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Historic Properties with Potential for Listing on National Register of Historic Places
Identified in Historic Resources Survey (1993-1995) by David Cullison and Claudia Deviney
The following data with updates from county records by Bill McBrayer were typed from the Historic Resources Survey by Annette Bramblett.
Photographs and current conditions were contributed by Pam Wolf.
Scanning and page layout by Donna Parrish.

Clement House FO-OO-22 Box 2538, NW corner Peachtree Parkway & Old Alpharetta & Hemrick Roads.I-House, Plantation Plain, ca. 1840.
Clement House.
Located Land Lot 847, 2nd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Virginia J. Clement.
Book 0527, page 0426, 3-15-1991 (needs update).
Map 110, Lot 007.
FO-OO-234 N side Old Federal Road, .7 mi. W. Etowah River.
Buffington’s Tavern, ca. 1805, hewn logs, double dovetail, important to local history, poor condition.
Buffington’s Tavern/Blackburn Inn.
Located Land Lots 222, 223, 224, 281, 283, 3rd District, 1st Section.
Owners: Eldo Grogan and Mills Family Ltd. Partnership.
Book 1177, page 0734, 07-02-1996. Map 025, Lot 033.  
FO-OO-32 120 Bagley Drive. Central Hallway, Folk Victorian elements, ca. 1880, excellent example style.
Cicero Anglin/Clarence “Dolly” Bagley House.
Located Land Lot 1065, 2nd District, 1st Section.
Owner: Mary Pettes Tillman Mackey and John Mackey.
Book 1336, page 0414, 8-3-1998.
Map 138, Lot 001.  
3813, S side Atlanta Highway, 1/4 mi. E Castleberry Road.
Temple Front Cottage, Craftsman elements, ca. 1910.
Glenn R. Fowler House

Purchased 2001 by Forsyth County Commissioners for the purpose of building a sewer plant. the house is to be used as a Parks and Recreation office.  

NE corner Friendship Circle & Hurt Bridge Road.
Gabled Ell Cottage, Folk Victorian elements,
circa 1905, significant for style/type.
Benjamin P. Roper House.
Located Land Lot 880, 3rd District, 1st Section
Owner: Eileen Nix.
Book 00027, page 0143, 8-17-99.
Map 076, Lot 054.  

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