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1860 Forsyth County Census Transcribed by Joy Clark (deceased)


1860  Forsyth County U.S. Census
While every effort was made to transfer these files with no errors,  always refer to the original document. 
This information is provided only as a tool for genealogy research. 

Forsyth County GA, 6861 Free Citizens 

Household    Age  Occupation Born    *Notes* 
EAGLE,J.E. 35M farm. S.C. 
 George 12m S.C. 
 Augustus 8m Ga. 
 Vacina 5m Ga. 
(pg. 19 387 #126 127) 

EATON, Mary 40f Washer Kent. 
 Mary C. 17f Ga. 
 Sarah 14f Ga. 
 Maliza 6f Ga. 
(pg. 147 515 #1054 1054) 

ECHOLLS, Abra. 69m farm. S.C. 
 Mary 65f Ga. . 
 Darcus 34f Ga. 
 Chalottee 28f Ga. 
 Clarisa s27f Ga. 
 Virginnia 20f Ga. 
 S.A. 18f Ga. 
 Collumbus 17m Ga. 
 Henry 7m Ga. 
 Abraham 4m Ga. 
(pg. 67 435 #468 468) 

ECHOLS, Eber 38m farm. Ga. 
 Francis E. 39f S.C. 
 Jas. W. lOm' Ga. 
 Martha 8f Ga. 
 Elonzo M. 6m Ga. 
 Molly H. 5f Ga. 
 Ara N. 3f Ga. 
 Mses (Moses?) 2m Ga. 
 Manariah 1/12f Ga. 
(pg. 58 425 #402 402) 

ECHOLS, Elijah a N.P. 35f(?) farm. Ga. 
Mississippi 30f Ga. *Mississippi Cape (m: 12 Oct 1853) 
? T. 5m Ga. 
Marther D. 2f Ga. 
Susan 3/12f Ga. 
(pg. 42 4104 276 276) 

ECHOLS, Jas. M. 40M farm. Ga. 
Mary 31f Ga. 
John P. 10m Ga. 
PHERSON, Mary T. 15f Ga. 
(pg. 67 435 #470 470) 

ECHOLS, M.P. 41M farm. Ga. 
Nancy 34f Ga. 
Newton 14m Ga. 
Sarah 13f Ga. 
Malicia llf Ga. 
Elijah 8m Ga. 
Nava 7f Ga. 
Roswell 5m Ga. 
Eliza 3f Ga. 
Joseph Im Ga. 
(pg. 59 427 #405 405) 

EDEN, Alex 30m farm. S.C. 
Rebica J. 21f S.C. 
Mary C. 5f S.C. 
Asa G. 2m Ga. 
(pg. 147 515 //1049 1049) 

EDMONDSON, Jane 50f washer S.Co 
 Sarah 9f Gao 
(167 536 //1208 1208) 


EDMONSON, John W. 36m mechanic Ga. 
Nancy 16f Ga. 
(pg. 4 372 #21 22) 

EDMONSON, Sam 60m farm. S.C. 
Martha 56f S.C. 
Berillim(sic) 30f S.C. 
Mary 25f S.C. 
Maricir(sic) 24m S.C. 
Leroy 24m S.C. 
(pg. 168 533 and 166 535 #1193 1183) 


EDMONDSON, Andrew J. 43m S.teacher S.C. 
 Mary 35f S.C. 
 John T. 16m S.C. 
 James L. 14m Ga. 
 Casander J. 12f Ga. 
 Nancy E. llf Ga. 
 Leach 9m Ga. 
 Andrew 7m Ga. 
 Alberry W. 2m Ga. 
 Fary E.  3/12f Ga. 
(pg. 29 397 #191 191) 

EDMUNSON, Thos. 31m Miller Ga. 
 Francis 22f Ga. *Frances L. Davis (m: 4 Dec 1854) 
 Augusta 5f  Ga. 
 Wm. L. 2m Ga. 
 Johnathan L. 9/l2m Ga. 
(pg. 25 393 #169 169) 


EDWARD, Andrew 71m B.smith Va. 
 Lane 74f S.C. 
(pg. 70 438 #489 489) 

