Family History by E.W.Bennett 1988

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Surnames: Patterson, Owen, Harrison, Nelson, Westbrook, Ledford, Campbell, Cantrell, White,
Everett, Paxton, Kinsey, Byrd, Chambers, Mayfield, Mathis, Godfrey, Brasher, Willis, Nichols,
Cole, Justus, Crawford, Cargile



Leonidas Jordan Bennett. born 1857. was the son of Messer Bennett and Sarah Phillips
Bennett. Leonidas was called Lon for short. In 1885 Lon married Rozzie Dell Patterson
who was born in 1866. She was the daughter of Hiram Patterson and Louisa Singleton

Lon and Dell's first born was a son. (name) Hiram Clayton Bennett. who died at the age of
4 with rabies from a rabid dog.

The second child was a daughter, (name) Sarah Lou Bennett. who married Nathan Jones
at the age of 17. She was killed in the same year (1903) by a tornado in Gainesville,

The third child was a daughter, (name) Zona M. Bennett. who died at the age of 9 with a
ruptured appendix.

The fourth child was a son. (name) Lee Alvin Bennett. who married Beulah Owen. They
had two daughters, (name) Idiline Bennett and (name) Louise Bennett. Idiline married
Glenn Bennett: they were no blood kin. They had two sons. (name) Terrel G. Bennett and
(name) Larry E. Bennett. Idiline's second marriage was to Douglas S. Harrison (no
children). Louise Bennett married Grady Nelson. They had one son (name) Lee Nelson.

The fifth child was a daughter, (name) Stella Arvelene Bennett. She married Rufus
Jefferson Westbrook. and they had one son (nane) Rufus Claybourn Westbrook, (R.C.)
for short. One daughter. Mildred Blanche Westbrook was born. R.C. married Florence
Ledford. They have one daughter, Barbara Marie Westbrook, and one son (name) Larry
Rufus Westbrook. Mildred Westbrook married Vance Campbell, and they have one
daughter (name) Carol Campbell.and one son (name) Vance Campbell, Jr.

The sixth child was a son, (name) Clarence Allen Bennett, who married Bessie Cantrell.
They had two daughters, (name) Reba Bennett and (name) Melba Bennett. Reba married
Bradford White, and they have two daughters named Annette White and Donna White.
Melba married Dean Everett and they have one adopted daughter, (name) Lisa Everett.

The seventh child was a daughter. Gertrude Elvira Bennett (Gertie for short). Gertie
married William Penn Patterson. They had two daughters, (name) Virginia Dell Patterson
and (name) Evelyn Patterson. One son Is named Hayward Patterson. Virginia married
Maurice Paxton, and thev have one son (name) Theodore Paxton and one daughter,
(name) Jan Paxton. Evelvn married William (Bill) Kinsey. They have two sons. (name)
Robert Kinsey and (name) Ronnie Kinsey. Hayward Patterson married Fern Byrd. They
have one daughter (name) Cathy Patterson. and one son. (name) Tony Patterson.

The eighth child was a daughter. Lorena Vada Bennett. Vada married Guy Chambers, and
they had two daughters, (name) Idell Chambers and (name)

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Marcelle Chambers. Two sons were named Guy Chambers. Jr. and Eugene Chambers.
Idell married Lawrence Mayfield, and they had three sons, (name) Richard Mayfield,
(name) Ronald Mayfield, (name) Nathaniel Mayfield, and two daughters (name) Myra
Mayfield and (name) Annette Mayfield. Marcelle Chambers married Claude Mathis. They
have two sons (name) Donnie Mathis and (name) Dennis Mathis, one daughter (name)
Carolyn Mathis. Guy Chambers. Jr. married Grace Grogan. and they had one daughter,
(name) Marie Chambers, and one son (name) Charlie Chambers. Eugene Chambers
married Inez Cantrell. They had one daughter (name) Dorothy Chambers and one son
(name) Jackson Chambers.

The ninth child was Cora Esther Bennett. Esther married John Belk Godfrey, who
became a United Methodist Minister after marriage. They had three sons. (name) Ralph
Godfrey, (name) Ray Godfrey, (name) James Godfrey. and one daughter (name) Agnes
Godfrey. Ralph married Olivene Brasher. They have one son. (name) Barry Godfrey.
Ray married Joyce Willis. and they have three daughters, (name) Kay Godfrey. (name)
Mary Godfrey. and (name) Joyce Ann Godfrey. Agnes Godfrey married Alvin Nichols.
and they have two sons. (name) John Nichols and (name) Bryan Nichols. James Godfrey
married Martha Cole. and they have two sons. (name) Jamie Godfrey and (name) Rick
Godfrey. One daughter (name) Patti Godfrey.

The tenth child, a son. (name) Ethan Waldo Bennett. the last born to Lon and Dell
Bennett. Ethan married Cleo Bennett (they were no blood kin). They had one daughter,
(name) Jamie Ruthel Bennett (died Jan 14, 1999), and one son (a stillbirth), no name.
Ruthel married Denson Justus (no children). Her second marriage was to Peter Crawford.
They have three daughters, (name) Anne, (name) Catherine Crawford. and (name) Jane
Crawford, and one son (name) Peter Crawford, Jr. After Cleo Bennett deceased, Ethan
married Lucille Roberts Cargile. She died of cancer on our 12th wedding anniversary.

The above information covers four generations of the Bennett family kindred.

Written by E. W. Bennett

(Ethan Waldo Bennett)

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