Milford has kept a record since 1981 of the deaths of persons that have Forsyth, Dawson & some Hall County connection.    Preston Worley has put them on computer with Name, age, date of death and cemetery buried in. There is abt 5000. She has agreed to share her work...... Rupert Sexton

5161 names. There may be some typos, I fixed a couple I saw that I knew. This is a major undertaking and remember the typo may have been in the original source. As always we caution to check the original source, this is a tool. Any corrections should be sent to Donna . Please remember Donna does not know the original source.  
We have a new format that is easier to read and correct. Also we can add info if necessary.

Enjoy this exceptional effort.

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