Annotations on the 1834 Census by Bill Page

I am descended from Absalom M. Reese and his wife Elizabeth Robinson,
and started putting these notes together because I knew that several of
the families listed in the 1834 census were related to them, and
wondered if perhaps there was a clue in some of the ones I didn't know
Bill Page
Bryan, Texas
Note: Much of this is taken from undocumented sources on the internet and should be used ONLY as a starting point for further research. The entries are taken from "Whites Among the Cherokees," not from the original census schedules (which I have not seen): page 20: Asa Garrett - 3 Probably the Asa Garrett who married Sarah N. Guthrie on 29 April 1832 in Hall Co., GA. Also, probably the Asa Garrett, listed in 1850 Forsyth Co., GA, census, p.229B, as being born ca. 1807, SC, married to Sarah - (last name not given). James Haywood - 8 Probably the James Haygood listed in the 1850 Forsyth Co., GA, census, p. 229B, aged 59, born in Georgia, married to Sarah - (last name unknown). According to undocumented AND CONFLICTING postings on Rootsweb, this James was the son of either Benjamin and Martha (West) Hagood (which would make him a brother of Osborn Hagood, listed below); the younger James supposedly married Delila Gill (b. 1787), which does not match his wife's name in the 1850 census ? OR, perhaps the son of Benjamin and Mary (Stewart) Hagood; this James supposedly married Sarah Stroud, on 22 March 1807 in Clarke Co., GA. More work obviously needs to be done on this person. William Haywood [Haygood] - 2 Almost certainly related to James Haywood, listed above, and Osborn Haygood, listed below. Thos. Hitte [Hitt] - 6 From Pendleton District, SC; married to Martha Robinson, daughter of Rev. Allen Robinson; Thomas and Lydia Hitt were Baptists. Forsyth Co., GA, Deed Records, Book B, p.143: Thomas Hitt to James Edward of Effingham Co., GA, lot # 124, district 14, section 1, for $50. Witnesses: Osborn Haygood and A.M. Reese, JIC. Date 8 Feb. 1834, recorded 5 Jul. 1835. Christopher Whitmire - 6 From Pendleton District, SC; married to Nancy Reese, daughter of Jacob and Susan (Harris) Reese; he was the son of Samuel and Mary (Holcomb) Whitmire. Christopher Whitmire was a Baptist (see, for example, Don Shadburn, "Pioneer History of Forsyth County," pp.129-130). This household consists of Christopher and Nancy (Reese) Whitmire, and four of their children: George Washington (b. 9 Jan. 1816), James Matison (b. 14 Jan. or 4 Nov. 1819), Malinda Martha (b. 1820 or 1822), and Eliza Ann (b. 12 May 1826). David Vestell - 2 (b. 1801 Surry Co., NC, died 1863, Fannin Co., GA; son of David and Mary (Piggott) Vestal; married Nancy Stanley, 20 April 1824, Tatnall Co., Georgia; Nancy Stanley is perhaps the daughter of Shadrack Stanley and Nancy Hall - no apparent link to other families in this area ? William Wallis - 4 Perhaps the William Wallis who married Ann --- (last name unknown), among whose children were John Wallis and Jessie Wallis (b. 5 March 1818/1823 ?, in Tn.) who married Eliza Ann Whitmire, daughter of Christopher and Nancy (Reese) Whitmire This might be the William Wallis listed in Hall Co., GA in 1830 on p.110. Joshua Garner - 3 Nothing known about this person but he may be related to Martha Garner, b. ca. 1820, who married James Robert Thompson, son of Joseph R. and Mary Katherine (Harris) Thompson, on 19 July 1841 in Forsyth Co., Georgia. Curtis Green - 6 According to an undocumented posting on Rootsweb, Curtis Green was born 7 Dec. 1790 in Wilkes Co., GA, the son of Roger and Sarah (Lindsey) Green; he married Sarah Bell 10 August 1810 in Jackson Co., GA. That same posting says they had children Newton (b.2 Jan.1812), Leroy Pope (b.13 July1 1814), James Addison (b.10 Nov.1816), and Elizabeth (b. 6 March 1818), so the 1834 census entry apparent consists of Curtis Green and his wife and 4 children. Osborn Haywood [Haygood or Hagood] - 11 From Pendleton District, SC; married to Lydia Robinson, daughter of Rev. Allen Robinson; supposedly the son of Benjamin and Martha (West) Haygood; Osborn and Lydia Haygood were Baptists [see, for example, Garland C. Bagley's "History of Forsyth County, Georgia," pp.779, 845; also from Minutes of Secona Baptist Church (in Pendleton District, SC), p. 30 - May 11 [1830] the church met and entered upon business & the eldership reports that the [they] met at New Hope Meeting House and received the