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  Fourteenth District First Section of Cherokee County  

 1417  lots

 Many lots 14th were fraction lots where they ran up against the Chattahoochee River. All lots except the fractions were 40 acres plus or minus +-.  40 acres is approximately 1/4 mile by 1/4 mile  

14th District First Section
LL Date Ref  
1   Lot Drawn by Asa Welch, Sinquefields, Washington
1     Orr's Ferry
Buford Bridge
149 1832 Lot Drawn by Jeremiah Slade, Hainsson's. Decatur
149 1965    Donna's House
156     Scudder certified the Indian Improvements have been abandoned 6 Sep 1833
338  O  Lot Ervin Lee, Nesbits, Newton
1833 B22 Feb 5. Sheriff's sale against Irvin Lee to Benj. Hammond
397 B141 Phillip Whitten to Truman Kellogg
442     Intersection with Thornton's Ferry Road
551  O  Lot Neill macRae, Morrison's, Montgomry
    Thornton's Ferry
Huckaby's Ferry
616   B220 McClure to John Langley
720 O Lot Kennon Cooper, Davis, Clark
720 S   Intersection of Federal Road and White's then Light's Ferry Roads
772 O   Wm. E. Milner, Jordan's, Harris
772   B127 Jacob Carroll to John Langley
1170 O   Fractiom
1170 O   Samuel Smith, Robinson's, Harris
1170     White's Ferry
Light's Ferry
Flowery Branch Road
1229 S   Intersection of Federal Road and Goddards Ford (later Brown's Bridge)
1262     Goddard's Ford
1263  1876
  Aug 14  J. R. Westbrook to New Hope Church 1 acre  starting where the original line intersects the Wingo Ferry Road S 18 rds NE to a blackjack tree W to point of beginning.
1299 1805?    Vann's Ferry - When Federal Road was cut into Cherokee Nation
1299     Lease to Reuben Thornton from Cherokee Nation
1299 O   Sylvanus Kendrick, Kendricks, Monroe
1299      Williams' Ferry
1299     McAfee Ferry
1331      Shallowford Road came into Forsyth County from Lumpkin (later Dawson) from the Shallowford on the Chestatee River
1383 1834 B388 Sailors to William M. McAfee
1383 1835  B386 Mar 30.  William M. McAfee of Cherokee County to A. F. Woolley