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1860 Forsyth County Census Transcribed by Joy Clark (deceased)


Household Age Occupation Born * Notes *

RAINS, Wesly 48M farm S.C.        *died August 13,1865 Forsyth County
Talibitha 28F S.C.    *Talitha Rakestraw June 5, 1858   DawsonCty
Geo. 14M Ga. Emily 12F Ga. Lifus 9M Ga. David 6M Ga. Nancy 6 or 4F Ga. Malissa 3F Ga. Betty 7/12F Ga. (pg. 23-388 #132-132) RAINWATER, Dicey 65F S.C. Rachael 57F S.C. (pg. 129-497 #916-916) RAKESTRAW, Lefus/ et al (See: E. BRAMBLETT) RAKESTRAW, Nancy 60F Seamstress S.C. James 18M S.C. *son of Talibitha Rains (pg. 23-388 #133-132) READ, Hester A. (See: Warren B. BATTY) READ, Mesheck 45M farm S.C. *b. Barnwell Elizabeth 4F(sic) Tenn. Martha P.(?) 20F Ga. Joseph M. 18M Ga. Louvillia 16F Ga. Mary A. 14F Ga. John L. 12M Ga. Eliza A. 11F Ga. Jolly B. 10M Ga. Ester 6F Ga. Martha 80F S.C. (pg. 15-383 #93-93) READ Also see RED RIEDE, Tolivar 62M farm S.C. Mary 61F S.C. Wm. F. 22M Ga. Mary I. or J. 20F Ga. Anna S. 17F Ga. (pg. 14-382 #90-90) RIEDE: Also see REED RILES, Amris/ et al (See: Geo. W. HARRISON) RILE, Steven 27M farm Ga. (pg. 35-403 #89-89) RIMSY, J. Y. 33M schoolteacher N.C. Martha E. 23F N.C. John P. 1M Ga. (pg. 80-448 #561-561) ROACH: See ROCH ROACH, J.B. 28m farm. Ga. (Corrected from Brock - dp) Mary A. 21f Ga. Joseph B. 2m Ga. Elvira 4/12f Ga. (Pg 47 415 #319 319) From Marsha Roach: .....1860 census transcription on the Forsyth County Web Site
(which I didn't do), my great-grandfather, whose name was James Berry Roach,
is listed as J. Brock! I was chagrined not to find his name in the index
when I knew that he was living in Forsyth County in 1860.
So I got a microfilm of the 1860 census and went through it line by line
until I found a name that looked vaguely like Roach, with the right named wife
and 2 children. The name was written so badly that if I had been transcribing
that census, and hadn't known the family, I would have interpreted it as Bjoch!
I think the transcriber was quite within reason for assigning it the name Brock,
even though it isn't correct. I know that it is actually Roach,
and that is what is important.
ROBERSON, Mallisa 52F farm S.C. Nancy 18F N.C. Burrell B. 15M N.C. John W. 13M N.C. Larkin 8M Ga. Sanford 3M Ga. Mary S. 3F Ga. Jas. A. 1M Ga. (pg. 151-519 #1081-1081) ROBERSTON, W. D. (See: Mary A. KEMP) ROBERTS-ROBERT ROBERTS, E.M. 21m merchant S.C. JONES, S.G. 17f S.C. (pg. 140-508 #1005-1005) ROBERT, J. 24m farm S.C. Lemar 21f S.C. John J. 5/12m S.C. (pg. 27-395 #182-182) ROBERTS, Jas. M. 24m farm Ga. Mary A. 24f Ga. Alice 1/14(sic)f Ga. (pg. 140-508 #1004-1004) ROBERTS, Martin 53m farm S.C. Sarah A. 46f Va. Evaline 30f Ga. Martin 16m Ga. Alford W. 14m Ga. Lavina 3f Ga. Elisabeth 15f Ga. John W. 12m Ga. Martha A. 11f Ga. Asnis L. 9f Ga. (pg. 29-397 & 30-398 #197-197) Robinson Permelia 39 Washer NC Jno W 16m GA Leroy 14m GA James W 8m ga (pg. 75-443 #525-525) Roch, Wm 36m farm Ga Nancy 27f NC Macis M 13f GA Wm J 11m GA Johnathan 9m ga Sarah 7f Ga Emily 5f ga Nancy 3f GA Martha T 1f GA pg. 45-413 #300-300 Rodgers Thos 54m farm GA * born Jackson Co Jane 32f GA Manerver J 23f ga John W. 21m GA Wm H H 18m ga Nancy M 16f ga Erly C 14m Ga Virginia E 10f GA Enoh (sic) P 8m ga pg 54-422 & 55-423 #373-373 Rogers, C A see Arthur Erwin Rogers, Simeon P 56m farm SC Margaret 44f SC Marther 18f SC Sarah 15f SC James 13m SC Margaret 12f ga Julia 10f GA Emeline 7f GA Levi 5m ga pg 69-437 #481-481 Rogers, Thos B. 25m farm SC Juda A 22f sc * Judy Ann Cawley 18 Jan 1857 Thos 8/12m ga pg 161-529 #1165-1165 Rogers, Wm J 24m farm GA Amanda 20f ga *Susan Chatham 22 Oct 1857 Matrion 2m ga pg 69-437 #482-482 Rollins, Elizabeth 36fwasher SC Heath, Nancy 38f weaver SC Rollin, Nelson 19m ga Rely 15m ga Ben 13m ga Clementine 7f ga Sarena 5f ga pg 114-482 #804-804 ROLLINS, James 23m Miller Ga. * James A. Rollins Catherine 23 f Ga. * P. Brannon ? Aug 185? Missouri E. 3f Ga. Drucillia A. 5/12f Ga. (pg. 1-369 #3-3) ROLLINS, Johnathan 61m Miller N.C. Lucinda 53f S.C. (pg. 66-434 #466-466) ROLLINS, Laura 30f washer N.C. ? W. 12m Ga. Wm. S. 9m Ga. Harriett 6f Ga. (pg. 166-535 #1197-1197) ROPER, H. T. 33m B.Smith S.C. * H.F. Roper Evaline 30f Ga. *Evaline Holbrooks George W. 12m Ga. Wm. H. 9m Ga. Mary J. 7f Ga. Thos. E. 6m Ga. John C. 4m Ga. Henry M. 2m Ga. (pg. 71-439 #500-500) ROPER, Jacenth 23m farm S.C. * Jason Roper Darcus E. 22f Ga. *Darcus Tallant 21 MAR 1853 Samantha 5f Ga. Mary E. 4f Ga. Jesse H. 1m Ga. (pg. 33-401 #218-218) ROPER, Jas. H. 25m farm Ga. Nepsy A. 24f Ga. John 4m Ga. Martha J. 2f Ga. (pg.169-537 #1222-1222) ROPER, John 61m farm N.C. Ami 33f Ga. *Amy Elizabeth Reid 16 Dec. 1856 Alfred 12m Ga. Sarah A. 6f Ga. John T. 2m Ga. Reubin 1m Ga. (pg. 3-371 #18-18) ROPER, WM. 51m farm S.C. Susan 51f S.C. Robt. P. 17m S.C. Joseph 15m Ga. Charles W. 12m Ga. Larkin 10m Ga. (pg. 11-379 #65-70) RUNALS, John 26m farm N.C. *RUNNELLS Louisa 20f S.C. * J. Steggs 5 Aug. 1835 (pg. 43-411 #284-284) RUSSELL, Wm. et al (See: Samuel HENDERSON)