following members br Osborn Hagood, Sr., Lydia Hagood and Martha Hitt by letters and that the brethernry requests the church to set there again resolved that the church meet at that place once a month untill the appointment is ordained ... p. 30 -- September 4 [1830] the church met and authorized br Osbourn Hagood to exercise his gift in any way he thinks proper (apparently this was a gift for preaching the gospel.)] The Haygood family apparently moved to Georgia from S.C. in about 1831. The Secona Baptist Church Minutes (p.30) state "February 4 [1831] the church met and dismissed br Osbourn Hagood and sr. Lydia Hagood by letter and adjourned." I only know of 4 (or perhaps 5) children of the Haygoods born by the time of the 1834 census: Martha ( 1828), Lucinda (b. ca. 1829), Benjamin H. (b. ca. 1830), Elizabeth A. (b. ca. 1831), and perhaps Adaline (b. ca. 1835 ?). Note that the spacing of their ages suggests that there might have been another child born ca. 1833, who later died ? And, there may have been older children that I don't know about. For example, the 1820 Pendleton District, SC census, p.223, lists: Haygood, Osbourne, males 0 0 0 1 and females 1 0 1 - but that youngest child is not reflected in the children I listed. A. M. Reece - 6 From Pendleton District, SC; son of Jacob and Susan (Harris) Reese; married to Elizabeth Robinson, daughter of Rev. Allen Robinson. Absalom M. and Elizabeth Reese were Baptists (see, for example, Garland C. Bagley's "History of Forsyth County, Georgia," pp.779, 845). This is some evidence that Absalom's middle name was "Martin", but that has not been proven. This household consisted of Absalom and Elizabeth Reese and their children born up until that time: William (b. ca. 1825, SC), Jacob J. (b. ca. 1828, SC), Sarah "Sallie" ( 1830, SC), and George W. (b. ca. 1833, GA). Their household also included at least two slaves: Sarey and Alexander. On 28 November 1833, Absalom Reese purchased a "Negro woman" named Sarey (about 29 years old) and her son Alexander from his brother-in-law, Christopher Whitmire, for $400 (Forsyth Co., GA, Deed Record, Book C, p.316, 28 Nov. 1833; recorded 10 Mar. 1836). On 3 February 1834, Absalom Reese bought land located in the first district, second original Cherokee County lot number 68. Absalom purchased this property from Archibald Tanner of Walton County for $40.Forsyth Co., GA, Deed Records, Book C, p. 315 Archibald Tanner of Walton Co., to Absalom M. Reece for $40, lot # 68 in the 1st district, 1st section original Cherokee Co., 3 Feb 1834 [I wonder if this Archibald Tanner is related to the Eli Tanner listed below ?] Then, on 22 February 1834, Absalom sold his brother-in-law, Christopher Whitmire, two pieces of property. These lands were lot 427 in the fourteenth district, for which Christopher paid $200, and lot 425 (with a road running through it), also in the fourteenth district, which Absalom sold for $100. The latter lot contained 38 acres. Forsyth Co., GA, Deed Records, Book C, p.319 & 320; dated 22 Feb. 1834; recorded 10 & 11 March 1836 Larkin Whitmire - 4 Apparently the Larkin Whitmire who was from Pendleton District, SC, and the son of Samuel and Mary (Holcomb) Whitmire; this would make him brother of Christopher Whitmire (who married Nancy Reese); Larkin Whitmire married Mary Thompson on 10 November 1830 in Jackson Co., GA; Mary Thompson *perhaps* is related to the Thompson family of Pendleton District, who intermarried with the Harris and Wallace (Wallis ?) families. Jacob Reece - 2 Probably the Jacob Reese from Pendleton District, SC (though there was a different Jacob Reese living in Gilmer Co., GA by 1840) who was married to Susan Harris (parents' names not known); his mother was perhaps a Martin; if this the Jacob Reese from Pendleton District, he was Baptist. The identity of this Jacob Reese cannot be conclusively established as being the same Jacob who was the father of Absalom M. Reese. John Wallis - 6 Apparently John Wallis (b.1793, 96 District, SC, the son of William Wallis) who married Hannah Wofford, who was the daughter of Absalom and Hannah (Wofford) Wofford (they were cousins); John and Hannah married 18 June 1833 in Jackson Co., GA. This might be the John Wallis who is listed in Hall Co., GA in 1830 on p.108. Jesse Jay - 5 Jesse Jay, b. 14 March 1808 in NC, was the son of John and Rachel (Harris) Jay; John Jay b. 1784 and Rachel Harris b. 1796; Jesse Jay