EDWARDS, Andrew E. 39m farm. S.C. 
 Nancy 39f S.C. 
 Pleasant L. 15m Ga. 
 Isaac B. 14m Ga. 
 John A. 12m Ga. 
 Samuel 13m Ga. 
 Cynthia 0. ?f Ga. 
 Lucia A. 4f Ga. 
 Sarah A. lf Ga. 
(pg. 38 406 and 39 407 #253 253) 

EDWARDS, Caroline et al (See: Jas. L. QUESE) 

EDWARDS, Caroline etal (See: Francis A. HOWARD) 

EDWARDS, Hiram 24m S.C. 
 Margaret l9f Ga. 
 Sarah 2f Ga. 
(pg. 99 467 #697 697) 

EDWARDS, Jesse 50m farm. S.C. 
 MillY 48f S.C. 
 Sarah lf Ga. 
(pg. 99 467 #698 698) 

EDWARDS, Jo 35M farm. S.C. 
 Mary 38f S.C. 
 Francis 11f Ga. 
 Henry 8M Ga. 
 Elizabeth 6f Ga. 
 Francis E. lm Ga. 
 Jas. 5m Ga. Jane 3f Ga. 
(pg. 19 387 #127 127) 

EDWARDS,Lewis 44m mechanic N.C. 
 Catharine 35f N.C. 
 John W. 15m N.C. 
 Emily 12f N.C. 
 Margaret 10f N.C. 
 Wm. 8m Ga. 
 Julia 6f Ga. 
 Florence 4f Ga. 
 Martha 5/12f Ga. 
(Pg. 155 523 #111 3 1113) 

