Articles About Forsyth County or Forsyth County People

Locust Invasion 1834

The Old Pirkle Home Place  by Marsha Pirkle Webb

Cumming Bandstand  by Annette Bramblett

Excerpts from Cherokee Countryman Magazine of the Forsyth County Historical and Genealogical Society

FORSYTH, John 1780 - 1841
                       Forsyth County GA was named for him.

WELLBORN, Olin Congressional Biography
                       1843-1921 born in Cumming, Forsyth County, Ga

Georgia Death Certificates

Vann's Ferry Lease      by Donna Parrish

Early Settlers        by Donna Parrish

Treasure Stories   by Donna Parrish

"Smokey and the Bandit" by Donna Parrish

Sam Street Story  
         by Ted Brooke agrees with the story told in the Sheltonville History

Snapshots by Ga DCA
          From Georgia Department of Community Affairs

            list of site which are in urgent need of preservation attention
            --The Story
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Wildcat Murder    Wildcat Murder Trials  by  Sam Anderson   

White Slavery      Woman sold into bondage by her husband by Sam Anderson ( ignore popup)  or White Slavery

Bell Article on Early Forsyth County 14th District
David Bell

Books by Don L. Shadburn in the Pioneer Cherokee Heritage Series
        by Don Shadburn
       Make any purchase arrangements with Don.

Newspaper Transcriptions from 1912 Attempted rape, Rape, Murder Case
         by Brenda Webb with notes by Donna 

Life and Times of William Penn Patterson
          by Ted Paxton, our current Sheriff of Forsyth County

Ruined Lives  About the Roswell Mills   mentions Adeline Bagley

Lucius Appling   buried at Sawnee View in Forsyth County


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