Curtis Green  / Sallie Bell  

 Curtis Greene, Esq., was born in Wilkes county, Ga., December 7th 1790 and died in Forsyth county, Ga., April 6th 1873. Mrs. Sallie Greene, his wife, was born in Guilford county, North Carolina, March 5th 1788 and died March the 7th 1873. They were married in August 1810. Their offspring were three sons and one daughter. The eldest son died about one year ago in Texas. 
Mr. Greene represented Forsyth county in the Legislature in 1838, 1849, 1840, and 1841. 

Curtis Green
abstracted from a small booklet written in by L. H. Green

Curtis Green born Wilkes County GA 7 Dec 1790 md Aug 1810
Sallie Bell born Gilford Co NC    (See Francis Bell Bible)

Newton Green b. 13 Jul 1814 md Malinda Gansaway (Gazaway) d. 6 Mar 1871
Leroy Pope Green b. 10 Nov 1816 md 1867 Miss Jane Hutchens
James Addison Green b. 10 Nov 1816 md 15 Oct 1840 Miss Nancy Jane Woodliff - first wife
Elizabeth Evaline Green b. 18 Mar 1818 d. unmarried 13 Nov 1891

Several facts in this booklet on the children other than James Addison Green
(the father of the author - L. H. Green) have been altered by their descendants.

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