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Surname Listings
page 1.) David Huggins, Green Huggins, John Huggins, Elizabeth Huggins, James Maxwell, Letty Pugh, Caroline Huggins, Issac M. Brownlow, Elizabeth Isbell, Cullen Davis, Ruthy Isbel Stegall, Nancy Stegall Sandy Smith William Huggins.
Page 2.) Sandy Smith, Matilda Huggins, James Maxwell, Davis Robert Svcott, John Huggins, William Huggins, David Huggins, Green Huggins.
John T. Huggins, Margaret J. Thacker, Charles Huggins, Ella Huggins, Thomas E. Huggins, Thaddius D. Huggins.Page 3.) John Huggins, David Jasper Huggins, Mary Sams, Reuben Sams, Martha Sams, Samuel Huggins.
Martha Elizabeth Huggins, William H. Martin, Matilda Clementine Huggins, John Thomas Gazaway, George Williams Washington Huggins,
Page 4.)
Nancy Emily Huggins, Samantha Josephine Huggins, James Sanford Ellington, John Lewis Huggins, Martha Ann Augusta Howard, Samuel Howard , Mary Howard, Jasper Newton Huggins, Jasper Gazaway, John A. Gazaway, Mary Gazaway, Thomas E. Gazaway, Martha E. Gazaway, Charles Wade Huggins, Nettie Morris, John David Huggins, Georgia Ethel Smith, George Howard Huggins, Benjamin L. Huggins, Forrest Clayton Huggins,annie Wilder.
Josie Huggins, Willaim Samuel Wilson, Edith Wilson Coker, Johnnie B. Wilson, William Samuel Wilson Jr.
Page 5.)
Charley Huggins , Nettie Huggins, Pauline Vencile Huggins, Gladys Onnie Huggins, Ralph Pinyan, Irene Marjorie Huggins, Charley T. Huggins, Lowery Ohlen Huggins, Catherine Juanita Huggins, Nina Emily Huggins Harper Earl, Dock Pinyan, Callie Pinyan, Elizabeth Pinyan, Dorothy Pinyan, MacRee Pinyan, Martha Pinyan, Patricia Pinyan, Howard Huggins, Leo Wilson Huggins, Howard Eugen Huggins, Charles Tully Huggins, Ruby Minola Huggins, Forrest Huggins,Forrest Huggins, Annie Wilder Huggins, Herbert Clayton Huggins, J.C. Huggins, Wade William Huggins,Georgia Naomi Wooten, Lillie Plume(Plummer) Huggins, Everette Morris Huggins, Cleo Josie Huggins, Geneva Inez Huggins, John David Huggins, Louis Fred Huggins, Hester Mardelle Huggins, Willie Arlene Rabern. Pierce Lamar Huggins, Dorice Augusta Huggins, Foster Lee Huggins.
Page 6
.) Mildred Louise Devroe, George Huggins, Sarah Rolland, Tilman L. Huggins, Mary M. Huggins, Emma M. Huggins.
Connecting this Huggins branch is not an easy task. There are many questions yet to be answered. Bear in mind, this is a work in progress. I will
begin by giving you the reader, the earliest records that I have found so far, which at this point is where I am in my search. Then, I will bring you up to present day. I have not given any information upon assumption, other than the introductory paragragh. All other facts I have found through various sources and of course obtained copies where possible .One could assume many facts regarding this first portion of information, however, without finding some type of documention I will NOT record the info. to be fact!
Earliest records that I have found so far are 1820 land lottery with David, Green & John Huggins appearing in Hall/Cherokee Cty, Ga.
John Huggins 1830 Hall Cty, Ga. census
All three men are found on 1834 Forsyth Cty, Ga. census.
Later census records show that both David & Elizabeth Huggins were born in SC. Elizabeth’s age 75 and Davids age 70.(1850 Forsyth Cty. census)
Green married Letty Pugh born in NC. Their daughter Caroline married Isaac M. Brownlow at the age of 40 in Forsyth Cty, Ga. record E pg. 32 4/02/1877. The record states her father(Green) to be deceased. Letty is found as a widow on census by 1845.
*special Notes about David & Elizabeth
There was a marriage recorded in South Carolina of Elizabeth Isbel to David Huggins. I do not know the county, but Elizabeths mother died in Pendleton District, SC. I found the information on several different submitted pedigrees under the Isbell Surname. These records show Elizabeth Isbel born 2/07/1783. **Is this the David & Elizabeth shown above in Ga. in 1820-50? if I could find and prove a yes or no answer this would be progress and perhaps help make connections with the correct family.
Fact: Forsyth Cty, Ga. May 1, 1837 David Huggins and Cullen Davis are held & firmly bound, unto the inferrior court sitting for ordinace purposes, sum of $500 sealed and dated 5/1/1837. David Huggins is appointed legal guardian of Ruthy Isbel Stegal. Orphan daughter of Nancy Stegall.
Could this be an Isbell connection as mentioned above?
Note: Cullen Davis (male) neighbor on census. Leaving the reader with the above mentioned information, which I mentioned, is what I am now working on: ... I present the following:

