Forsyth County Ga History and Records
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Forsyth County GA Census Records

Census 1834 The 1st census for this county by Donna Parrish
1834 Annotations   (Partial) By Bill Page
Census 1835 Cherokees only by Donna Parrish  
Census 1840 by Bonnye Leary
Census 1850 1-300 From  usgenweb/ga/    Archives
Census 1850 301-1250  by   Sharon Bennett Williams
Census 1850 1251 - end   partial Not online
Search the 1850 Census From Family Search
Census 1851  Cherokes by Native American Genealogy
Census 1860 by Joy Clark   courtesy of her family
Census 1863 by Donna Parrish
Census 1870 by Marsha Roach
Search the 1880 Census From Family Search -
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Set Census to 1880 United States Census
Census 1880 Partial Index from the Records of Donna Parrish
Census 1880 Mortality Schedule From USGenWeb Census Project by Bob Torbert  
Census 1890 There is no 1890 Census for Forsyth - see why
Census 1900 Black Propertyowners by Donna Parrish
Search the 1900 Census From Family Search
Census 1920  partial From Brenda Webb


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Forsyth County Ga History and Records