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First District First Section of Cherokee County    


 Many lots in the 1st   were fraction lots where they ran up against the Chattahoochee River. All lots except the fractions were 40 acres plus or minus +-.  Back to deeds.

First District First Section
LAND LOT Date Ref Notes
18   B155 Thomas B. Wells to Leroy Hammond
32   B126 to: William Montgomery
Attested by: A. Howell, H. Montgomery, Middleton Montgomery
33   B122 Whitehead to Howell and Montgomery
35   B125 to Evan Howell
36     Water's Ferry
37   B124 to: William Montgomery
49     Rogers Ferry
62     Collins Ferry later McGinnis Ferry
76     Gilbert's Ferry
293   B120 William Brinkley of Bibb
to Evan Howell and William Montgomery of Gwinnett County
333 O   Ellender Hunt, Ross, Monroe
333   B123 McMullin to Evan Howell
366 1834 B258 Simmons of Pike County to George M. Waters
413   B133 Elisha H. Mathis agent for Celia Orick of Putnam
to Thos. Lenoir
420     Gold Mine
E. D. Little and G. W. Little
427     Gold mine
Ad Campbell
450     Gold found by Jack Rogers
Mr. Collins
469     Gold Mine
Cowpen Branch
472     Intersection Collin's Ferry, Rogers Road, and Gilbert Ferry Road