Descendants of John Huggins
born about 1790-1800 Ga(?) married Matilda(maiden name unknown) born SC about 1800 (information taken from son’s Bible, which now is in posession of Sandy Smith) Aurthors Note: I have not been able to locate any documentation of this marriage as of this time.
(There is record that John Huggins, William Huggins and James Maxwell are granted permission to pass through that part of the Cherokee Nation on
their way to Pendleyton County. State of Ga. Oct. 25, 1804 Source: Early settlers of Ga. by: Davis Robert Scott & records of the Cherokee Agency in Tenn. National Archives Micro Copy M-28, rolls 1-7,13.)
I did find John & William Huggins 1800 census Pendleton District SC. this would connect with David & Elizabeth Isbel Huggins.>
1820 Land Lottery of Ga. Franklin Cty, Ga;
~John Huggins drew in Appling, Ga. William & Green drew in Early Cty,Ga. ~ However,* John, Green & David are all found on the 1834 Forsyth Cty, Ga. census.
John Huggins found 1830 Hall County,Ga. census
1831 - John Huggins takes “Oath of Allegiance” to continue his residence in that part of the State occupied by the Cherokee Indians.
1840 Cherokee Cty, Ga. census page 169, 818th district:
1 male 20-30
1 female under 5 yrs.
1 female 20-30 yrs.
1 female 50-60
* there is a mark under the group of females 70-80 yrs. but it isn’t clear and could be a blemish, not intended to mak the block.
below information taken from 1845 Forsyth Cty, Ga census * Matilda Huggins shown as widow at this time Note: Have found no record of death or burial for John Huggins (could possibly be in a cemetery that was flooded during the construction of lake lanier.?)
1. male age 15/20 born 1820-1825
2.female age 10-15 born 1820-1830
3.)male age 10/15 born 4/28/1828 (*David Jasper Huggins)
4.)female age 10/15 born 1825-1830
5.)female 5/10 born 1830-1835
6.) male 5/10 born 1830-1835
7.) female under 5 born1835-1840
8.)female under 5 born 1835-1840
9.)male(*John) under 5 born 6/18399 *name was proved on later census, see below.
According to early school and church records possible names of children above are: Fanny, Sally, Lucinda, William, Mary Ann Polly, Nancy Jane, Missouri.
John T. Huggins married Margaret J. Thacker(?) Forsyth Cty, Ga.
1900 census Cherokee Cty, Ga.
1.)Charles b. 10/08/1894
2.)Ella M. Huggins b. 5/26/1896 (died 11/1981 Chatsworth, Ga.)
3.) Thomas E. b. 12/1897
4.)Thaddius D. b. 4/12/1899(died 7/1970) Fulton Cty, Ga.
5.) *John Huggins - father- b. 6/1839

