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1860 Forsyth County Census Transcribed by Joy Clark (deceased)


1860  Forsyth County U.S. Census

Transcribed by:  Joy Lamb Clark, who passed away September 21, 1989 at age 43.
Graciously loaned to Forsyth County Georgia GenWeb by her dear friend, Donna Parrish.
1999 All Rights Reserved.

While every effort was made to transfer these files with no errors,  always refer to the original document. This information is provided only as a tool for genealogy research.

Forsyth County GA, 6861 Free Citizens



LAMB, Darcus G. 49f Seamstress S.C.
Leroy 13m Ga.
(pg. 139-507 #987-987)

LAMB, Ben 23M farm. S.C.
MCDANIEL Sally 35f Seamstress Ga.
(pg. 25-39 #167-167)

LAMB, Joseph 60m farm. S.C.
Mary 58f S.C.
Francis 22f S.C.
Isaac N. 20m S.C.
Benjamin 18m S.C.
(pg. 80-448 & 81-449 #567-567)

LAMB, N.E. (See: Jno. DUNAWAY)

LAMB, Robert 35m farm. S.C.
Mary A. 36f Ga.
Nancy J. 6f Ga.
Mary E. 4f Ga.
Benjamin 3m. Ga.
Emily If Ga.
(pg. 80-448, #566-566)

 LAMB, Wm. H. (See Larkin BOND)

LANGSTON,    Levi 30m farm. S.C.
 Mariah    20f Ga.
 Wm. B. 2m Ga.
(pg. 13-381 #80-80)

LANGISTER, Mary (See: Geo. W. POSS)

LAPON, J.T. et al (See: Wm. HOOD)

LAW, Alex 50m B.Smith S.C.
Nancy .50f S.C.
Hyram 12m S.C.
Henry 9m S.C.
Wm. 7m S.C.
(Pgo 149-517 #1071-1071)

LAW* Darcus G. 49f Seamstress S.C. Leroy 13m Ga.
*It could not be determined if this was Lam or Law, so this entry was placed under both names.
(pg. 139-507 #987-987)

LAW, Elizebeth (See: Martin GRAHAM)

LAW:  Also see LOW

LAWRENCE, Rosanah 30f sewer & washer Ga.
Drucillia A. 15f Ga.
Robert W. 13m Ga.
Elizabeth A. 11f Ga.
(pg. 57-425 #394-394)

LAZENBERRY, E.L. 29m farm. N.C.
Eliza 55f  MD.
Thomas 24m N.C.
Mary 22f N.C.
(pg. 149-517 #1066-1066)

LEACH, Ruben 34M farm. Ga.
Nancy 34f Ga.
John A. 14M Ga.
Eveline llf Ga.
Gelitha 9f Ga.
Sarah 7f Ga.
Narcissa 5f
Fracanna 3f Ga.
(pg. 128-496 #908-908)

LEADBETTER, Daniel 23m farm. Ga.
Mary C. 22f Ga.
James E.S. 3m Ga.
(Pg- 100-468 #702-702)

 LEE,Steven L. 25M farm. S.C.
 Elizabeth 19f S.C.
 Cicero 1/12m Ga.
(pg. 81-449 #576-576)

LEISLY, A.T. 24m farm. Ga.
 Martha A. 21f Ga.
 Mary S. -3f Ga.
 Memphis 2f Ga.
 LEISLY, Thos. 23m farm. Ga.
(pg. 134-502 #957-957)

LESTER, Cresia 50f Weaver Ga.
 Nancy E. 20f Ga.
 Mary J. 19f Ga.
 James H. 17m Ga.
 Aminda 15f Ga.
 Adam J. 13m Ga.
 Manda E. 10f Ga.
 Esther 11. ?f Ga.
(Pg- 98-466 #691-691)

LESTER, Mary M. (See: H.P. BELL)

LESTER, Richard P. 27m Lawyer Ga.
Mary J. 23f S.C.
James G. 3m Ga.
Sarah V. 1/12f Ga.
William 6/12m Ga.
(pg. 7-375 #41T43)

LESTER, W.C. 25m Mechanic Ga.
Fanny C. l9f Miss.
(couple married within census yr.)
(pg. 28-396 #187-187)

LETZER, Evan A. 31m farm. N.C. **SHOULD BE "SETZER"
Nancy 26f Ga. 67,
Lavice T. 6m Ga.
Henry 4m Ga.
Evan 0. 2m Ga.
(pg. 43-411 #283-283)

LEWIS, Elsy W. 40m farm. S.C.
 Martha A. 30f S.C.
 Celia 0. 6f Ga.
 Franklin P. 5m Ga.
 James B. 3m Ga.
(pg. 1-369 #5-5)

LEWIS, H.W. 35m   Ga.
 Denia 24f S.C.
 Elzy 12m Ga.
 Nancy J. llf Ga.
 Jas. M. 9m Ga.
 John W. 7/12-m Ga.
(pg. 28-396 #186-186)

LEWIS, Lenard 30m farm. S.C.
James A. 2m S.C.
(pg. 21-390 #140-140)

LIGHT, Alfred M. 49m farm. Ga.
Mary 50f S.C.
Geo. W. 23m Ga.
Obediah T. 18m Ga.
Young K. 14m Ga.
Mary C. 14f Ga.
(Pg. 141-509 #1014-1014)

LIGHT, Christiana 50f   S.C. (*Widow of John Russell Light)
Jno. M. 21m Ga.
Jas. M. 17m Ga.
Laura L. 15f Ga.
Josy C. 12f Ga.
Bengi. 10m Ga.
Allice 4f Ga.
(pg. 140-508 #1006-1006)

