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1860 Forsyth County Census Transcribed by Joy Clark (deceased)


1860  Forsyth County U.S. Census
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This information is provided only as a tool for genealogy research. This page is under heavy construction!! Forsyth County GA, 6861 Free Citizens Household Age Occupation Born *Notes* FAGANS FAGGANS FAGANS, B.B 45m farm. N.C. Mary 37f S.C. Francis J. 18m S.C. Martha 14f S.C. Mary 12f S.C. Amalthier 10f S.C. Rosalle 5f S.C Asalle 3f S.C. Pg. 62 430 and 63 431 #437 437) FAGGANS, Geo. W. 28m, farm. N.C. Nicy 25f Ga. Mary 1. 8f Ga. Sarah A. 6f Ga. Wm. H. 3m Ga. Suavanna 6/12f Ga. (Pg. 58 426 #400 400) FAGGANS, Wm 44m farm. N.C. Lucrecia 33f SC Mary Z(?)16f S.C. Martha F. 14f Ga. Geo. W. llm Ga. Wm. T.N. 8m Ga. (Pg. 13 38L.#84 84) FENN, A.J. 45m farm. Ga. Elisabeth 38f Ga. *Elizabeth Caroline Calahan Lousa 16f Ga. Wily P. 12m Ga. Robert M. 10m Ga. Thomas J. 8m Ga. Mary C. 5f Ga. Geoge N. 6/12f Ga (Pg. 63 431 #442 442) FILLIPS James S. 56m farm. S.C. Elizabeth 50f S.C. Cayton 16m S.C. Mary A.15f S.C. Emily l0f S.C. (pg. 21 390 #138 138) FILLIPS, Wm, 63m farm. Va. Nancy Ba(sic) Of Va. (Pg 46 416 #322 322) FILLIPS Also see PHILLIPS FINCHER, Elias 21m farm. Ga. Lancy 18f Ga. James lm Ga. (pg. 7 375 and 8 376 FINCHER,Jesse C. 25m farm. Ga. Heildah 26f Ga. James T. 6m Ga. Nancy E. 3f Ga. (pg. 9 378 #61 65) FINCHER, J.W. (See: Thom. M.KEMP) FINCHER, John W. 40m farm. S.C. Elizabeth 29f S.C. Elias E. 20m Ga. Sarah A. 18f Ga. Jos. E. 16m Ga. Wm. T. 12m Ga. John L. 10m Ga. Marium E. 5f Ga. Rosalee 4f Ga. Henry lm Ga. (Pg. 2 370 #10 10) FINCHER, Jos. L. 30m farm. Ga. Frances 24f Ga. Ally H. 10m Ga. Sarah C. 7f Ga. Jas. B. lm Ga. (pg. 1 369 #7 7) FINCHER, S.G. 30m farm. Ga. Mary E. 27f Ga. Tarissa A. 8f Ga. James P. 2m Ga. (pg. 10 378 #58 62) FISHER, James L. 28m farm. S.C. Jerminiah 29f S.C. William C. 6m S.C. Emeziah H. 2m S.C. James S.C. 6/12m S.C. (pg. 90 458 #634 634) FITZPATRICK, Cicero 50m farm. Ga. Elizabeth 29f Ga. Louisa l9f Ga. Sarah 17f Ga. Glorington 14m Ga. Delila 12f Ga. Buchhannon 4m Ga. Joseph lm Ga. (Pg. 154 522 #1110 1110) FITZPATRICK, Thos.38m farm. S.C. Sarah 28f S.C. Marion 3m S.C. *Sarah Yancey (Pg 152 520 #1092 1092) FLINN, Joseph 30m farm. Tenn. Sarah 29 or 39f Ga. John 16m Ga. Davis 12m Ga. Wm. 10m, Ga. Elizabeth 9m(sic) Ga. June (?) 8f Ga. Berry 9/12m Ga. (pg. 13 381 #81 81) FLOWERS, A.J. 27m Physician Ga. Nancy C. 23f S.C. Andrew H. 2m Ga. (pg. 8 376 #48 50) FLOYD, Thoms. 