II. David Jasper Huggins
born: 4/28/1828 in Gwinnett Cty, Ga. - died: 3/23/1901 in Cherokee Cty, Ga. (birth info. was recorded in his Bible)
Married Mary Sams 1845 Forsyth Cty, Ga. born: Rutherford N.C. 3/03/1822 Died - 1900 in Cherokee Cty, Ga. (daughter of Rueben and Martha Sams)* see Sams Family
Civil War : David Jasper was mustered in at Cumming, Ga/ May 8, 1862.
56th regiment Ga. volunteer infantry Army of Tennessee C.S.A. Forsyth & Hall County, Ga. * documents show he was captured at Vicksburg, Miss. 7/4/1863 and paroled there 7/08/1863.
sources show Samuel Huggins was wounded & captured at Bakers creek and left thigh was amputated at upper third, while in prison there. I do not know their relation at this time, if any at all. Samuel was mustered in at Kelloggs store.
David Jasper Huggins became a Baptist preacher. Family records show he was ordained 12/21/1865 at the Baptist Church of Christ , New Harmony. I did find it was stated in Don Shadburns book that David J. Huggins was ordained at friendship Baptist Church. regardless, David J. was true to his works in his ministry and left behind a trail showing his good works and faith. He preached at the following churches throughout Forsyth & various Counties:
1870-74 Bethlehem Baptist Church Forsyth Cty, Ga.
1872 - Four mile Baptist Church Pickens Cty, Ga.
1873-77 New Harmony Baptist Church
1877 Preached intro. sermon at Providence Baptist church Milton Cty, Ga.
1878 - Providence
1881 - Mt. Pisgah ( charter members: Mary Huggins, D.J. Huggins, MC Huggins)
1889 Preached intro sermon at Macedonia
1892 - Bethlehem Baptist
1893 - Moderator at Lebanon Baptist Church Roswell, Ga.
1894 - Moderator at Sharon Baptist Church

Children Of David Jasper & Mary Sams
(taken from census records and courthouse):
1.) Martha Elizabeth Born: 11/07/1846 married William H. Martin forsyth Cty, Ga. 1869
2.) Matilda(Clementine) born: 3/24/1849 married John (Thomas) Gazaway
3.) Samantha (Josephine) born: 7/27/1852 died 9/06/1879
4.) George Williams Washington born: 12/11/1854 married Sarah Rolland 1874 Forsyth Cty, Ga.
5.)Nancy Emily born : 4/16/1857 born: 4/16/1857 died :1916 married
James Sanford Ellington
6.)* John Lewis Huggins: born 1/26/1860 died: 10/05/1932 buried Roswell Cemetery, Roswell, Ga. married Martha Ann Augusta Howard(Maggie) born:9/11/1861 died 2/1932 buried Roswell cem.(daughter of Samuel and Mary W. Howard)
7.)Jasper Newton born : 11/12/1862 died 12/1862 Forsyth Cty, Ga. buried Friendship Graveyard.
1870 census David Jaspers family; Vickerys Creek Forsyth Cty, Ga.
David Head of House, Mary cannot write, George cannot read or write(both boxes checked), Emily cannot write, John cannot write. None were marked as having attended school within the last year.
III. Matilda Clementine & John T. Gazaway
1.) Jasper born 1882
2.) William R. Dec. 1883
3.)James S. 1885
4.)John A. 1887
5.)Mary L. June 1889
6.)Thomas E. 1891
7.)Martha E. 1894

John Lewis & Maggie Howard Huggins
1.) Charles Wade b. 8/1883 d.7/1939 Cherokee Cty, Ga. Mt. Zion Cemetery married Nettie Morris b. 1883 d.1965 Mt. Zion Cem. Cherokee Cty, Ga.
2.)John David b. 9/1885 Cherokee Cty, Ga. d. 1965 married Georgia Ethel Smith
3.)Mary Josie Huggins b. 2/1887 d. 11/1969 married William S. Wilson b. 1885 died 1952 Sycamore, Ga.
4.)George Howard Huggins b. 2/1890 Cherokee Cty, Ga. d. 1942
5.)Benjamin L. Huggins b. 1/18/1894 d. 1895 Cherokee Cty, Ga. Lebanon Cemetery
6.** Forest Clayton Huggins b.5/28/1898 d.2/15/1969 Buried River View Cemetery Atlanta, Ga. married Annie Wilder b. 1/18/1902 d.2/14/1998 buried Kennesaw Memorial gardens Marietta,Ga.
2nd wife: Bessie Stearns b. 7/17/1921 d. 2/09/1993

