"Some South Carolina County Records Vol 2"
Submitted by Sharon Bennett-Williams



BENNET, Ester pg. 393
Samuel 393
James N 393
Leonora 393
Hiram 326 (see below )
Micijah 309
John Jr. 286
John 436,555
Mary 287,555
Stephen 183

BENNETT, _ 522
Elijah 268
James N. 412
James 397
John B. 143,309
John L. 356
John 80,376
Jorial 5
Joseph 90,105,328
Martha 356
Mason 185
Mayson 185
Micajah 308
Mr. 388
Rosannah 143
Samuel 397,386,387
Thomas 131

BENNETT, Thomas 184
William O 356
William 387

BENNETTE, James 412
Pg. 326

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Elizabeth A. Reid, guardian. Heirs of Abram Powell and wife Sarah A.
Chastain, William S. Robertson, Hugh Allen, Cornelius Keith, Heirs of
John Castle and wife Milley, Abigail Allen widow.

Bk A, p. 20 Joseph Underwood owned 500 acres on waters of Cane Creek,
part of which  was originally granted to John C. Kilpatrick and the
other part to Jesse Nevill. Dated 7 Oct 1835.  Benjamin King applicant
vizt: John Davenport, Elizabeth Lewis widow of Charles Lewis, dec'd.,
Heirs of John Whitesides, dec'd. George Russell, Mary Kelley, Joseph
King, Samuel King, Jonathan King.  Letty Guffee.

Bk A, p. 21 James Blackstock owened land on waters of Tugaloo River
bounded by William Barton, Esq., Thomas Collins and others.  Dated Jan.
1836.  Levina Blackstock applicant vizt: Sarah Blackstock, John Evans
and wife Milly, Nehemiah Blackstock, John Blackstock, Richard Blackstock
defendants.  Advertised 8 weeks for absent legatees.

Bk A, p. 22 James Henson owned 100 acres on waters of Conneross Creek.
Dated 17 May 1836.  Thomas Vissage plaintiff vizt:  Clayborn Rothel and
wife Delilah.  Elijah Leathers & wife Melinder.  Walter Billingsby &
wife Susannah.  John Grindal and wife Rachel.  Joseph Henson, Charles
Henson, Heirs of James Henson, dec'd.  Robert Taylor & wife Nancy.

Bk A, p. 23 Benjamin Morgan owned 240 acres lying on Keowee River near
the village of Pickens.  Dated 6 June 1836.  Mahlon Morgan applicant
vizt: Frances Morgan widow. Sarah Teague (or Rabkin), Thomas Morgan,
Nancy Tench, William Morgan, Manos Morgan, John O'Bryant & wife
Elizabeth, John Morgan, Benjamin Morgan, Charles C. Morgan, Isebella
Morgan, Benson Stephens & wife Eleanor.

Bk A, p. 24 Eli Davis owned 250 acres on Taugaloo River.  Dated 6 June
1836.  Birdwell Hill applicant vizt:  John L. Davis, Eli South,  John L.
M. Thompson, Sarah Clanahan, Mead Davis minor, T. W. Harbin guardian,
Demsey  Yow.  Advertised for absent legatees.

Bk A, p. 25 Morgan Morgan owned 200 acres on Cane Creek bounded by lands
of John Rusk and others on which is a grist mill.  Dated 6 June 1838.
Benjamin Sego applicat vizt:  Elizabeth Morgan widow, Joseph Morgan,
David Morgan, Henry Head & wife Mary,  Benjamin Head & wife Katharine,
Joshua Stephens & wife Elizabeth ....Pool & wife Miriam.  Joseph
Stephens & wife Anna.

Bk A, p. 26 Burwell Green owned 200 acres on Conneross Creek joining
lands of John Adair. Tract of 257 acres on Chauga River joing lands of
Almond Powell, 93 acres joining Abner Honea and Samuel Hunt on waters of
Choestoe. Dated 9 Jun 1836. Asa A. Green & John O. Green applicants
vizt:  Phoebe Green widow,  Archbald Walker & wife Margaret, Garland
Hardwick & wife Lucy, Jeremiah Gibson & wife Elizabeth, Jane Caldwell,
William Green, Burwell Green & Lewis T. Green defendants.  Notice was
given to absent legatees.

Bk A, p. 27 Henry H. Anderson owned 164 acres on waters of Cane Creek
bounded by lands of William
Hall & Phoebe Pitmon.  Dated 24 July 1836. Susan Anderson widow
applicant vizt:  Elizabeth Anderson mother of deceased.  HIRAM BENNET &
wife. Denny Anderson, William Leonard, James Anderson, Jr., Thomas
Leonard & wife. Heirs of Samuel Anderson, dec'd. John Anderson
defendants.  Mary Anderson a minor.

Bk A, p. 28  Lazarus Moore owned 636 acres on Snow Creek joining lands
of John C. Kilpatrick & Jonathan Reeder.  Dated November 1836, Anges
Moore defendant vizt: Thomas Moore, defendant.

Bk A, p. 29  Moses Hendricks owned 1 tract called the School House tract
100 acres more or less bounded by lands of Daniel Looper, Moses Hendrix
and others.  On other tract 100 acres bounded by Jeremiah Looper &
Daniel Looper. Dated January 1837. Duncan Hendrix saith that the Real
Estate of his Grandfather Moses Hendrix
, dec'd. is not worth one thousand dollars.  Moses Hendrix applicant
vizt: Susan Hendrix,
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