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Forsyth County, Georgia Inventory and Appraisement Book S

George W. Stovall, AJ Sims, JW Westbrook, AW Roper, and HP Mayfield, or any three of them are ordered to appraise and inventory the goods and chattels, land, tenements, rights, and credits of
S.B. Jones,
deceased in the county of Forsyth, which shall be sworn to Charlie and Homer Jones.

Signed: WJ Tidwell, Ordinary October 7, 1918

We, AJ Sims, JW Westbrook, AW Roper, and HP Mayfield do swear that we appraised and inventoried the estate of SB Jones, deceased, and presented it to Homer Jones. November 16, 1918

Inventory and Appraisement of SB Jones, deceased

1 old one-horse buggy $5.00

1 cross cut saw $1.00

1 grind roy $0.50

1 turn plow $2.00

1 Roman harrow, single tree tools,

axe, and 2 old hoes $2.00

1 vice and anvil $2.00

1 pork hog $50.00

1 washing machine $3.00

1 wash pot and tub $5.00

1 dry cow (doesn't produce milk) $35.00

3 feather beds, bedding, and 2 steads $50.00

1 bureau and safe (kitchen cabinet) $4.00

1 trunk and chest $1.00

Real estate $500.00 Total: $1260.50