Josie Huggins & William Samuel Wilson Children:
1.)Edith Wilson Coker b. 1909 d. 1994 or 1995
2.)Johnnie B. B. 1916 died 1919 Sycamore, Ga.
3.)William Samuel W. Jr. b.8/1921 died 1954 Sycamore, Ga.

IV. Charley & Nettie M. Huggins
1.)Pauline Vencile b. 5/02 1903
2.)Gladys Onnie b. 1905 died 1969 married Ralph Pinyan ~see below
3.)Irene Marjorie b. 1908 d. 1908
4.)Charley T. b. 4/11/1910 d.
5.)Lowery Ohlen b. 3/13/1912
6.)Catherine Juanita b. 2/02/1922 d. 11/25/1922 Mt. Zion Cemetery
2nd Wife: Nina Emily Haper Huggins Earl b. 4/24/1897 d. 5/09/1982 Ellenwood,Ga.
Children of Gladys Onnie Huggins and Ralph Pinyan: ( Ralph is the son of Dock & Callie Pinyan buried Cherokee Cty, Ga. Mt. Zion Cemetery)
Elizabeth, Dorothy, MacRee, Martha, Patricia
Howard & Leo Wilson Huggins Children:
1.) Howard Eugene Huggins private
2.)Charles Tully b. 5/08/1917 d.7/11/19889 West View Cemetery
2nd wife: Ruby Minola Atkins Huggins b. 8/25/1904

IV. Forrest & Annie Huggins children:

1.)Herbert Clayton Huggins b. 11/15/1917 d. 9/09/1981
2.)J.C. Huggins (Jack) b. 9/20/1919 d. 1998 (family cemetery)
3.)*Wade William Huggins b. 7/12/1921 d.3/02/2000 Habersham Cty, Ga.
married Georgia Naomi Wooten on 2/07/1942
4.) Lillie plume (Plummer) b. private- married (-----) Pruitt
5.) infant girl( crib death)

IV. John David Huggins & Effie Smith Children:

1.) Everette Morris Huggins b. 1/18/1913 d. 5/28/1940 Fulton Cty, Ga. Roswell Cemetery
2.)Cleo Josephine b. 9/30/1914 d. 11/09/1914
3.)Geneva Inez b. 12/02/1915 d. 1/16/1969
4) John David Jr. b.6/11/1917 d.9/22/1992
5.) Louis Fred b private
6.) Hester Mardelle b.private
2nd marriage: Willie Arlene Rabern b. 9/17/1900 Milton Cty. Alpharetta, Ga. d. 3/07/1980
children of John David & Willie Arlene:
7.) Pierce Lamar Huggins b. 1/12/1928 d. 3/14/1999 Green lawn Cem. Roswell, Ga.
8.) Dorice Augusta b. private
9.) Foster Lee b. private
*Willie’s daughter by previous marriage: Mildred Louise Devroe

IV. Children of George & Sarah Rolland Huggins
1.) Tilman L. b. 1875
2.)Mary M. b. 1877
3.) Emma M. b. 1879 d. unknown buried Mt. Zion Cherokee Cty, Ga.

I have two more generations documented. I will not share them at this time due to privacy protection. It is my hopes this will help make connections with other Huggins from this line and be helpful to other Huggins researchers. Thank you for taking the time to view my family pages. If you are connected to this family in any way, it would be a joy to hear from you.
May God Bless you.


Karen Huggins

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