m. Rachel Charles on 26 June 1827 in Hall Co., GA. (See: "Walker County, Georgia Heritage 1883-1983," pp.230-231). Note: 20 Sept. 1836 Jesse Jay to Samuel M. Reece, $800, lots in 14th District, 1st Section # 315 & 316. reserving minerals and mining on #315 to Jay; 28 April 1837 (Forsyth Co., GA, Deed Book D, p.254) This is probably the Jesse Jay listed in the 1830 Census for Hall Co., GA, on p.113. males 0 0 0 0 1 ... females 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 [Listed next door is John Hinkle] Joshua Holder [Holden] - 6 From Pendleton District, SC; married to Lucinda Reese, daughter of Jacob and Susan (Harris) Reese. Joshua and Lucinda were Baptists (see, for example, their obituaries in Texas Baptist, 29 March 1877, vol.4, no.12). This household consisted of Joshua and Lucinda (Reese) Holden, plus their 4 oldest children James Madison (b. 13 May 1827, SC), Elizabeth M. (b.23 Apr. 1829, SC), Jefferson (b. 23 May 1830, SC) [James and Jefferson both listed in the 1850 Franklin Parish, LA census; Elizabeth is the daughter listed as being under 5 years old in the 1830 Pickens District, SC census], and Maldina W. (b.31 May 1833 in GA) ["Melinda" W. Holden married Aaron P. Ryan in Franklin Parish, La., on 5 Dec. 1849]. (See Paul Holden & Sylvia Holden Phillips, The Holden Family History, 1995). Joshua Holden sold Elijah Holden 40 acres in the 3rd district (lot # 403) on 3 August 1835 (Forsyth Co., GA, Deed Records, Book C, p.105). Elijah Holden was married to another daughter of Jacob Reese. page 21: Moses Martin - 8 Son of Absalom Martin; see will of Absalom Martin, b. ca. 1772 in Virginia, proved 1850 in Hall Co., GA lists several children, including daughter Polly, wife of Eli Tanner, and Moses Martin (b.1801, d.1850 in Forsyth Co., GA); Moses Martin married Delilah Bennett, on 17 October 1821 in Hall Co., GA. This household consists of Moses and Delilah (Bennett) Martin, and 6 of their children: Jeptha (b. ca. 1821-1823), Mary Malinda (b. 19 May 1823), Wortha (b. 1824), Samuel (b. 22 Dec. 1827), Elijah (b. 30 Jan. 1830), and Absolem (b. 4 July 1831). This is probably the Moses Martin listed in Hall Co., GA in 1830 census, on p.83: males 2 1 0 1 ... females 1 0 0 0 1 [In 1830, Moses Martin was living next door to Elijah Bennett and 3 doors from "Absalem" Martin] Mason Ezell - 7 Perhaps Mason Ezzell, b. ca. 1804, SC, son of William and Margaret Catherine (Ward) Ezzell; William Ezzell died 1825 in Gwinnett Co., GA.; name of Mason Ezell wife is not known ? Apparently he had a brother Thomas Ezzell (b. 12 June 1798, SC) who married Eliza Thompson, apparently related to Joseph Thompson, who married Mary "Polly" Harris, of Pendleton District, SC This is apparently the Mason Ezell listed in the 1830 Hall Co., GA census, p.76, with 6 people in his household: males 3 0 0 0 1 ... females 0 0 0 0 2 [In 1830, Mason Ezell is listed next door to Ezekial Harris: males 2 0 0 0 1 ... females 0 0 0 0 1 ... There was an older Ezekiel Harris living next to Jacob Reese in the 1800 Pendleton District, SC census - I wonder if these two Ezekiels were related ?] Abram Smith - 6 This apparently is the Abram Smith, b. ca. 1789, NC, who is listed in the 1850 Forsyth Co., GA census, household 990, with a wife Phebe (last name unknown), b. ca. 1785 in NC. Joab Ashworth - 4 From a posting on Genforum: Joab ASHWORTH was b. 1780/90. The 1803 will of Joab LAWRENCE in Pendleton District, SC, identified Joab as son of Benjamin ASHWORTH. Benjamin also paid the poll tax for Joab in 1811 Franklin Co. Joab ASHWORTH married Nancy TEASLEY on 4 June 1809 in Elbert Co., GA. Nancy probably died around 1826, and Joab by 1850 - perhaps in Forsyth Co., GA. In 1830, Joab Ashworth is listed in the Hall Co., GA census, p.134: males 0 3 1 1 0 0 1 ... females 0 2 1 1 [for a total of 10 people - far more than are listed 4 years later in Forsyth Co. - I suspect that some people in his 1830 census are either the families of his children and / or hired hands ?] Ely Tanner - 10 Husband of Polly Martin, sister to Moses Martin listed above. Eli Tanner is listed in the 1830 Census for Hall Co., GA, p.85: males 1 0 1 0 0 1 ... females 1 2 1 0 0 1 Isaac Holden - 6 Probably related to Joshua Holden, listed above. This is perhaps the Isaac Holden listed in the 1830 Rabun Co., GA census: males 1 1 0 0 0 1 ... females 2 1 0 0 0 1 John Sherat - 3

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