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Jamestowne Society
Jamestowne Society
First Georgia Company
Chartered 1982
Jamestowne Society,
Celebrating 33 Years of Excellence
1982 - 2015
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Our organization was begun informally in the 1960's.  The Georgia #1 Company of the Jamestowne Society was officially organized on 16 January 1982 with Mr. Varney Graves, Sr. as the organizing Governor.  The Charter is dated 1 March 1982.  Mr. Graves death occurred during his term and Mr. C.P. Crosby took over as Governor.  Upon the recommendation of Mrs. Caroline Breeding, the name was changed to First Georgia Company as it remains today.  After Mr. Crosby's term as Governor, Mr. Jack Bledsoe became the Company Governor followed by Mrs. Lillian Livingston, Mrs. Caroline Breeding, Mrs. Gaynelle Richardson, Dr. Hardwick Johnson, Jr., Mr. Alvis Weatherly, Jr., Mr. George Parson, Esq, Mrs. Martha Wright, Mrs. Grace Sanders, Robert S. Evans and W. Charles Hampton.  Our present Governor is Melodye G. Brown.

In 2007 we not only had the joy of celebrating the 400th anniversary of Jamestowne, but First Georgia Company celebrated their 25th anniversary.


[Bylaws First Georgia Company Jamestowne Society]

Section 1. Membership Eligibility.   Eligibility for membership in First Georgia Company Jamestowne Society shall be the eligibility requirements of the Jamestowne Society.   Membership shall be open to all members in good standing of the Jamestowne Society.
Section 2. Admission Procedure.   The Governor, upon notification by the Jamestowne Society of new members residing in Georgia, shall direct the Genealogist to extend an invitation to affiliate with the First Georgia Company.   After acceptance of the invitation, the candidate will become a member upon payment of the initiation fee and the annual dues for the first year.   Any member in good standing of the Jamestowne Society may request an invitation to membership in the First Georgia Company."

"Standing Rules
The initiation fee shall be ten dollars ($10.00) and the annual dues shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00)."

First Georgia Company currently has a membership of 120.

Current Officers
Governor:...... Melodye G. Brown
Lt. Governor:. Betty B. Harrah
Secretary:..... Marguerite M. Dyal
Treasurer:.... G. Edgar Conley, Jr.
Chaplain:...... Rachel Colbert
Historian:..... Gail R.Godfrey
Genealogist:..Robert M. Ray, III

Photo: The Above Officers (2013-2015)

Melodye G. Brown, Governor

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia, heart of the South. Members are close enough to Virginia to travel frequently to the fall meeting of the Jamestowne Society in Richmond, and to the spring meeting in Williamsburg/Jamestowne, Virginia. Many of Jamestowne's early settlers have descendants who today live in the Atlanta area.

The First Georgia Company has a spring luncheon in June and a general business meeting luncheon on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November. Our agenda is composed of a business meeting, program, and lunch. 

Photos (special past events):

2 June 2007 - Jamestowne 400th Anniversary Celebration, Black Tie Event

17 November 2007 - First Georgia Company 25th Anniversary Celebration.

11 June 2011 - Georgia Company Meeting.   Black Tie Event
News - 2015

Jamestowne Society First Georgia Company
Melodye E. Brown, Governor

Fall Luncheon Meeting
was held on

Saturday, the Twenty-First of November
Two Thousand Fifteen
Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Drive NE
Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. William M. Kelso
presented the program
Jamestown Mysteries: The Buried Truth

Spring 2015
Spring 2014


Photos (previous meetings):

9 June 2012 - Georgia Company Meeting

19 November 2011 - Georgia Company Meeting

20 November 2010 - Georgia Company Meeting

12 June 2010 - Georgia Company Meeting

21 November 2009 - Georgia Company Meeting

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