Author: Donna Parrish Date: 3 Feb 1999

1850 Forsyth Co. # 335

H. Summerour(Harrison Summerour) 34 m (1-12-1814 to 1-13-1888) merchant 10,000 (born Lincoln Co.) NC (A storekeeper formerly of Auraria, GA., then of Hightower, Forsyth Co. Buried Warsaw cemetery, North Fulton County, formerly Forsyth, then Milton)

Mary A (Henderson) 21f GA (5-4-1827 to 5-8-1911)

John H 1/12m GA (John Henry 5-21-1850 to 11-13-1903 his wife Catherine 4-13-1851 to 1-15-1905 also infant children buried at Warsaw)

S R Henderson 23m merchant GA
Thos J Hightower 20m merchant TN
Ann Matthews 27f NC
Valumna Matthews 7f GA

1860 Forsyth Co.

Harrison Summerour 42m merchant GA (birthplace is wrong)
Mary Ann 31f GA
John H. 10m GA
Charles 3m GA
Howard, William 22m SC
Scudder, L. B. 20m SC

1870 Forsyth Co - Hightower District
Harrison Summerour 56mw NC dry goods store
Mary A. 43fw GA
Jno H 30mw GA          {married in
Catharine 19fw GA     {March
Charles W. 13mw
Thos E. 11mw
Jeff D. 9mw
Mary A. 6fw
Harmon 3mw
Susan 11/12 fw GA July
GAGE, George 22mw GA

From Auraria cemetery:

Henry Summerour 9-12-1787 to 2-13-1848
Salome (Seitz) Summerour ?-20-1790 to ? 1843

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