Richard Fincher was the son of Johnathan Fincher and Jane Bushy of Chester Co.  S.C. (Johnathan son of John son of Francis)

Richard m Ann Forbeus July 2, 1772  Guilford Co. N.C

Their son was Jesse Fincher

Elias Fincher's wife was Mariann West  dau of John and Obedience "Bridget" West  of Greenville, S.C.


1880 Census - Kaufman Co. - Texas

John W. Fincher 37 Ga. Ga. Tenn
Emily Jane 35 N.C. N.C. N.C.
Charley d. 14 Ga. Ga. "
Georgia d. 12 " " "
William 10 " " "
Robert A. 8 Ark " "
Paul 5 Ga. " "
Floyd 1 Tex " "

Another child, Addie Nora was born 9 Feb. 1887 in Corsicana, Navaroo Co. Tex.

I can find no record, yet, of Emily Fincher's death. Her grandson, Thomas Morley never saw her, and he was born in 1919.

John Wesley Fincher died in Slaton, Lubbuck Co. Tex. 6 June 1931. He is buried in Amarillo. He lived in Amarillo for a long time, I think.

Addie Nora Fincher married Edwin Morley, probably about 1914. Their third child, Thomas was born 27 July 1919 in Amarillo. Edwin Morley was born in Leeswood, Flint Co. Wales, 3 Feb. 1880, and died 31 May 1960 in Amarillo.

Addie Nora Morley died 4 March 1966 in Amarillo.

Thomas Arthur Morley married Doris Lorraine Long 24 July 1949 or 50.

Doris Lorraine Long born 24 July 1926, Hedley, Donlevy Co. Tex.

Her parants are John Arvel Long and Beatrice Bell.

Pamela Jane Morley, their second child, married my son, Kennth John Bennett, 8 April 1972.


Jesse Fincher aged 86 yrs. 2 mo. 6 dy

6 Mar 1775 - 22 May 1861

Tombstone at Corinth Church, Forsyth

County, Co. Ga. (formerly Samples, then

Williams family cemetery)

27 Dec. 1845 (Book H -468) Jesse Fincher Sr. deeded 7 town lots to:

David Hudgins of Ala.

Joseph Fincher H468, H469, I204,

Elias Fincher L148, L149, L175,

Elias Fincher, trustee for Jemima Calahan on pages above all

Nancy Tate deeded their share

Jesse Samples to William Fincher

William Fincher

Jesse Samples 25 Dec. 1808-25 Dec. 1867 Tombstones at Corinth

Phebe Samples 15 Sept. 1810- 5 Feb. 1901

Obituary for Phebe says nee Fincher, Dau of Jesse Fincher,

moved with her family from NC - North Ga. Bapt. 15 Feb. 1901

Elias Fincher

Marion West Fincher died 4 Aug. 1856 - buried Cumming - Tombstone

Elias and Mariann West named in will of John West of

Greenville, S.C. John West's wife was Bridget (Obedience).

(Greenville Bist. Probate Rec Apt 8 File 519)

one deed says Elias of Murray Co. Ga.

FINCHER family. A Press, Inc. has sent me a flyer advertising Fincher in the USA

1623-1900. I have not seen this book, but it does contain a section on Elias Fincher of Whit-

field County, Ga. which is apparently the same Elias Fincher who was here. Direct all questions

to A Press, Inc. P.O. Box 8796 Greenville, S.C., 29604.

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