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Name Title Date Appointed

William H. Ray Postmaster 01/13/1834

Daniel N. Smith Postmaster 04/22/1839

Chapley B. Wellborn Postmaster 06/16/1841

Wiley B. Hutchins Postmaster 12/09/1844

William T. Foster Postmaster 09/12/1845

John Jolly Postmaster 02/03/1848

Noah Strong Postmaster 04/09/1849

Robert D. Mullins Postmaster 12/16/1852

William M. Reese Postmaster 06/15/1853

James A. Bogle Postmaster 03/10/1855

James M. West Postmaster 04/15/1856

George W. Boon Postmaster 10/26/1857

William D. Bentley Postmaster 07/16/1860

James R. Knox Postmaster 11/02/1865

John Cain Jr. Postmaster 09/08/1873

George A. Webster Postmaster 05/31/1875

Frank H. Nichols Postmaster 08/19/1878

Isaac S. Clements Postmaster 12/26/1882

Joseph G. Puett Postmaster 02/25/1889

John E. Puett Postmaster 08/01/1889

William S. Davenport Postmaster 09/09/1893

John E. Puett Postmaster 09/15/1897

Oscar Hyde Postmaster 11/30/1912

Alman G. Hockenhull Postmaster 09/11/1913

John E. Puett Postmaster 12/22/1922

Augustus C. Kennemore Postmaster 04/11/1928

Kirby A. Kemp Postmaster 02/22/1934

Joe P. Bramblett Acting Postmaster 03/01/1949

Walter P. Hughes Postmaster 03/05/1951

Henry Ray Taylor Acting Postmaster 07/31/1958

Henry Ray Taylor Postmaster 04/29/1960

William A. Housley Officer-In-Charge 06/30/1972

William A. Housley Postmaster 12/09/1972

George B. Allen Officer-In-Charge 09/22/1989

Roger A. Finley Officer-In-Charge 09/30/1989

Leman C. Parks Postmaster 11/18/1989

George B. Allen Officer-In-Charge 02/26/1999

Phillip A. Kingry Postmaster 03/27/1999

Joseph J. Mauldin Postmaster 01/13/2001

Sandra L. Hare Officer-In-Charge 02/14/2003

Mark A. Forward Postmaster 12/27/2003

Sandra Hare Officer-In-Charge 02/04/2005  

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