Books by Don L. Shadburn in the
Pioneer Cherokee Heritage Series

by Don Shadburn

Pioneer History Of Forsyth County, Georgia  
     This 736-page book is the first published history of Forsyth County.  It contains 33 chapters of detailed family histories, population and mortality census records, slaveholders (1840-1860), marriages (1833-1853), early Baptist and Methodist church  histories and membership rolls, merchant ledger and daybook entries (1845-1860), Old Milton County records, 203 newspaper obituaries (1890's through 1920's), grand and petit jury lists (1833-1854), disinterment and reinterment of graves in the Lake Lanier reservoir area(1956), 132 photos and maps with eight pen and ink sketches and many other resources for readers and family history sleuths. Laminated hardcase, 736 pages; 132 photos, maps, drawings; 11 sections of appendices(Federal, State & County Records. (Third printing; 1981, 1985, 1996)

Cherokee Planters in Georgia 1832-1838
    This book of historical essays on Georgia's 11 "Cherokee counties" is the only work published anywhere on Georgia's Cherokee natives and Indian countrymen on a grassroots level. This academic work, which has become a standard reference, carries over 600 source notes and two indexes. The book is illustrated with 93 plats from 1832 Cherokee ,surveys and maps of the 11 counties. The book was reviewed in the Fall of 1990 in the Georgia Historical Quarterly by Theda Perdue, Cherokee historian at the University of Kentucky, by Kenneth H. Thomas in his "Genealogy" column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and by Rowena Mills in the Tulsa (Okla) Tribune.
    This history, sponsored by the Forsyth County Heritage Foundation, represents the first of two volumes on Georgia's Cherokees, mixed-bloods, and Indian Countrymen. The work is based on a careful study of 19th-century sources, primarily the Cherokee Census of 1835, 1832 survey records of original Cherokee County, Cherokee property valuations of 1836, and records of payments made to claimants by the government prior to removal. The book contains detailed information (with over 600 source notes) on Cherokee planters in 11 counties created in 1832-33 from original Cherokee County surveys: Cass (later Bartow), Cherokee, Cobb, Floyd, Forsyth, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Murray, Paulding, Union and Walker.
    This reprint edition contains 434 pages with two indexes, source notes, and three sections of detailed appendices: Cherokee Emigrants to Arkansas Country, 1831-32; 1834 State Census Schedules for nine of the counties; and the text of the Treaty of New Echota, 1835-36. Illustrations include 93 plats from 1832 surveys showing Indian improvements and town sites and 12 county maps with early town sites, improvements, roads, ferries, and streams.
Selected Chapter Titles:
Cass [Bartow]. Empire County of Georgia
Forsyth: Gateway to the Cherokee Frontier
Cherokee: Cradle of the Etowah Indians
Gilmer: Mother of the Mountain Towns
Cobb: Cousin to the Creek Nation
Walker: Home of the Chickamaugans
This perennial selling book on Cherokee farmers and Indian countrymen (white men with Indian families) who lived on Georgia's final frontier west of the Chattahoochee River is now available for the first time in a laminated hardcase copy. If you missed it in 1989, take advantage of this rare opportunity to own your personal copy of the second volume in Shadburn's 4-volume Pioneer- Cherokee Heritage Series!! This is the only book published anywhere on Georgia's Cherokee population prior to removal years on a county-to-county basis!


Unhallowed Intrusion: A History of Cherokee FamiIies in Forsyth County, Georgia (1993; reprinted October 1998)
    This 803-page volume is the only detailed historical and genealogical work published on any Georgia county's Indian population. The book is illustrated with 192 photos and plantation maps. Unhallowed Intrusion received the first Lilla Mills Hawes Award given by the Georgia Historical Society in 1995 for the most outstanding regional history published in 1993-94. In a letter of May 9, 1995 to the author, W. Todd Groce, Executive Director, wrote that the Awards Committee recognized the book's "insightful use of local history, particularly genealogical sources and family histories," and added: "The work has significance, not only to Forsyth County, but also to the areas included in the relocation of these families in Indian Territory." In October 1993, Kenneth H. Thomas wrote a lengthy review in his Atlanta Journal-Constitution column.
    Shadburn is recognized today as a leading research authority on Georgia families of Cherokee blood descent.

Crimson and Sabres: A Confederate Record of Forsyth County, Georgia
(1997, with historian Ted 0. Brooke)
    This 500-page book is the first Confederate record published on Forsyth County's Confederate veterans, pensioners and widows. Among the detailed records is a 130-page chapter of abstracts for almost 600 pensioners, an important genealogical source. Another chapter documents all ex-Confederate soldiers (a total of 67) whose gravesites have a Confederate marker, including photos of the markers, in 23 cemeteries, plus the 1863 "Joe Brown Census" and many soldier rosters for State Troops, militia, militia cavalry, and others never before published.