47m farm. S.C. Rachel 38f Ga. Abrim 21m Ga. Sarah A. 16f Ga. Wm. 14m Ga. Thos. 11m Ga. Frances M. 10m Ga. (pg. 21 390 #136 136) FOSTER, E. 26m farm. S.C. Canasee 28f S.C. Wm. 5m S.C. Mary J. 3f S.C. Martha lf S.C. JONES, Permelia 22f Seamstress S.C. (pg. 136 504 #972 972) FOSTER, Elizabeth (See: H.GARRETT FOSTER, Elizabeth(See:ElizabethGUMLIN) FOSTER, Iva 20m farmer Ga. Amand 14f Ga. (pg. 63 431 #439 439) FOSTER, Jas. N 55m S.teacher S.C. Amin 47f S.C. Martha J. 25f Ga. Lavina 20f Ga. Martha 19f Ga. Wm. W. 16m Ga. Celonia 13f Ga. Thos. H. 10m Ga. Nancy E. 5 or 3f Ga. (pg. 108 476 #760 760) FOSTER, Mary 53f farm. S.C. Elizebeth 24f Ga. Benjabin (sic) 18f Ga. (pg. 62 430 //432 432) FOSTER, RANSUM 52(?)M farm. S.C. Nancy 51f S.C. (pg. 168 53 and 166 535 #1194 1194) FOSTER, Wm. 23m farm. S.C. Angeline 21f S.C. Annie 4f S.C. Wm. T. 2 m S.C. (pg. 124 492 #876 876) FOWLER, Ben C. (See: Wm. HOOD) FOWLER, D.H. 39m TaX Collector S.C. Drusilla L 35f S.C. Anna E. 16f Ga. Warren C. 14m Ga. Marget(sic) K. 13f Ga. Sarah E. Ilf Ga. William Y(?). 10m Ga. Emily A. 8f Ga. Samantha D. 5f Ga. (Pgo 103 4?1 #722 722) FOWLER, Elizabeth 60f Farm. S.C. Martha l9f Ga. Elizabeth A. 17f Ga. (pg. 103 471 #723 723) FOWLER, Ellener 14f (see Doury COX) Mary A. 9f FOWLER, Jas. 65m farm. S.C. Sarah 56f S.C. Jane 29f Ga. Sarah E. 24f Ga. Wm. T. 19m Ga. Jno. T. 10m Ga. (pg. 40 408 #264 264) FOWLER, Jab. N. or W. (See: John GARRETT) FOWLER, Joshua 23m farm. Ga. Marjane A. 21f S.C. *Margaret Chadwick (m: 8 Dec 1859) (Couple married within census year) (Pg. 100 468 #703-703) FOWLER, Nancy 50f (See: Catherine COOK FOWLER, Sterling W. 60m farm. Va. Mary 57f S.C. *May Davis Albert M. 16m N.C. (pg. 72 440 #505 505) FOWLER, William A. 28m farm. Ga. Eliza 32f Ga. William S. 6m. Ga. Joel M. 4m Ga. John D. 2m Ga. Alvin 8/12m Ga. (Pg 95 463 #665 665) FOWLER, William B. 36m. farm. Ga. Rachael 35f S.C. Lucinda 17f Ga. Elsbury 14m Ga. Andrew J. 13m Ga. Augustus llm Ga. Mary A. 10f Ga. Drusella qf Ga. BATES, Sarah 65f S.C. (pg. 103 471 #724 724) FRANCIS, G.or J. M. 27m. farm. S.C. Georgia A. 22f S.C. Jas. B. 2m S.C. Isaac T 1/12m Ga. (pg. 67 43; //473 473) FRANCIS, Thos. 73m farm. Va. Elizabeth 61f MD. Adaline 27f N.C. Emiline 22f N.C. S usan L. 18f N.C. (pg. 35 403 #237 237) FREELAND, John D. 28m Carpenter Ga. NALLY, Barksdell 35m Carpenter S.C. Missouri 32f Ga. Mary A. 10f Ga. (pg. 64 432 #445 ) FREELIN, Wm. J. (See: Wm. KEY) FREELIN:Also see FRELEN. FRELEN, Elizabeth 28f farm. Ga. Wm. B. 8m Ga. Rachal 5f Ga. Cicero 13m Ga. Narcissa 3m(sic) Ga Henry 1/12m Ga (pg. 56 424 #388 3 FRELEN: Also see FPEELIN FPEETLAN, John 30m farm. S.C. Malinda 27f S.C James 5m S.C. Kased (?) lm Ga (pg. 116 484 #818 8i8) et al FRIX, Georgia E. /(See: Alex NUCHOLLS)