The info that follows came from James W. Chastain's bible. My mother found the person who has it years ago.


James W. Chastain   b.  11-Jan-1813   d.  8-Dec-1882   occupation-farmer

married Eliziabeth Clayton Smith on 10-Jan-1840 at Concord Baptish Church in Forsyth Co. Ga.

She was b.3-Dec-1821   d.1-June-1910


Deckey R. b.9-July-1841 married Joseph Plennous on 25-Aug-1859  
Aswhel b.30-Mar-1844 d.16-April-1885  
Johnathian F. b.7-Nov-1846 married Marion? d.18-April-1885
Joel Benjaman b.6-June-1852 married Daline Conron on 21-Aug-1870  
Nancy Jane b.10-June-1854   married Andrew C. Bottems on 8-April-1869    
Frances Malinda b.10-June-1854   d.25-Nov-1865
Sarah Elizibeth b.1-Jan-1856   d.6-Oct-1858
John S. or M. b.12-July-1862   d.2-Mar-1875
Martha Ann b.6-Sept-1860 married Henry J. Woods on 25-Mar-1880 d.2-Jan-1898
Mary Louis b.26-Sept-1866    


Mary Louis Chastain b.26-Sept-1866  d.17-June-1941


Henry Jackson Harris    b.11-July-1862   d.19-June-1932

both are buried in Friendship Baptish Church Cem. Forsyth Co. Ga


France Eliziabeth b.10-Nov-1884         married J.H. Worley on 27-Jan-1907
William Benjaman   b.24-Aug-1886 married Laura Westbrooks on Dec-1909
Odel Jane b.15-Sept-1888 married J.E. Chadwick on July-1911
 Luther Tillman b.12-Oct-1890 married Annie Eates on 23-July-1911
Maggie Lenorie b.27-April-1893 married M.V. Byers in Aug-1910
Vernie Eugene b.25-May-1895
Lillie Bell b.25-Dec-1897 married Guy Tate on 23-Feb-1917
 Robert Lee b.10-Feb-1900
Odel b.1-Oct-1902 married James Cook on 10-June-1935        
Dorthy Kate b.1908 d1919


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