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  Book A - Forsyth County 1833-1844

p.1- Parker Collins will & estate

p. 18 - Isaac Wharton to Mrs. Sarah Roberts Levinty?

p. 18 - John Thompson guardian to George W. T. Allen & Thomas M. Allen , orphans of Thomas G. Allen from Jackson Co.

p. 20 Thomas G. Allen estate

p. 26 Charlotte Vickery, guardian for children of Harry Vickery

p. 29 Return see p. 18 above

p. 30 Richard H Lester letters of administration on estate of Lewis Sims of Gwinnett Co.

p. 33 James Gaston l of a on estate of Meshack Deal

p.36 2nd return Collins see p. 1 above

p. 40 petition for guardianship of William Cruise son of Jeremiah Cruise by John Cruise ( Cruse )

p. 43 Lewis sims estate

p. 44 Meshack deal estate

p. 44 Robert Smithwick last will and testament (Beverly Allen )

p. 50 Thomas G. Allen return

p. 51 David Putnam adm on estate of Wilson Putnam ( Putman )

p. 58 Collins - sale of property

p. 64 Robert Williams & Nancy T. Whiter ( Whitsett ) estate of Moses Whitsett from Cherokee County { Moses Whitsett - first marked grave in Cumming City Cemetery - the counties split }

p. 74 Mary Fields guardian of Susan Matilda Caroline Fields and Samuel Edmond Franklin Fields

p. 76 William W. Vaughan gdn for Matthew Pinder son of William Pinder

p. 79 Mary Field gdn

p. 80 James Hutchins orphan of James Hutchins deceased to be bound to Joseph Hammond to age 20

p. 80 Robert Rogers gdn of the heirs of David Cordery deceased

p. 83 Joseph Hammond gdn of James Hutchins

p. 83 Wiley B. Hutchins l of a for William D. Hunt deceased

p. 84 Bond on Joseph Hammond

p. 86 wiley b. Hutchins, administrator

p. 88 Parker Collins return

p. 89 Wilson Putnam return

p. 90 Parker Collins return

p. 91 Meshack deal return

p. 92 Moses Whitsett return

p. 94 Thomas G. Allen return

p. 95 Larkin Green guardian of Am??iah Newton

p. 95 William D. Hunt - 1st return

p. 96 David Huggins guardian of Ruthy Isbel Stegal orphan of Nancy Stegal

p. 99 James Laseter guardian of female infant of Emaline Smallwood

p. 99 Matthew Pinder return

p. 100 Robert Smithwick return

p. 101 Solomon Carrole ( Carroll ) adm for James R. Biffle

p. 103 Nancy Sutherow ? appt gdn for children

p. 103 Solomon Carroll appt adm for James Biffle

p. 104 Nancy Guthrie - Jeames Suthern ? bond

p. 106 James Ivie will

p. 108 William w. Vaughn - leave to sell land

p. 109 Allen Wigley nuncupative will

p. 110 ? estate return

p. 111 Parker Collins Return

p. 112 Thomas G. Allen return

p. 114 orphans of david Cordery return

p. 114 David Putnam return

p. 115 Moses Whitsett return

p. 115 W. D. Hunt return

p. 117 Isaac Holden ( Holder ) administrator for Jeremiah Crun ( Cruse)

p. 119 Elias Fincher appt guardian negro man Peter

p. 121 Allen Wigley will - by Nancy Man - it will not be received and recorded

p. 122 Nancy Man vs. William Wigley

p. 123 Phillip Coleman appl gdn of James Jackson Coleman

p. 123 Leroy Hammond appt gdn Mary Ann Osburn

p. 124 M L Cordery claim against the estate of David Cordery

p. 124 Lewis Sams (looks like Laws ) adm estate of Reuben Sams

p. 124 Henry w. ? Cures or Cuses appt adm for Robert McCurley

p. 124 Curtis Green adm for Jacob Lindsey

p. 125 Lewis sams

p. 127 Curtes Green

p. 129 Isaac E. Ogden 1st return

p. 129 Jacob Lindsey return property of Cobb Co.

p. 130 Goodwin and Graham account against Nancy Collins

p. 131 Phillip Coleman adoption of James Jackson Coleman

p. 133 Leroy Hammond guardian of Mary Ann Osburn

p. 135 Henry W. Enser ? appt admin of Henry Scoggins, deceased

p. 135 Charles Darby adm for Isaac R. Andrews

p. 136 Robert McCurley died intestate Henry W. Inser appointed

p. 137 Henry Scoggins deceased Henry W. Inser

p. 140 Charles Darby for Isaac R. Andrews

p. 142 Inventory of Reuben sams deceased

p. 156 Richard Baker temporary adm for Stephen Bishop

p. 158 William J Griffin temporary admin for Isham C. Griffus (?)

p. 160 William H. Story admin for Reuben Bolin, deceased

p. 162 Isaac C. Ogden adm Ogden Boon

p. 164 1st return Robert McCurley - Henry scoggins

p. 167 John Montgomery adm Isaac Monroe

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