Online you may discover that Forsyth County Courthouse burned in 1973.

What burned?
The building yes.
Not the Clerk of Superior Court Vault
Not the Probate Judge's Vault

The Courthouse burned (by arson) during the night.

The next morning the workers cut a hole thru the wall of the Probate Vault. The Probate Judge's Clerk, Joyce W. Hawkins (now the Judge) and I climbed  thru the hole from the back of a pickup truck to assess the damage. The old newspapers on the lowest level of the vault were ruined by water damage. The bound copies of the same newspapers in the Clerk 's Vault survived. These do not go back very far.  The chief damage was to the old tax books which were in the Tax Commissioners Office. They were charred.

Current records (1973) that were being worked on in the offices had to be replaced.

Book A and B of Marriages were not burnt, but we were not allowed to retrieve them because they were in a cabinet under a wall about to collapse and the Fire Marshal wouldn't let us get them.  They were there because they were to be picked up to go to the Archives for rebinding. They had been microfilmed and they were replaced by copies from the microfilm.

The chief loss of records in the old courthouse were loose papers (for example: trial transcripts) that were boxed up. They were destroyed by rats prior to the 1960s which left behind shreds.

Even when a courthouse was totally destroyed, people were encouraged to bring in their original records from home to be rerecorded. For example, The Clerk in Cleveland, Tennessee encouraged me to look forward from the date of their fire for what might have been brought in.

If there are not deeds and or marriage licenses look for affidavits that were given to prove the same thing.


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The new City Hall is being built north of th square where the Courthouse sits and across the street to the west from where the Admin Building sits.

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