EDWARDS, Lettlebury 55m farm. S.C. 
 Nelly 33f s.c.   Please correct to 53
 Thos. 17M Ga. 
 John 16m Ga. 
 Nancy 13f Ga. 
 Lettleberry 12m Ga. 
 Millwee 9f Ga. 
(Pg. 36 404 #245 245) 
The correction is made per Jim Baucom, a descendant
and supported by other census entries.
EDWARDS, Perry M. (See: Francis A. HOWARD) EDWARDS, Peter 26m S.C.(m: Caroline Howell 4 May 1851) (pg. 100 468 //704 7Q4) EDWARDS, Penno or Penne (See: Jesse ESKRIDGE) EDWARD, Thos. 35m farm. S.C. Mary 35f S.C. James H. 1m Ga. (pg. 81 449 #571 571) EDWARDS, W. D. (See: Arthur ERWIN) EDWARDS, William E. 31m farm. S.C. Louisa 27f Ga. *Louisa Pool (m: 20 Nov 1851) Emily J. 8f Ga. Cynthia R. 6f Ga. Jas. M.W. 3m Ga. EKES, Milly 50f S.C. Marion H. 20m Ga. LYLES, G.W. 20m B.smith Ga. (pg. 169 537 #1218 1218) EKES, Robert A. 25m B.smith Ga. Nancy J. 21f N.C. *Nancy Sims (m: 2 Sep 1858) (pg. 169 537 #1217 1217) ELISON, Moses 61m farm. S.C. Robin 38m Ga. Mary Ann 32f Ga. Chattas 28f Ga. Esther 26f Ga. (pg. 76 444 and 77 445 #536 536) ELISON, Robert A. (see: Isaac D. HOPE) ELLIS, Albert 39(?)m physician S.C Narcicia 27f N.C. Rutha E. 9f Ga. Laura A. 6f Ga. Flora 4f Ga. Curtis 2m Ga. (pg.168 533 and 166 535 #1189 1182) ELLIS, Bailey M. 29m farm. N.C. Margaret 29f Ga. *Margaret M. Martin Pabecca 7fGa. Marion 5m Ga. George 2m Ga. (Pg. 97 465 #681 681) ELLIS, M.A. et al (See: Wm. H. PREWITT) ELLOITT, James J. 41f(sic) farm. Ga Nancy 41f S.C. John 17m SC Hirum 13m S.C. Jayne 12f S.C. Ealmer 9m S.C. Georgia A. 6f S.C. James J. 4m S.C Wm. J. 2m S.C. Samantha A. lf S.C. (pg. 22 391 #146 146) ELROD, Sarah 51f washer S.C. Pachael E. 17f Ga. Francis P.M. 14m Ga. James A.J. 13m Ga. BISHOP, Margaret 32f Washer Ga. James J. 1m. Ala. Anne E. 1/12f Ga. (pg. 132 500 #939 939) EMERSON, Jas. P. 34m farm. Ga. Eliza 32f N.C. John 16m Ga. Mary I. 14f Ga. Sarah E. 7f Ga. Allice L. 4f Ga. James I. lm Ga. (pg. 124 492 #881 881) EMERY, John (See: John COLLINS) EPPS, Wm.(See: John CAMPBELL) ERWIN, Arthur 65m Hotel Keeper N.C. Martha E. 26f N.C. Eveline A. 60f N.C. Andrew L. 19m Ga. Sarah M. 18f Ga. Julia E. 13f Ga. HUFF, Ben A. 28m mechanic N.C. ROGERS, C.A. 21m N.C. EDWARDS, W.D. 26m N.C. DOWLER, A.L. 30m Ohio COOK, H.W. 25M Ohio STARCHER, J.W. 28m Amlerotypist Ba. NICHOLS, F.H. 35m Physician N.Y. BLACK, Eveline 9f Ga. Jas. 7m Ga. Ema 5f Ga. (pg. 6 374 #35 37) ESKRIDGE, Jesse 52m farm. N.C. Rebecca 40f N.C. Samuel T. 17m Tenn. Armelia E. 16f Tenn. Eliza 13f N.C. EDWARDS, Renno 31M farm. S.C. Andrew 12m Ga. Julia A. 5f Ga. Edward E. 3m Ga. (pg. 44 412 and 45 413 #298 298) ESTES, Charles 55m farm. S.C. Abigal 55f S.C. Sarah 28f Ga. Wesley 20m Ga. Charles 17m Ga. Emery 14m Ga. (pg. 17 385 #108 ) ESTES, Cicero 27M farm. Ga. Avaline 25f Ga. Pulaski lf Ga. (pg. 13 381 #79 79) ESTEES, Harrison 23m farm. Ga. Sarah 25f Ga. James W. 10m Ga. George P. 8m Ga. Jinnette 6f Ga. Mary J. lf Ga. (pg. 69 437 #484 484) ESTES, Hudson 2?m farm. Ga Margaret 24f Ga. (pg. 2 370 #15 ESTES, Joel 50m Clerk Inf. Ct. Ga. Mary Of Ga. Lucinda 26f Ga. Nancy 21f Ca. Marian 17m Ga. Horney(sic) 14m. Ga. Elsy 12m Ga. Adaliza 10f Ga. (pg. 65 433 #454 454) ESTES, Joshua 25M farm. Ga. Mary 19f Ga. Wilson N. 7/12m Ga. (pg.17 385 #106 110) ESTES, Langston 43m farm. N.C. Virginia P. 35f S.C. Eliza 8f Ga. Jas. 2m Ga. Willson Im Ga. VAUGHN, Suanah 76f Va. (pg. 1?1 539 #1241 1241) ESTES, Miles 63m farm. S.C. Mahalah 60f S.C. Srina 22m Ga. Louisa 20f Ga. (pg. 13 381 #82 83) EVANS, Wilson 49m farm. S.C. Obedince 43f Ga. Nancy E. l7f Ga. Mary J. 15f Ga. Matilda 13f Ga. James G. 8m Ga. George 0. 6m Ga. Jackson 2m Ga (pg. 64 472 #728 ~28) EVEN, Alex (See: Alex EDEN This could be Even or Eden) EZZARD, Geo. W. (See: J. BROADWELL) EZZARD, John 60m farm. S.C. Mary 60f Ga. EZZARD, Wm. T. 38m farm. Ga. EZZARD, Joseph T. 28m teacher Ga. George W. 21m teacher Ga. Margaret 26f Ga. Matilda 28f Ga. Thomas W. 20m Ga. Emily D. 16f Ga. Margaret Ezz. 28f Penn. (Pg. 53 421 #360 360) EZZARD, JNO. L. 30m mechanic Ga. Mahalah E. l9f S.C. *Mahala Bettis (m:24 Feb 1858) Almirah G. 2f Ga. SPARKS Calvin 23m S.C.