Blood Kin:
Pioneer Chronicles of Upper Georgia Centered in Forsyth County

Words of Appreciation x
Foreword xi
A Glimpse of Old Testament Genealogy
I. The Pioneer Period

1. James R. Tatum: Pioneer Life in North Georgia/1-10
2. Dr. John Hockenhull's Voyage Across the Atlantic/11-19
3. Public Ferries on the Upper Chattahoochee and Etowah River/21-37
4A. John Jolly: First Sheriff of Cherokee and Forsyth/38a
4. Hubbard Barker: Sheriff, Ordinary, and Militia Captain/39-42
5. Col. Ira R. Foster: Quartermaster General of Georgia,
6. Surviving Soldiers of the Seminole Indian War/51-59

 II. Pioneer Families

7. Bennett, Joel Sr., Family/61-68
8. Bettis, James, Family/69-75
9. Blackstock, William, Family/77-84
10. Blanton, Pinkney, Family/85-87
11. Burruss, John J., Family/89-96
12. Chastain, Madison C., Family/97-103
13. Cockburn, George and James, Families/105-110
14. Cunningham, Matthew Elias, Family/111-117
15. Dooley, James, Family/119-123
16. Durham, Charles, Family/125-131
17. Edwards, Andrew, Family/133-140
18. Estes, Miles, Family/141-145
19. Ezzard, George W., Family/147-149
20. Foster, Ransom, Family/151-153
21. Gilstrap, William, Family/155-160
22. Green, Newton, Family/161-167
23. Hammond, Joseph, Family/169-172
24. Hill, Reuben, Family/173-177
25. Holbrook, Samuel, Family/179-182
26. Hunter, William M., Family/183-189
27. Ledbetter, Moses, Family/191-197
28. Light, John Russell, Family/199-202
29. Lummus, Andrew Jackson, Family/203-208
30. Mashburn, Elisha, Family/209-218
31. McAfee, James, Family/219-226
32. McFarland, George W., Family/227-231
33. Moor, Frederick A., Family1233-240
34. Nuckolls, James Alexander, Family/241-246
35. Phillips, Daniel M., Family/247-252
36. Pool, John, Family/253-255
37. Reese, Samuel Posey, Family/257-261
38. Robertson, William Hill, Family263-268
39. Samples, Charles, Family/269-277
40. Sams, Esquire, Family/279-282
41. Sewell, Joshua L., Jr., Family/283-287
42. Smith, Aaron, Family1289-296
43. Stovall, William, Family/297-304
44. Strickland, Hardy, Family/305-310
45. Summerour, Harrison, Family/311-314
46. Tatum, Hugh, Family/315-320
47. Thompson, Joseph R., Family/321-330
48. Thornton, Josiah, Family/331-338
49. Tinsley, Ransom Foster, Family/339 342
50. Vaughan, William, Family1343-346
5 1. Vaughan, William Willis, Family/347-349
52. Weems, Darius R., Family/351-354
53. Whitmire, Christopher, Family1355-358
54. Woodliff, George Franklin, Family1359-364
55. Youngblood, James Walker, Family/365-370
56. Pioneer Profiles/371-398a
     1. Allen, Beverly
     2. Allen, William A.
     3. Bell, George E.
     4. Bell, George Harris
     5. Bennett, Leonidas J.
     6. Davis, Ephraim
     7. Foster, L. L. (Lumpkin)
     8. Francis, Thomas
     9. Guthrie, Rufus E.
     10. Huggins, Rev. D. J.
     11. Kellogg, George Walter
     12. McClure, John M. L.
     13. Porter, George Kellogg
     14. Sherrill, Henry William
     15. Singleton, John C.
     16. Vaughan, Andrew G., and Nalley Records
     17. Jones, Seaborn
     18. Douglass, Benjamin Franklin
     19. Patterson, Enoch

III. Appendices

                    I. Deed Book A: Original Cherokee and Forsyth County 1832-1834/399-434
                    II. History of Judicial Circuits of Forsyth County,
                    III. Early Settlers at Orrsville: A Merchant's Daybook (1836) 1455-463
                    IV. Died One Day Last Week: Newspaper Obituaries (1923-1929) 1465-502
List of Contributors/503-507 Index/509


     Photographs are found on pages
Survey Plats
     Survey plats of fractional ferry lots are found on pages
    1. Map of Forsyth County showing ferry crossings on the Chattahoochee River
    2. Map of Cobb County (portion) showing ferry crossings on the
        Chattahoochee River



Chief James Vann: Cherokee Bonaparte. A history and a legend.

   Part I.
        James Vann: Profile of a Cherokee Chief

            Chapter 1. A Man of Rising Importance/1
            Chapter 2. Chief Vann's 'Murderous Conduct'/10
            Chapter 3. 'Tragical End of James Vann'/24
            Chapter 4. Spring Place Legacy of Joseph Vann/31

    Part II.
Chief James Vann's Chattahoochee Plantation

            Chapter 5. Vann's Plantation and Ferry in Forsyth County/44
            Chapter 6. Buck Williams' Ferry and the Boyd Farm/68
            Source Notes/73
            For Further Reading/78


Supplement A. Articles of Agreement on the Federal Road/79
Supplement B. Last Will and Testament of James Vann/81
Supplement C. Excavations at the Vann Tavern Site/84
Supplement D. Reconstruction of Vann's Tavern at New Echota/89
Supplement E. Disinterment at Blackburn Cemetery:
             The Franklin Fenenga Report/93-102


Photos, maps, and other illustrations are found on pages 8, 15, 21, 29, 32, 33, 37, 38, 50, 54, 55, 64 and 69.
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