LIGHT, Daniel G * or T. 20m farm. S.C.
 Jane E. 17f S.C.
(couple married within census year)
(pg. 140-N8 #997-997)

LIGHT, G.B. 52m farm. Ga.
Margaret 41f S.C.
Franklin S. 19m Ga.
Rosa A. 18f Ga.
Coladona 16f Ga.
Callafornia 14f
Atlanta 12f Ga.
Thos. 0. llm Ga.
Marrietta 9f Ga.
Augusta 10f Ga.
Americus 5f Ga.
Ami 3f Ga.
Byrd 7/12m Ga.
Martha 26f Ga.
(Pg.141-509 #101-3-1013)

LIGHT, Pleasant Green 23m farm. Ga.
Flora 22f Ga.
Almina 2f Ga.
(pg. 108-476 & 109-477 #761-761)

LIGHT, Wiley 38m farm. Ga.
Adlitha E. 39f S.C
Sarah C. 14f Ga.
Rufinah 13f Ga.
Elmina llf Ga.
Manervia A. 9f Ga.
Mary P. 7f Ga.
Minda L. 4f Ga.
Kansas J. 2f Ga.
(pg. 137-505 #975-975)

LINDSEY, Arch. 72m farm. S.C.
Adisa 66f S.C.
(pg. 99-467 #693-693)

LINDSEY, Henderson 36m farm. S.C.
Apsaley (sic)   33f Ga.
Marille    15f Ga.
Lewis A. 13m  Ga.
Mary llf Ga.
Martha J. 9f Ga.
Frederick N. 4m Ga.
Louisa lf Ga.
(pg. 98-466 & 99-467 #692-692)

LINSEY, I.N. 30m Physician S.C.
(pg. 139-507 #993-993)

LINDSEY, P.H. 30m farm. S.C.
Catharine 30f Ga.
Emily 2f Ga.
(Pg. 161-529 #1161-1161)

LOCHAMY, F. 39m farm. N.C.
Sarah 21f S.C.
Wm. J. 12m Ga.
Casander 10f Ga.
Mary J. 8f Ga.
James H. 6m Ga.
John A. 4m. Ga.
Martha E. 3f Ga.
Sarah F. lf Ga.
(Pg. 136-504 #967-967)


LOGAN, S.G. 62m farm. S.C.
Mary 53f Ga.
Martha 26f Ga.
Rachel A. 24f Ga.
Thomas A. 21f Ga.
Ervin 17m Ga.
Timothy S. 13m Ga.
(pg. 117-485 #827-827)

LOGGINS, James 38m farm. Ga.
Rabecca 43f N.C.
Ervin 16m Ga.
Mary 14f Ga.
Lafayette llm Ga.
William 8m Ga.
Thomas 5m Ga.
Enoch 3m Ga.
(pg. 110-478 #772-772)

LONER, W. 40M farm. S.C.
Mary 36f S.C.
John W. 15m Ga.
Mary 12f Ga.
Eleneza 3f Ga.
(pg. 81-449 #570--570)

LONG,   Hiram 38m farm. Ga.
Mary  40f Ga.
John L. 14m* Ga.
Rebecca  12f Ga.
Lucinda  10f Ga.
Wm. 8m  Ga.
Misouri  5f Ga.
(pg. 5-373 #30-32)

LOTTI, ino. G. 60m farm. S.C
Marran 47f Ga
Mariah 16f Ga.
Mary L. llf Ga.
Loura 6f Ga.
(pg. 31-399 #205-205)

LOTT, L.H. 27m farm. Ga.
Jane C. 21f Ga.
Urilda(sic) 4f Ga.
CONEY, Francis N. 17f Ga.
(pg. 8-376 #43-45)

LOW, Advison C. 35m
Francis 22f Ga.
John L. 4m Ga.
Charles M. 3m Ga.
Mary If Ga.
(pg. 161-529 #1159-1159)

LOW, Daniel 29m farm. N.C.
 Mary A. 28f Ga.
 Elizabeth 7f Ga.
 Julia S. 3f Ga.
(pg. 157-525 #1128-1128)

LOW, Jas. 35m farm. N.C.
 Virginia 28f Tenn.
 Amanda 8f Ga.
 George 6m Ga.
 Charles 4m Ga.
 Frances 9112f Ga.
(pg. 157-525 #1129-1129)

LOW, Wm. et al (See: Wm. B. BACO)

LOW: Also see LAW The "als" and "O's" of the census taker could not always be determined. The transcribed Laws may be Lows.

LUCAS, Sarah (See: E. PORTER)

LUMMUS James 63m
SaraA 60f Ga.
Elison 19m Ga.
Wesley 6m Ga.
(pg. 104-472 #733-733)

 LUMMUS, John 32m farm. Ga.
Charity 30f N.C.
William 6m Ga.
Mitchel 4m Ga.
Andrew J. 10/12m Ga.
(pg. 104-472 #730-730)

LUMMUS, Robert 36m farm. Ga.
Arminda 36f Ga.
Wm. R. 7m Ga.
Mahalah 5m Ga.
James 4m Ga.
Robert 3m Ga.
(pg. 133-501 #945-945)

LUMMUS, Win. 42-m farm. Ga.
Mary A. 42f Ga.
Marthay 17f Ga.
Isaac S.(?) 19m Ga.
Nancy F. 15m Ga.
Jepse F. 13m Ga.
Wm. A. llm Ga.
Jas. 0. 8m Ga.
Mitchell D. 2m Ga.
Levi N. 6/12m Ga.
(pg. 51-419 #348-348)

LYLES, G.W. (See: Milly EKES)